Manchester United - All Over Bar the Fat Lady………
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All Over Bar the Fat Lady………

Unless Mark Hughes can pull of a miracle with his Queens Park Rangers side visiting Manchester City next week for the final fixture of the season, we`re going to end this season without a trophy.

Sir Alex Ferguson all but threw the towel in with his comments after the win over Swansea yesterday and seemed to be looking for some kind of intervention when he implied,

"It could be like Devon Loch. Stranger things happen in football."

"We just have to keep going with the right spirit. We`ve won the title three times on the last day and we don`t mind doing it again."

"City are red-hot favourites and will try to make sure they win the match, but QPR need a point and they`re fighting for survival."

Devon Loch, for the uninitiated was a horse that was romping home in the Grand National only to inexplicably collapse to the ground in a heap.

But looking for further assistance, Sir Alex appears to be looking towards an ex-United hero, Mark Hughes to do him a huge favour, remarking,

"Mark knows his job all right."

"He was sacked by City in a very unethical way and he`ll remember that."

Now that would be a turn-up for the books but being a realist I can`t see it. To me it really is all over bar the Fat Lady singing.

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The Journalist

Writer: Red Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 7 2012

Time: 3:13PM

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You're probably right Redboy, but once again, we've both still got 90 minutes to play, and as we all know, ANYTHING could happen. Hopefully it will go according to the script, but hey, we might have 4 sent off and Wes Brown might manage 10 OG's for you you know!
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07/05/2012 19:08:00

We were the Devon Loch however our collapse wasn't inexplicable, the players got complacent and thought it was won whilst Fergie got sloppy tactically. I can't see City taking anything for granted, getting complacent and thinking its won prematurely, they'll stay focused and will see off the QPR challenge something we failed to do. Oh well there's always next season and no doubt this will be a learning experience for everyone at the club, Fergie included. Hopefully so anyway....
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07/05/2012 19:27:00

all over folks, QPR are *****e and City will thrash them!
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07/05/2012 19:57:00

Seriously hope a miracle happens. City's title victory will signal a grave day in football, and a tragedy for any lover of the game. Man City's investments in the last few years, like those at Chelsea, have come not from the culmination of success and endeavour, but an influx of wealth that undermines the integrity of competition. Their rivals Man United have built success over the last one hundred years, building and growing organically, with each victory contributing to the next generation, weaving a stronger thread year on year into the complex tapestry of their success. Moraliy aside, their ascent have stripped burgeoning clubs of their talent (at Arsenal and Villa, for example) and has directly caused transfer fee and wage inflation, leaving English football in dire financial debt. They have significantly contributed to a sharp decline in football; the bubble has yet to burst, but soon the unruly debt of the EPL will drown clubs as the industry collapses in on itself. Their disrespectful, frivolous use of money may have instigated the death of competition as we know it. I wrote an extended article on this subject actually, if anyone is interested, at
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07/05/2012 20:17:00

there's going to be one HELL OF A PARTY next weekend if we win the title, so batton down the hatches you reds, cos Manchester is ready to are invited of course,and if come with your 20th title winning tee shirts... you get a free seat on the open top bus around Stretford with the Manure team to SHOW off the Community shield.....have nice time lads.
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07/05/2012 20:58:00

alexkeble - very nice of you to go brown-nosing the rags with your little diatribe. Clearly preaching to the converted on here "Oh Ciddy are wuining football, football is dead". Utter nonsense. The day football died was the day Yoonited dropped the words "Football Club" from their name and became a PLC. Your unfounded arguments and histrionic assertions that everything bad can be laid at the feet of Manchester City is specious at best, completely disingenuous at worst. I notice two things: 1) You have a picture of Wayne Rugney scoring the "shin of fraud" goal against us - that's rather strange for a Villa fan, and 2) I notice you haven't been brave enough to post a link to your tripe on Vital City. Cowardly, and full of *****. Not still bitter about Stephen Ireland are you? XD
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07/05/2012 22:00:00

