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With Shinji Kagawa already, more-or-less, on the books, red-top insinuations infer that Sir Alex Ferguson is now targeting another midfield ace.

With it being widely accepted that our midfield could do with strengthening, the indications are that Sir Alex is set to test the water with regards to luring Luka Modric to Old Trafford by offering Spurs a sum of 22 million for the player.

Now whether that bid impresses Spurs remains to be seen, after all they were able to resist overtures from Chelsea last summer when the West London club made offers far in excess of that, but with no Champions League football and with the future of Harry Redknapp far from certain, could the ripples United`s bid make be enough to set the ball rolling?

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The Journalist

Writer: Red Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 7 2012

Time: 9:40AM

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get stuffed
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 09:53:00

Up yours Red Nose
Zummerzet Spur
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 09:55:00

Sorry guys, if you want Modders it will cost you a hell of a lot more than 22 mill.

We've already seen Daniel Levy take a stance and could well do so again unless his valuation is met.

Going on past transfers you guys have made from Spurs (and the way they've been conducted) i reckon you'd be looking at a minimum 40 million!

I firmly believe Daniel Levy has had enough of the way SAF does his public courting of Spurs players and therefore will take a further stance and let SAF hang himself by "tapping up in public" a contracted Spurs player.

Report Abuse
07/06/2012 09:56:00

Hahahahah wow.. 22M well lads, you might have to double that..
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:00:00

22 million ha ha ha, are you Chelsea in disguise? Try 40 million as a starting point.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:00:00

Poor attempt at a joke .. its not even close to funny!
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:05:00

What kind of article is that? Does it illustrate the limits of your analytical ability? Oh well ...
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:05:00

Why on earth would we sell him to you lot! Levy is quite an intelligent man. If he does leave, which he may well, he will go abroad! Joey Barton is available, buy him!!
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:08:00

I think that he would be good for Utd, but 22m? Do you know that we signed him for 16.5m? So we Spurs take the chance on him (as even utd were looking at him back then), we prove that he CAN hack it in the centre of an English midfield, and you think that we deserve only 5.5m profit for that? How much profit did you get for Cristiano Ronaldo or Beckham?
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:16:00

Be very careful. You pushed for and got Berbatov for a lot of money. Hardly repaid the fee did he?
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:26:00

22 million??? ha ha ha .... That's when you know the story is made up!
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:26:00

Plus you signed Carrick from us for 18m.... Modric is worth at least 2 Carricks.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:30:00

You arrogant Utd fans there is no ******** way we will sell Luka for less than 35 million and there is absolutely no way we would sell him to you bunch of ****s, you make me laugh at times.
Horny Helen
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:33:00

saf trying to unsettle our players once again the problem this time is levy is taking no ***** these days and 22mil is insulting. i believe saf is trying to get modders to push for this move but he did that for cheslki and look what happened............NOTHING jog on
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:36:00

London calling, London the whole of Manchester dead? Sorry forgot, there are no Man U fans in Manchester.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 10:46:00

Apparently Spurs are lining up a bid for Wayne Rooney for a figure around the 2 million mark.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 11:31:00

Guys, guys, calm down! This is press speculation, nothing more - not worth getting yourselves worked up over (although you Spurs fans do seem to enjoy getting worked up). Modric has wanted out of your club since last season, and it is only a matter of time before he does leave IMO. It won't matter what Levy values him at (30m ish IMO) if he starts kicking up a fuss now will it? Player power has taken over these days, and if Modric wants to move to united or elsewhere, there's only so much your club can do to prevent it. I'd cash in now if I were Levy, as the longer this goes on, the more Modric's value declines. Hate to see him go to united though, don't want them to actually have a midfield for a change.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 11:51:00

fifthcolumnblue - If he wants to leave that badly he'll hand in a transfer request. The player does have the power but until that request is made the clubs contract holds more significance. I wouldn't worry about Lukas speculation until he does so. Levy has already decided that he wont sell unless he has to and a 43mil buyout fee has been agreed by the board. Luka is a yido said Luka is a yido na naaaa naaaa na
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 12:01:00

Vital Manchester United? Are there any real utd fans out Utd couldn't afford Modric so if there are any fans out there, don't get too excited about this one.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 12:03:00

The typical Manure arrogance we have come to know AND hate.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 12:28:00

fcblue, we resisted last year when Chelski offered 40m so what has changed. Modders has 4 years left on contract, so its Levy's call as he proved last year. Would not expect Modders to take the same route as last year knowing who he is up against. He may have to go on strike this time if he is so desperate to get away. A crap Euro for him may just shut him up.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 12:34:00

You fellas need to chill the feck out. It's not United fans who come up with it just the usual bull***** press doing their annual ***** stir and as per usual you lot all bite. Personally don't want him, theres better options available and more, in Fergies words, value for money, personally would prefer us to sign Dembele for 10 mil than Modric for 40.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 13:00:00

How thick are some people? Excuse themselves by saying it's only media speculation about the 22 million bid and then publish it on a ManUtd website. Obviously ManUtd fans haven't come across the word ironic.Well no surprise-three syllables-tricky.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 13:32:00

Have to jump to Red Boy's defence here. He has merely highlighted the "insinuations" made by the red-tops and has posed a question based on said insinuations. Bit of an over reaction Spuddies.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 13:44:00

Bluedub - It's just the lads way of saying what a total utter bull$hit article. We wouldn't post one about signing Rooney for 10mil if some media column said it was possible.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 14:18:00

Ryanhotspur - he's not posting about signing Modric for 22million, he's asking would this supposed offer set the ball rolling on a possible transfer. Obviously you Spurs fans don't believe it would, nor would I for that matter but I think it's a legitimate question to ask and I don't see how asking a question is arrogant.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 14:45:00

It's not arrogant to ask the question ofcourse. Maybe a few haven't read the article properly, and have jumped in at the title alongside that 22m figure.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 14:52:00

Probably mate. Right I'm off for a wash now, I feel dirty having defended a U*d fan.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 14:55:00

Your living in a dreamland if you think a 22M bid will be acceptable then Old Red Nose has truly lost the plot. That's about 1/3 of his value, when you take everything into consideration. Barca have no more cash they can get hold of, Utd have to sell b4 buying (big). Only City, Chelsea, PSG & Real can realistically PAY the cold hard cash required for to take a KEY player who's got FOUR yrs left on his contract.

