Stats: Basel v United 07/12/11 19:45
UK time is: 08:10:51
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Basel 2 - United 1

Champions Leagye

07/12/11 19:45

Attendance: 36,894

Referee: B.Kiepers

2 - 1
Stroller (9), A.Frei (84)
Jones (89)
Attendance: 36,894
The Teams
De Gea
Frei F
FreI A
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Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
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The Journalist

Writer: Red Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 8 2011

Time: 5:00PM

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08/12/2011 17:32:00

Dont care for stats, sure we were the better side, but what does it matter when we cant score. Its just not good enough, putting aside the fact that we have a few young players comming through, and even more on the injury list, we should have won this game easy. Ever since the first couple of games of the season where we demolished Arsenal and Tottenham, we havent looked the same. I find it hard to believe it is down to Cleverly being injured, and if so, United cant count on one AM to carry us. We played Giggs and Park in central midfield yesterday, for christ sake, then something is not right, neither of them are central midfielders. I dont even want to go into the performance of Evans, this CL exit was not down to just this game, but a string of poor performances. This is a huge disappointment, to go out of the CL in group stages, and we only have ourselves to blame. I really hope SAF will strengthen the midfield this january, go all out to secure Götze, Hamsik or another young talented AM. We could argue that all the youngsters should be given time to gell and mature, and that we should expect a transistion period, and maybe this year is one we should write off as a transit year. As for the Euro league, forget it, its beneath us, let *****ty have it, I hope SAF play only youngsters and the reserves in these games, it does not count as throphy, the day we celebrate the Euroleague, is the day we are doomed. There is no need for any knee jerked reponses, but we havent looked good all season, and we are playing without flair. We will hopefully still win the PL, as I see *****ty going down soon, funny how their CL exit doesnt even soften the blow of us going out.
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08/12/2011 18:38:00

" As for the Euro league, forget it, its beneath us" and some people wonder why U*d and their fans are despised.
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08/12/2011 18:50:00

For being brutally honest and saying what everyone is thinking? Other teams might not say it but their opinions of the Europa are pretty obvious from the squad they field.
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08/12/2011 19:49:00

I don't think the poor performance is solely down to Cleverley's injury but I do believe it is a major factor towards it. Our midfield is poor and I find it all too coincedental to believe that when we finally did have a decent CM in Cleverley we played well and the forwards were getting the service they need and yet as soon as he's out of the team injured we play ****** again and just look inept and out of ideas in the middle. In the same respect, our defence without Vidic is a complete different defence to when he's in it. Personally want us to sign another midfielder not a Sneijder. I would love a Gotze but he would cost a fortune, perhaps Afellay from Barca? His had 2 appearances all season for them and shouldn't demand massive wages nor massive transfer fees and can provide that creative spark we need to unlock defences.
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08/12/2011 20:05:00

No it's not the Europa League that's beneath you nerdy, it's a very large trap door.
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08/12/2011 20:53:00

Nordkap can you really see Gotze, Hamsik or any of the Hottest Talent in Europe going to OT? Please do not give me that Guff about History, and ''we're ManUtd'' *****e, those players are in the Champions League, this year and Man U are not much like ourselves, BUT it will not be such a culture shock to us as it will be to you guys, and we play attacking, attractive football, something Slur Alex doesnt at the moment!! So please do not go kidding yourselves that those players will come to you, you will not pay top wages any more, something that top players EXPECT, and with Rooney on alledgedly£ 250,000, per week, i cant see the Glazers making that mistake again...... so stop it for the sake of your sanity......
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08/12/2011 21:58:00

Gotze and Hamsik are think are fairly realistic cityman. The clubs they play for don't reflect their ability nor their potential and pretty certain that if the opportunity came along they would sign for us Borussia/Napoli or Man U, bit of a no brainer really. If they want to win significant trophies on a consistent basis then the move is even more likely. As for the Champions League mate your logic is flawed, even if we were still in it and signed them in January they wouldn't be able to play as they will be cup tied to their current teams and I'm certain that come next season we will be back in it. The only thing that makes them unrealistic targets is the distorted market and the money their clubs will demand for them, something Fergie would be unwilling to pay. The wages don't even need thinking about, not every footballer is in it for the money cityman but with the amount of mercs in your squad you wouldn't know that :P
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08/12/2011 22:14:00

Good lord, you will not lose the arrogance even though the walls are tumbling down around you. "We're manyoo, messi would still sign for us if we were out of Europe altogether." get the green and gold scarves out of the closet mate, it's going to be a LONG season for you (even though it will be over by the second week of January).
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09/12/2011 13:37:00

I'm not saying we'll sign whoever we want mate just in the case of Hamsik and Gotze I would fancy us signing them if we were to put in a bid. Heard all the doom and gloom from ya before fcb and guess what? We're still here! So excuse me if I reckon you've cried wolf one too many times.
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09/12/2011 15:05:00

Quite rich that City fans should speak of arrogance as well. You're quickly becoming one of the most hated fan bases in world football, not because your spending money but because you think you're better than everyone else before you've even won anything.
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09/12/2011 15:07:00