Whats so unfounded in his arguements Mr.FCB,the simple fact is U have a sugar daddy who is just buying u a title whereas there are clubs like Utd,Arsenal buying young players developing them and turning them into stars and still remain competitive.Yes we have bought big players as well but as u know it there is a difference between having a sugar daddy and generating funds from within!!!!!
Antriksh (abmtd)
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08/05/2012 07:55:00

I would also take far more pleasure in seeing us develop players like cleverley,welbeck,rafael,smalling,jones,evans,than go and buy players for silly money and pay silly wages.Sure it takes time and sometimes it can get frustrating but the end rewards are priceless.The only sad thing is some silly fans from our side seem to be accepting whatever the media seems to be feeding them!!!!!
Antriksh (abmtd)
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08/05/2012 08:03:00

Antkrish, what was the difference in the cost of both starting XIs on Sunday? A whopping £1 million mate. City have young players they are developing too, Hart and Richards are a couple of success stories so far. Savic and Balotelli are young players too. There's also plenty in the academy that will be ready to step up in the next couple of seasons following the huge investment that has been made in this area too. Pull your head out of your arse.
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08/05/2012 09:22:00

You had the 1992 generation - Scholes, Giggs, Beckham, the N. Viles, etc., but there has not been a great deal to shout about from your much vaunted academy since then. You paid stupid money for the likes of Jones, Anderson, De Gea, so the idea that you are somehow being frugal and developing youngsters on the cheap just doesn't wash. And for a team that's midfield 3 for the derby had a combined age of 105 to talk about "Youth" is rather risable. Your best youngsters are deserting you - Pogba to Juventus, Chavel Morrison to West Ham, and Oliver Gill to University!) Sorry folks, you might believe the propaganda spewed out by your manager and the sycophants in the media, but the evidence would suggest it's all lies. Oh, and can anyone please explain what happened to the likes of Ljajic, Tosic and Obertan? Oh yeah, they weren't good enough. City used to rely on our youngsters when we had no other choice - looks as though you will be doing so for the foreseeable future, and aside from the likes of Welbeck and Cleverly who look pretty good, there aren't more than a handful of academy players at your club who will ever make the grade.
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08/05/2012 09:38:00

Bluedud - Are u okay mate?,ur talking about one sunday!!Look at the bigger picture,u guys have spent nearly half a billion to get to us.If we start talking about all ur buys since sheikh abcdeegfrfgsf coming into the picture I'll have to be on my PC for the next 2 days,so don't give me that ***** about a difference of 1 million pounds.As far as Ur academy is concerned sure Hart and Richards have been success stories,no doubts about that but when u spoke about Savic,I was nearly going to fall off my seat,that guy has been utter rubbish and I'm being very kind with my words when I say that and as far as ur Balotelli is concerned,he is one of the best players the rival team could have,I mean that guy is talented but the problems that he carries with him outweigh the positives in him.As far as the plenty in the academy are concerned I'll be surprised to see even 1 make it through not because they won't be talented its just that the way ur club operates a lot like ur sister club chelsea!!
Antriksh (abmtd)
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08/05/2012 12:25:00

Antkrish, like I said, pull your head out of your arse. City's spending was fast tracked, U*d's has been going on for over two decades now. Is Smalling or Jones for that matter or Rafael or Fabio any better than Savic? Jury is still out on that mate. As for operating like Chelsea, how do you know? We haven't seen the fruits of the investment in the academy as of yet, just glimpses, that will happen in the next couple of years. We have seen Boyata, Razak, Suarez and Rekik all make their senior debut in the last couple of years from the academy. We also have Guidetti scoring for fun in the Dutch League. Stop talking crap, claiming to know how things will pan out in the future.
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08/05/2012 12:48:00