You can have 'Arry tho if you like ? Don't worry we don't need any money for him, call it a thankyou for paying 31M for Berbs ;-P
Tot-Nam Vet
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 14:56:00

Tot-Nam Vet 22 mil a 1/3 of his value. You're telling me Modric is a 66 million pound player? Ronaldo was 80 mil, with 4 years left on his contract at a younger age and was a much better player. Realistically Modric is only worth 30 mil obviously you will demand 40 mil which surely will be the going price, not fecking 60 mil. Not interested in being mugs again to Spurs, let Chelsea get ripped off with the wantaway Croatian, afterall that was his first choice last season, not us. If Fergie wants a Premier League proven playmaking central midfielder who can't score goals then Dembele is available for 10 mil, can do the same job, is a much better dribbler and will cost a quarter of the price. You can keep 'Arry ta, the fellas a**** in my opinion, can't stand the man and how he expects to get more money and a longer contract after only getting in the Champions League once during his 3 year tenure at spurs is beyond me.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 15:21:00

TheFamousNo7 - Good post. Agree with you on every note.
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 15:34:00

I think there's one thing we can all agree on - would LOVE to see 'arry at Chelsea. XD
Report Abuse
07/06/2012 15:51:00

TF7, the reason he's "worth" so much is more down to the statement of fact WHEN he's sold. I would honestly value him 45M as WHEN he's playing happy he's truly awesome. HE makes the killer passes that give another teammate the chance to setup a goal. He also has a cracking eye for goal, the trouble is he's unhappy mainly down to money. IF Fergie got hold of him then City wouldn't get a sniff of the Title, period. That's how great Luka can be & that's why he also commands such a high fee. Within a few games he'd become the heartbeat of Utd & you & Fergie would be thinking what a bargain 66M was. No joke.

But that gets me back to why I value him at only 45M, coz his attitude on the pitch when being petulant is terrible, at tiles he's barely gone thru the motions. Deliberately not made decisive passes, not ran for easily achievable balls etc. However under a winner such as Fergie, Jose, Pep or Mancini he would RESPECT the Manager & never drop his attitude as he'd be playing for a Man he trusted & knew to be on the same tactical level.

I'm not 1 of the Championship Manager lot neither am I lard arse who's "job" is a professional Rock n Roller (on the Dole). When a KEY player is sold & especially in his prime a Club must be STRONG as any weakness shown reflect VERY badly on the Club, Board, Management & the remaining Squad & any potential signings. That's what I meant when I said "when you take EVERYTHING into consideration".

Personally Utd were robbed as brand CR7 is worth approx 200M+ in shirt sales & images rights over his original contract with Real, not to mention any extensions to that contract. Then there's the success on the field he brings. So 80 odd million is a BARGAIN for a player who could Is looking at returning 5+ times his original cost over his career at Real, eh ? It's all about the big picture.
Tot-Nam Vet
Report Abuse
08/06/2012 00:19:00

Tot-Nam Vet - Your valuation is ridiculous. He is NOT world class. When he is at his best he is 30mil on a 4 year contract. When he is playing as poor as he has been lately i wouldn't sign him for anything more than 20.
Report Abuse
08/06/2012 09:51:00

Poor Season???!!! Ok, he went away a bit for the last 8 games, but lets not be idiots, he is one of the most gifted midfielders in Europe, his movement is second to none. I suspect he isn't for sale, or 45M at least to release him from the Levy grip!
Tactically Challenge
Report Abuse
08/06/2012 11:39:00

Tactically Challenge - Have you seen him play for Croatia lately? He isn't a 45mil player. These figures are being drawn up simply because we don't want to see him leave, but realistically we would not sign him for anywhere near that kind of money. As fans we're trying to outprice him out of a move, but unfortunately he wants to leave, so one way or another he is going to get his own way. It will be at our expense to some extent but i'd rather it be reimbursed with some cold hard cash than see him jeapordise our season with poor performances. On top of that, his value decreases every year, with yet again another lack lust performance, another year on his age and another year out of contract. Let the boy leave ffs. Let's just see how much Manchester want him. (40m MAXIMUM IMO)
Report Abuse
08/06/2012 11:59:00

You can have daniel levy for a packet of crisps on transfer and knitted spock ear warmers
Report Abuse
08/06/2012 22:08:00

Ryan wtf ? So selling 1 of our best (despite his attitude problems on the pitch) to a RIVAL is the mentality you want at Spurs ? Thats the Spurs of old (thank goodness), selling him to Barca, Real or PSG for 40M+ ok, BUT to a EPL Team, then the pay a PREMIUM. Torres was hardly a 50M player when sold, however Liverpool knew his VALUE TO THEM...

THAT is the reason for TNV's high valuation.... Surely you should've understood that...
True Spurs Supporter
Report Abuse
09/06/2012 10:53:00

We'll trade you Berba, Carrick, Owen and a champions league medal for him. ***** it, I'll give you 10 million to take Carrick back.
Report Abuse
14/06/2012 16:55:00


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