Manchester United - United's Golden Opportunity
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United's Golden Opportunity

I wrote a long, long article but my mind was raging and I forgot to save it so inevitably, my computer broke down and I lost it.

I'm not in the mood to write the whole thing again so the most important points. I'm fed up with 4-5-1. Fergie admitted after the Benfica game it does not work but he still prefers to use it when a difficult game is coming. Long balls all over the pitch, Rooney, Giggs and Scholes all struggling to find their position in this system - awful.

Despite this, we controlled the game after taking the lead but did not press for a second goal though we should have done that. They are vulnerable to quick counter-attacks as it was proved at the goal. But we sat back and let them back into the game. Their attacking play lacked creativity and we seemed to stifle them but that's not United's style so it was bound to go wrong.

Eboue is just as disgusting as Lauren used to be. I always wondered how Lauren survived every United game without a red card though probably he should have been sent off in every one of them. Now Eboue was the one who seemed to escape with everything he did.

Evra and Scholes were both fouled before the equalizer. I was not surprised Steve Bennett waved play on. After all, he did not book Henry for his outrageous dive.

Henry was useless, of course, so it's deeply sickening we allowed him to HEAD a goal in the 93rd minute. Vidic was admirable up to that point but he committed a mistake there.

It was good to see Rooney finally score with a HEADER. Michael Carrick was magnificent again, his best games were the Chelsea and Arsenal clashes and that tells everything about him. Giggs should have been subsituted, he's useless when our main aim is to protect the lead. Had we tried to counter them he would have been useful but this way he was frustrated.

Fergie, please. Be brave and TRUST YOUR PLAYERS. This team is skilled enough not to rely on defending a one-goal lead against an inexperienced team. We must go for the opponent's throats, play an adventurous 4-4-2 and attack! Like we did at Bolton. If we lose this way, at least we lose in style.

Fortunately (and I must admit I'm grateful to Liverpool) we are still in a comfortable position.

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The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 22 2007

Time: 5:57PM

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hey u ******.. u think henry dived.. ask any bloke who's not as biased and cocky-headed as you.. that was a penalty.. as for eboue and his playing.. simply because ur two best attackers ronaldo and rooney couldnt do anything against him makes him look like a disgusting player to you.. the fact of the matter is that ronaldo is just a showboating **** and can do that against the smaller teams only.. and dont even get me started on red cards and dives.. we all know who the ******** ******es are in this department.. end of the day.. we kick ur ass.. home and away.. u can shove yer lead up yer arse.. coz the gooners are coming to get ya.. man united.. no men united seems better.. *****in' gay.. and where is hatethegoons.. would love to hear from him.. how about a poll for ye ****s.. best defeat against arsenal..
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22/01/2007 18:34:00

If this is the sort of biased, waffling crap you come up with when your head is clear, thank the lordy your computer quit on you, electronic goods don't like vitriol poured on them dontcha know?! gotta go HOME AND AWAY is on.
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22/01/2007 18:34:00

This is a MANCHESTER UNITED FAN SITE, not the bloody Daily Times. You can't expect the editor not to be biased. As for Eboue, he HIT Rooney then he pretended to be the victim. And he pulled back Ronaldo or Giggs (I don't remember exactly) and he did not get a yellow card for that. Should have been sent off. But the real point is there: we should have tried to increase the lead as Arsenal looked shocked immediately after the goal. That was the greatest mistake.
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22/01/2007 18:39:00

Nikolains, the original piece was much less biased but it was deeply infuriating that my computer broke down. So I decided to include my opinion about Eboue and Henry's dive. And don't expect me singing songs about Arsenal's greatness as you did not play well. You won, congratulations.
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22/01/2007 18:43:00

Your bitterness, somewhat ironically, makes it all the sweeter. I notice you didn't mention Ronaldo's diving. Every side in the Prem has divers, you lot, with Rooney and Ronaldo on board are in no position to complain, neither are Arsenal fans. You also did not mention how willing Bennett was to give you lot a penalty in 03 when Forlan tripped over paint, or send off Vieira when Nistelrooy felt the agonising blow of thin air. "VIEIRA WOOOAH, VIEIRA WOOOAH, HE SMASHED IT PAST CARROLL, UNITED WON ***** ALL!"
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
22/01/2007 19:08:00

midlothian99 too much gloating before the match, how does it feel now? you ridiculous tw*t, you were going to beat us right, all the crap you said before the game, what happened then? you lost, you choked when the pressure was applied to you. and first go on and win the title, then gloat about it clown..
Report Abuse
22/01/2007 19:13:00