No mate, we're becoming hated because stupid sheep believe the crap the London-based and pro-united media print about us. We've not changed at all, but now we're winning perceptions of us most definitely have. Besides, nobody will ever out-arrogant manure fans, they are the masters.
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09/12/2011 15:23:00

Hamsik's agent has come out today and said that he's going to sign a new deal with Napoli, so I guess that more or less rules that one out.
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09/12/2011 15:35:00

Not because we're spending money? See there you go again talking *****. It's clearly because we've spent the money, any idiot can see that. I wouldn't mind mate you do cone out with some decent arguments but then you let yourself down with crap like that.
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09/12/2011 15:44:00

Chelsea were hated for spending money Bluedub and then some when they actually won trophies. You guys are getting the same hostility without winning anything as Chelsea did after some success. No doubt the media has played some part in the accelarated hate campaign but also an obvious air of arrogance clearly hasn't helped your case.
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09/12/2011 17:14:00

The arrogance is all a media construct Famous - we haven't changed, we just get reported more. Easy to be led by the tabloids, innit?
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09/12/2011 17:37:00

Haven't changed? So you were always a paranoid bunch then? You could never take criticism before? It's a bit simple to blame solely the tabloids fcb. Chants like "we're city we'll score when we want", something that started out as a joke after beating us but was soon carried over into other games or the "Van Persie is ours, you are our feeder club, Van Persie is ours" chant isn't tabloid senstationalism, it's your new found arrogance. You guys use to be a classy bunch once upon a time but even then you used that as a tool to put yourselves on a moral highground and patronise and talk down to people.
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09/12/2011 18:28:00

What's this? A united fan admitting that City fans are a classy bunch? God you can't be mancunian, your fellow fans would take you out back and strangle you for making an admission like that. Cheers all the same though!
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09/12/2011 18:44:00

Must've missed the "use" fcb, past tense as in you were classy, then it went to your heads.
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09/12/2011 19:31:00

A ture Manc red would never call City fans classy mate, not in a million years, not now, not in the past, not in the future.
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09/12/2011 19:41:00

the we score when we want is Irony, TF7, something we city fans have been pretty good at in theyears gone by, also with we are not really here chant that started back in 99, and 3rd tier football, but when it comes to 'Class' you lot teke the medal... with the lets all laugh at city, that always got chanted in 90s and 00s till recently, when it has been changed to another for the Van persie is ours and Arsenal feeder club is all banter, much like you lot being Madrids feeder club, as for the arrogance i'm afraid it is you red fans that have that trophy and had it for a good few years, we still take the mickey out of our selves and STILL support the club, as has proved with the Europa League, we will try to win it and hope fullt it will come true, BUT your players and fans think it is BENEATH you, why? it is your players that did not perform in an EASY group, and treated the Basel and Benfica with CONTEMPT, and you are not worthy of being in the same air space as the' Mighty Man Utd' well it came back and bit you on the arse, and those teams are playing Champions league and you are NOT, so please learn some dignity in defeat and say well done to teams that have beat you, then Just maybe you will the the R A G tag, and if you dont know R A G means Red Arragant Gits....
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09/12/2011 21:15:00

Like CM51 says, the "We score when we want" chant is an ironic riposte to your arrogant fans who sing the song "We're United, we'll do what we want", which is pretty much the paragon of arrogance IMO.
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09/12/2011 22:13:00

fcb I acknowledged that in my original post, fair dues during the United-City game but afterwards I believe you were chanting it in the Villa game also, it was irony at first but clearly its gone to your head. I think you'll find I never denied the arrogance of my fanbase either, I was simply pointing out the hypocrisy in it coming from a City fan, like I said, you have a new found arrogance. Whether you guys want to admit it or not, you've changed. With regards to our defeats in the Champions League we have remained dignified, most players have said they're in it to win it whilst only Fergie and Evra have said otherwise. All have admitted it's their fault for not playing well enough. As for us fans obviously we would like to win it but realistically we see it how everyone else does, a pain in the arse which gets in the way of the league campaign. The squad that will be played in the Europa will go out to win every match but I doubt it will be anywhere near our first eleven. Like I said we've only said what everyone else is thinking, the Europa is a poisoned chalice.
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10/12/2011 10:28:00

Poisoned chalice or beneath you? Two different things altogether.
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10/12/2011 12:41:00

so Fergie and Evra say the Europa League is beneath them do they, OR Fergie's words ''BOOBY PRIZE'' ? and that is not Arrogance? one is from the Manager who has won all there is to win in his career, and another from a defender of'' international class''? And why is the Europa League a poisoned Chalice? ok play the ''kids'' like the in the Carling Cup,that is untill you may come up against City in last 16 then, i bet you will not play the kids then like you did in the past.... so is that not a form of Arrogance or'' squad rotation'' as Fergie calls it? ok but you do not have the squad to do it with and is it not fleecing the fans who pay good money to watch their 'heroes' play? as ot prices are not the cheapest....
Report Abuse
11/12/2011 22:38:00


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