Manchester United - Fergie Focused On Arsenal
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Fergie Focused On Arsenal

Sir Alex Ferguson was delighted with his players after yesterday's 3-1 win over Aston Villa but he's now focused on the next, presumably a lot tougher test.

The Reds visit Emirates Stadium for the first time in its existence but Fergie does not have time for historical moments as he wants his players to treat this as just another game.

'We want to go to Arsenal and get the result we want. That is the only thing we can think about,' he said.

'This is another one on our list of games. We now have 15 left.

The Reds were absolutely superior against Villa but Fergie's not prone to overpraise his side.

'We did the sensible things well, like keeping possession at the right time. The good thing is we are creating chances and scoring goals.'

'It is good for Carrick and Park as well to get goals. We now have quite a few scorers in our ranks, which is pleasing. We are just waiting for Gary Neville to come up with one!'

And let me add, I believe Brown and Heinze are both without a goal yet, not to mention Alan Smith. It would be fun to see all our outfield players score at least one goal during the season.

United fans expect more than one goal from Wayne Rooney but Fergie is not concerned with the youngster's lack of form.

'He needs a goal to give him confidence.

'But he is working hard and enjoying his football. I have no concerns about him. There was good penetartion by us and good passing up front.

'Henrik Larsson had another marvellous game. His link-up play is fantastic as is his movement.'

I think Larsson had a fantastic 15 minutes then disappeared but I don't want to argue with the boss. Hopefully he'll be right about Rooney.

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The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 14 2007

Time: 2:46PM

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i think we will beat arsenal but it will be a hard game
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14/01/2007 15:41:00

You wish. You couldn't do it at your house the first time we met. What makes you think it will be different this time around. If you don't know you better ask somebody, man.... oh .. say... a certain merseyside team in red.
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14/01/2007 16:03:00

That certain team are *****e while we are good. Anyway, we beat you in April at Old Trafford and you defeated us there 5 months later so anything can happen in football. Anyway, this time we'll have Vidic and Giggs while you won't have Gilberto, and Adebayor won't play. Henry was useless against us in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 and we know him, unlike Adebayor. And I'm sure this time O'Shea won't start in midfield for us. That's what make us think we'll defeat your team.
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14/01/2007 16:08:00

And I'd rather ask a certain United team in Sheffield :-)
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14/01/2007 16:09:00

As the saying goes , "the sun will shine on a dog's ***s once in a while", so shelf the wisecrack about Sheffield. As I recall you didn't exactly lit up the ground against West Ham now did you? Psst. You forgot the thunderbolt Henry scored against you in '04. BTW we aren't going to whine on about who was and who is or isn't going to be there , we got enough technicians for this battle -JUST A GOOD OLD FASHIONED BUTT WHIPPING AND A TUTELAGE IN FLUID ATTACKING FOOTBALL TO BOOT, THAT'S ALL. HAHAHAHAHA. IT SHOULD BE A GOOD ONE.
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14/01/2007 18:36:00

there is no way you're going to walk away with a win, even getting a point will be very hard, and even without Gilberto, our team is better than your's. but your team is playing with such confidence, that they are getting results week in week out. but this i feel will be your toughest test so far this season. and the way we are playing right now, it is next to impossible to stop us. but it's going to be a cracker, can't wait for it, one long week to go, damnnnnnnnn..
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14/01/2007 18:36:00

should be a good game, hard to call, ronaldo is firing... i reckon a draw will be on the cards myself.
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14/01/2007 19:52:00

ha ha that is the funiest thing i have seen your team better then ours. you think cause you got your depressed striker back your good . look at the point difference if you had a better team you would be up there with us but you aint. and as for the way you are playign you been going on runs all season the you end up slipping up and you will again on sunday.
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14/01/2007 21:04:00

i'm a gooner . we're gonna beat you, we're not going to win the league, just make sure the chavs don't..........
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15/01/2007 00:09:00