Henry's outrageous dive! lol, you fail to mention Neville actually made contact unlike Sol Campbell when Rooney collapsed under his own body weight at OT. Dont be so bitter you played well, took your foot off the gas and paid the price.
Report Abuse
22/01/2007 19:39:00

The 1st half was even, the 1st few minutes of the 2nd half was all arsenal, then you hit us on the counter. and did nothing after that. You controlled the game after you scored? Arsenal didnt exactly create plenty of chances after that, but surely, ManU did NOT control the game. And the last 20 mins was all arsenal. Henry did not dive !! I can understand Zae, that you are frustrated with the loss, but surely, you can do better.
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22/01/2007 22:20:00

It was a shame that Man U lost, i was cheering United on cause i am backing you to reclaim the premiership title. Saying that though, there is still a six point gap between you and chelsea and i still think you lot will win it.
Report Abuse
22/01/2007 23:15:00

That has to be one of the most amazingly biased pieces of writing I have read on the Vital Network but LD is right...all the sweeter! One of your own members was sitting with me when Henry 'dived' and she was amazed that it wasn't a penatly! You owned the first 5 minutes of the game but after that Arsenal slowly but surely took control of the game. You did nothing in the second half other than score on the counter and try to do what many before you have against The Arsenal....defend a lead you did not merit!
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23/01/2007 00:22:00

Lets be honest it wasn't a dive, we played *****, arsenal deserved to win, Ferguson got it wrong tactically when we went 1 up, we just cant play a 4-5-1 formation, our best striker and probably our best performer on the day ends up playing on the wing, its basic football for ***** sake, play a tactic you and your players are sure about, everybody must know their job so play them in their best positions, Saha cant hold the ball up when up front on his own, hopefully this gives Fergie and the board a kick up the ass and they start bringing in players because if we lose Scholes, Vidic or Rooney we are *****ed. Look at Chelsea they aren't doing as well this season because of injuries to key players like Cech and Terry.
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23/01/2007 00:39:00

we didnt play well, so more posession more shots on and off target and more corners,is that what you call manure controlling a game?you live in cloud cookoo land,i would like to see what would happen to your team if you were to replace similar players to cole campbell lauren vieira bergkamp pires reyes and lungberg,with teenagers and still compete in this league.manu and chel$ki are finished,maybe not this year but sooner than you think
fran merida
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 01:09:00

you know, fergie set his players out for a fight, played rooney on the right and had an ineffective ronaldo... i have heard people moan about the ref, but he gave just as much to you lot as he did us, it was a penalty.. and players got away with terrible tackles on both sides, at the end it was arsenal who didn't give up and united took the foot off the peddle, taking off ronaldo was a bad move. so stop the bitterness it doesn't suit you, you will still win the league unless you do a chelsea, because upto now you have been the most consistent performers, and we are one of 2 teams to have beaten you, twice i might add, so its not all doom and gloom.
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23/01/2007 08:07:00

there was barely a touch from neville on henry he went looking for the penalty and he made sure he made the contact. and another diving player eboue what was he doing he done more to rooney in the challange yet eboue down like he shot shot in the face. yes ferguson should of player giggs on the left and rooney up front. at the end of the day id prefer to be six points clear in the league then to have won both matches
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23/01/2007 14:53:00

Oh come off it! Take your rose tinte specs off for 30 seconds and watch the replay! Neville stuck ot a leg, didn't get the ball and got Henry. Henry didnt pull away but if he had then there would be no chance of him reaching the ball, where as if he kept going (as he did) there was a chance that he woul reach the ball. Neville made sure he didnt though and he took him down.
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 14:58:00

All you man usa fans are laughable!! Yeah I will agree Eboue was stupid, but ronaldo went down clutching his face when there was no contact at all so anything you say about Eboue applies double to Ronaldo. It was a clear penalty & you all know it, the chuckle brother didn't make contact with the ball & as Henry was clearly going away from goal there was absolutely no need for such a wreckless challenge. If that had been a man usa player you would still be whinging to this day. Giggs should have been sent off & so should rooney for foul & abusive language. Scholes has shown up to be past it against any decent team this season. The only player from your side that showed any heart was Evra. I also notice you didn't mention man usa's blatant time wasting tactics either?? Ashamed of them or would it be admitting you were terrified of a better arsenal team?? Even David Pleat said arsenal deserved it & thats coming from an ex spurs man so you know he wouldn't be supporting us!!
Ashburton Gooner
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 15:09:00

scholes past it again any decent team are you stupid he played good against chelsea and destroyed liverpool so theres no point lying. theres been 4 outstanding players this season ronaldo scholes drogba and essien how funny how none of them come from the arse
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 15:17:00