As far as ur concerned FCB - U talk about paying crazy fees for Jones De Gea,Anyone with half a brain knows that these guys are going to be superstars provided they put their head down and continue working hard because the talent is surely there,they just have to listen to the master in SAF.Yes Andy has not worked out that well I'll accept that and as for buying these guys for cheap I never said that but now I'll say it they are surely cheap when we consider the price ur paying for ordinary players.Coming to ur next point of our midfield 3 being a combined age of 105 in the derby game,mate ur sounding like Bluedud,it was just 1 game dude,yes Fergie felt experience would help us but that was not to be.As far as ravel is concerned ,he is talented but again a lot of problems,so its better to cut him off,pogba again a lot of talent but if he feels he is better at juve then let him go,we only require players who want to play for utd!!Gill if he believed in his talent he wouldn't be in the University thats for sure.We have our own talented youngsters coming through - Tunnicliffe,Petrucci,the keane brothers,fryers,cole,lingard,vermijl,so I am pretty calm about our academy whether u believe in them is another story!!As for obertan,Tosic and ljajic(he was not purchased we cancelled the deal) are concerned yes they did not work out but that happens at everyclub,should we start talking about ur players not making the grade????The list won't end!!!!The fact is whenever u buy a player there is an equal chance of him being a success or a failure.My trust firmly lies with Sir Alex Ferguson,I know with him in charge we will be back there fighting for the major trophies once again next season and in the process build his 4th great team!!!!!Glory,Glory Man Utd!!!!!!!!
Antriksh (abmtd)
Report Abuse
08/05/2012 13:20:00

Bluedud- I guess u require somekind of treatment mate!!!!Don't u get it,yes we have spent cash but we don't have A SUGAR DADDY LIKE U GUYS!!!!U guys are just like Chel***** atleast they were a bit better they had already qualified for the CL and please never ever compare Savic to Jones or Smalling thats very insulting!!!!!!Yes the jury may be out on them but they were out on ronaldo as well and we all know what happened after that!!
Antriksh (abmtd)
Report Abuse
08/05/2012 13:32:00

You're a stereotypical deluded Rag. You can't see the woods for the trees mate. I nearly feel sorry for you.
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08/05/2012 13:37:00

And one last thing when u tell someone something always practice it!!!!!!!!U accuse me of predicting things that will take place in the future and in a way I did do it.I still feel very strongly about what I said but u didn't u do the same in your last post.I'll get my head out of arse u better fix a brain in ur head!!!!
Antriksh (abmtd)
Report Abuse
08/05/2012 13:39:00

See bluedud I'm pretty sure ur going to stick to ur point and I'm going to stick to mine.So its not going to go anywhere,so lets leave it that way.U have ur way of thinking I have mine,anyways it was nice to talk to both of u!!!!!!!
Antriksh (abmtd)
Report Abuse
08/05/2012 13:45:00

You're baseing your prediction on City's academy on what Chelsea did mate, that is just ludicrous. I'm basing my prediction on the statements that were made by our owners concerning the academy when they first took over, the investment that has been made in the academy since they took over, the number of players Mancini has given their senior debut to and Mancini's record at his previous clubs bringing players through. I would suggest it is you that needs to look at the bigger picture mate.
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08/05/2012 14:02:00

Why does Antrkish sound like a robot spewing same old mindless cliched *****.
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08/05/2012 16:07:00

Moreover, unfortunately for every other club City have Patrick Vieira in charge of the academy.
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08/05/2012 16:12:00

It's a common theme amongst red fans of all persuasions mate. Brainwashed. Don't forget, there's no value in the market!
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08/05/2012 20:32:00

P.S. Anderson for £27m or Yaya Toure for £24 - which club got the better value?
Report Abuse
08/05/2012 20:33:00

Looks as though Fryers could be the next one of your prospects to be on his bike - two months on his contract and he's refusing to sign a new one. Oh the future ain't looking so bright now, is it?
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09/05/2012 13:37:00

Who r u sajit?????Ohhhh Wait isn't he an arsenil fan,hahahhahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Antriksh (abmtd)
Report Abuse
10/05/2012 08:49:00

FCB - Anderson 27million,ever heard about a word research??????????
Antriksh (abmtd)
Report Abuse
10/05/2012 08:50:00

Enjoy having ur sugardaddy!!!!!!!!!!
Antriksh (abmtd)
Report Abuse
10/05/2012 08:51:00

Sugar daddy, eh? If Malcolm Glazer was your daddy they'd have called in social services by now. LMAO!
Report Abuse
10/05/2012 11:57:00


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