If u ask me you were lucky to score a couple of the goals u did against Villa. I don't think Arsenal will gift u like Villa did.. and if Arsenal end up winning the game it's going to be a nail-biting remainder of the season!
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15/01/2007 10:36:00

should be a great game..hope it is played with the right spirit by both teams....hard to call a result with both teams capable of so much...
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15/01/2007 11:04:00

hahahaha ur great start to the season was ended by us, and it's gonna happen again, and that six point lead won't look so big then. and first win something, you've been ***** for three years, this year looks promising, but everything will mean nothing if you dun win anything, and try to reach the last 8 of europe for the first time in many years now. and as for this sunday, our depressed striker will be the happiest person at the grove after he kills off your title ambitions..
Report Abuse
15/01/2007 11:57:00

kills of what ambitions? the titles ones we have the ones you dont. ha ha i dont hink so yes you end the run at the start of the season but yours ended on the first game. we may not have been at our best last season but we still finished higher then you and we got some silverware what was your accomplishment? oh yeah getting beat in the final by henrik larsson and he will do the same to you and your shaky defence on sunday
Report Abuse
15/01/2007 16:09:00

It's amazing that the hairy Arse win three games and their supporters think they are unbeatable. "Unstoppable", "better than United", "kill off our title ambitions". Surely, three points advantage (that's the WORST that can happen to us this weekend) is not a disaster? Gooners are even more arrogant than Chelsea fans.
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15/01/2007 17:47:00

Oh, of course PUREGOLD is right, he does not seem to think Arsenal are unbeatable.
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15/01/2007 17:49:00

we're not being arrogant. we all saw what happened earlier in the season, when you were on your best run and we were on our worse, and still without our leftback and two first choice strikers, we just didn't get the result, we played you off the park. and you're likely to win the league, (and i hope you do cuz we dun want those chavs to win it again) but you'll get beaten this weekend. it's not about being arrogant or anything, it's just pure belief and faith that we have in our team..
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16/01/2007 16:41:00

seems like the had your left back in gallas to me. you wont beat us you won the last match cause you played 5 central midfielders. if you wanna think about old games maybe you should think back to the 4-2 at highbury or us beating u 2-0 last season. it never matters about the last match cause if it did sheffield united gonna beat you again this season
Report Abuse
16/01/2007 21:25:00

and if you look position for postion you probally have it better in two places thats it. henry better then saha and fabregas is probally just a little bit better then carrick
Report Abuse
16/01/2007 21:26:00

if you gonna compare position by position, lehmann is better than your goalie, i'd have eboue anyday over that *****er captain of yours, toure and gallas is da best central defensive partnership in the league, if not in europe right now. clichy and evra you can't really compare cuz both have been great this season, i will give it to evra because you're top of the league. the widemen ronaldo and giggs have contributed more goals than hleb and rosicky, so it is natural to go with them, but i wil take hleb and rosicky anyday. and how can u compare carrick should be compared to gilberto, and he is not going to be as good as Bert for a few years, and Fabregas is anyday better than Scholes. Rooney for all his big reputation cannot convert it into goals, and don't tell me about his hatrick at bolton and the two goals at fulham, he's been struggling infront of goal for a while now, so Van Persie above him at the moment, and as for the best player in the world, you can put your entire strike force against him and he's better than all of them put together. man to man we just shade it, because we have more footballers in our team..
Report Abuse
17/01/2007 03:20:00

and you are telling me if a team plays 5 midfielders against your team, they can't win? what a lame comment is that. you can talk about old games, but i'm talking about this season, you couldn't even beat chelsea at home and lost to Arsenal at home, scoring just one goal in those two games at home. fact is, if you try to play football against us, you will get beaten..
Report Abuse
17/01/2007 03:24:00