Obviously you don't actually watch any games other than manure's. What has Ronaldo done against the top teams this season?? I thought scholes was woeful against chelski who dominated the midfield from the minute you scored & to be honest I didn't see your match against liverpool but were they not all at your home ground?? Your hardest champions league match was Celtic away & what did any of those players do in that game?? As for outstanding players I would go for Cesc as the obvious biased one but the real outstanding player has been Drogba none of your players have come close. Twice we beat you lot & your supposed great players, Giggs, Scholes & Ronaldo were nowhere to be seen in either match, all rooney managed was 1 fluked goal & lets be honest we couldn't field our best 11 in either match which makes you lot look even worse!!
Ashburton Gooner
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 15:39:00

Giggs has had a brilliant season, Drogba's beginning to peter out, Primus has been brilliant, Kuyt has been excellent and Gilberto has been outstanding. The difference is Cornish boy, we watch the game and make our judgements, instead of regurgitating media garbage. Fetch me a pastie ginsters.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 16:07:00

God. I wrote we controlled it after taking the lead. I should have added that this control lasted for about 15 minutes then you recovered from the shock. (And we sat back, which was teh BIGGEST mistake we could commit). Scholes was outstanding at Old Trafford against you but he was alone, Giggs did not play in that game and this time he was deployed in a position that did not suit him at all. Ronaldo didn't play well against Arsenal and Chelsea, that's true. Bashing Ronaldo is pointless: he GOT a yellow card, unlike Eboue who should have receieved one, too. At least one. And what makes you lot look very bad is you are still 12 points behind despite twice stealing results at the death against us.
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 16:34:00

Ronaldo got a yellow card for kicking the ball away after a tussle with Eboue & Toure also got a yellow for the same offence. Ronaldo, Rooney & Eboue should all have been booked for ridiculous play acting. Anyway all p**s taking aside I still want your lot to win the league ahead of chelski. I hope next season it will be a much better title race as both ourselves & liverpool will be involved & I als have a feeling that villa could come right into the mix. Anyway I have enjoyed man usa's football this season & wish you all the best for the season!!
Ashburton Gooner
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 17:43:00

Thanks Ashburton and I don't think Zae would say you did not deserve to win at Old Trafford. I think you deserved that but Sunday's game should have been a draw, neither side deserved to win. As for Villa, they'll have trouble to attract title-winning players because they're not in the Champions League. Oh, and your comment about Drogba: where was he at Old Trafford? What did he do? Did he play well against Arsenal? No. He's not greater than Scholes, that's sure.
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 18:13:00

how can you say we stole the results zae? we scored both home and away, kept one clean sheet too, missed a penalty and still won both the games, you couldn't score at home or keep one clean sheet, you were played off the park on your own turf for the entire match and then you're saying we stole the results. how many victories have you stolen then in all these years by scoring late? it's a case of sour grapes, tasting your own medicine never feels good. you're the editor of this site, expect you to talk a bit more commonsense than the likes of the truth, rooneyis**** and midlothian99..
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 19:55:00

and if we didn't deserve to win on sunday, you didn't deserve to win the european cup in 99 either, grow up..
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 19:56:00

luckys but sheff utd kept a clean sheet against you and the scored past you. see all this irrelevant information and it dont mean nothing. who aint talking common sense now. and zae if probally the best editor on vital football
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 20:57:00

lmfao rooneyis**** then that makes you the most intelligent member on vitalmanyoo, sheffield deserved to win dat game, they scored, we were crap and we didnt create any chances, you were crap at ot and in most parts of the game at the grove and we won deservingly, dun tok bout common sense, blind fans like you and ur editor dun know what it is..
Report Abuse
24/01/2007 06:34:00

That folks is why we love football :-)
Report Abuse
24/01/2007 09:52:00

I don't understand why you didn't press on. The pressure was off due to Chelsea's defeat at Liverpool. Bit of a waste really.
Report Abuse
24/01/2007 15:01:00

yeah we wasted if but arsneal were never better then us and yes luckys you deserved to win at ot.
Report Abuse
24/01/2007 16:26:00


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