when was the last time you beat arsenal? come to think of that when was the last time you even beat bolton. vander sar and lehman are equal and eboue aint even in nevilles league ferdinand and vdic are better then toure and senderos and yes evra is better then clichy. how can you even say you would take hleb and rosicky over ronaldo and giggs when hleb and rocsicky both look like a waste of money. scholes is better then diaby and flamini one of which will be playing on sunday and fabregas is better then carrick. henry is just a little bit better then saha and rooney is much better then van persie
Report Abuse
17/01/2007 14:43:00

rooney brings much more to his game then goals and fabregas hasnt been consistent this season he has had just a few good games so dont try compare them to rooney and scholes. and dont call your player who dont even like playing football the best player in the world
Report Abuse
17/01/2007 14:45:00

On basis of ability, Rooney can walk all over van Persie, or Adebayor or Baptista. On current form, however... I will not offend Giggs and Ronaldo by comparing them to Hleb and Rosicky (though they are players whom I like). Evra is much better than Clichy, and whilst Eboue is fast and athletic, Gary can actually tackle and his experience puts him above Eboue. Arsenal can't break down teams who defend with 10 men and struggle to defend against counter-attacks. Now they will have to dictate the play and that does not suit them.
Report Abuse
17/01/2007 15:41:00

Carrick can tackle, unlike Fabregas, and can pass, unlike Gilberto. Scholes' passing ability has not diminished and his experience means he's one level above Fabregas (who is the most disgusting Arsenal player since Keown, by the way) And "playing us off the park": no, you played well, you defended very well and your counters were good. If you played us off the park, then Fulham played you off the park so they're gonna win at the Emirates.
Report Abuse
17/01/2007 15:47:00

if im not wrong Fabregas is top of the assists chart this season, he's getting better with every game and thats not the case with scholes, he was a great player but is past his best now and rooney doesen't even have half the skill of van persie and you lot can talk all that bull***** and arguments that dun even make sense, we'll see this sunday when your team will be found wanting again.
Report Abuse
17/01/2007 17:16:00

Midlothian, I just read some Opta stats from last season, and Gilberto was the most accurate passer in the prem. Oh, and Fabregas CAN tackle, it's just that the way WE play, it's more often him getting tackled, not the ohter way round.
You know,instead of going on here about who'll win, I'll just wait till Monday and come on here to gloat.
Report Abuse
17/01/2007 17:22:00

Your fellow gunners started this by claiming they are the best team in the league which is rubbish of course. I repeat: you are the most arrogant bunch of the Premiership, when you win a few games in a row, you think you're unbeatable. Coming here and shouting your mouth off about how we have no chance at all just shows how big-headed, arrogant and sick you are.
Report Abuse
17/01/2007 18:33:00

Oh, and Opta Stats: that shows Scholes is a much more accurate passer than Fabregas (92%-82%). And last season's OptaStats show Carrick is one of the best in the league in passing AND tackling, too. And about the way you play: when a lower team visit Emirates, you cry about their defensive tactics. Yet you were ready to defend at all costs at Anfield and somehow you forgot to cry about the 10-men-behind-the-ball tactics you applied in the first half. I think Rosicky's goal happened at the first time you crossed the halfway line.
Report Abuse
17/01/2007 18:42:00

i dont know why they can try and say van persie is better then rooney and has more skill. rooney and ronaldo are the two best players in this league by far and camparing van persie with rooney is just crazy
Report Abuse
18/01/2007 14:34:00

That's funny you say we play rubbbish, coz even your own Neville disagrees with you. No point arguing that point.
Another thing, on our website, we have this thing where we get a "lowdown" on our next opponents, and we usually interview a journalist who is from , say Manchester for a game involcing a Manchester team, and is also usually a supporter of the team we're playing. The guy we talked to for your game feels we "passed you off the park". And your point about Opta stats doesn't disprove my point that you're way off the mark in calling Gilberto what you called him.
Report Abuse
18/01/2007 16:58:00

oh how good of you to come and say that needless information about your second class team
Report Abuse
18/01/2007 21:37:00


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