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The mind games continue!

The future of the Arsenal player, as we`ve reported several times recently, is far from decided.

Having declared that he`s looking to play for a club that could win trophies Paul Scholes, in typically blunt northern fashion, has urged the player to come to Old Trafford, remarking,

"Arsenal play the best football at times. But what is the point if you are not winning anything."

Trophies and medals over tippy-tappy football any day eve though Arsene Wenger now seems to be following a mantra that would see Nasri sold to a foreign club!

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The Journalist

Writer: Red Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 5 2011

Time: 4:47PM

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Just remind me how your trophies and medals fared against tippy tappy football at wembley recently? Oh that's right, it destroyed you, tore you a new one, publically violated you in front of billions. Weird that cos our tippy tappy football won out when we played them in London? That was typical blunt Southern fashion in case you were wondering, div.
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05/07/2011 18:19:00

Barca are a class above but we arent that far behind. Arsenal however have fallen below sh***y! How embarrassing!
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05/07/2011 18:23:00

Stop lying to yourself, you were several million lightyears behind at Wembley. Utterly and comprehensively battered from pillar to post. They ruined you, the call lines to the Samaritans in the home counties skyrocketed that night. ICI were notified as never before had so much plastic gone into meltdown. So we're below sh***y but we beat Barca, we beat the chavs, we beat cit£h and oh yeah we beat your mob too didn't we? With the winning goal scored by the player we whisked away from being bored to death at Carrington by the Neviller, how embarrassing indeed!
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05/07/2011 18:51:00

nikolaijns is clearly distressed about the current state of Arsenal at the moment. I love how you say your tippy tappy football beat Barca but fail to mention how they dominated you and if it weren't for Messi's goal being wrongly ruled offside it would've been a different story. Heck you beating Barca is only half the story anyway. How'd your tippy tappy football fare against them during the away leg? Oh yeah thats right it got Barca a goal, nice backheel Fabregas oh and you didn't even have a shot pmsl! You beat Barca, City, Chelsea and ourselves, and? Does it change the fact that Arsenal are free falling down the league and now must be looking for CL qualification rather than title challenge? I must say you're right on one thing though, getting beat by l'arse is embarrassing :P You keep on playing tippy tappy football it's fine by me, it's a guarenteed 3 points a season for ourselves and an end of season capitulation. Why don't you go finish 4th in a 2 horse race or something? Or better yet, find your trophy cabinet key and give it a good dusting?
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05/07/2011 19:25:00

Scholesy, you're spot on.
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05/07/2011 19:25:00

How did we fare in the away leg? we were still in it all the way even at 3-1 down a goal would've seen us through and if it had been anyone else other than Bendtner on the receiving end of Walcotts ball we may well have but that's life. Sure they dominated us over both legs but they are the best team I have personally ever witnessed and we came away with a respectable 4-3 aggregate but when they came to London and annilhilated you into the ground, there was no respectable performance from you was there?
Report Abuse
05/07/2011 19:49:00

Basically you can try and gloat about how you perceive my club, it doesn't faze me what some plastic div from sussex thinks of me or Arsenal. My point stands, tippy tappy gave you a balls deep collective cornholing winning a trophy in the process so the article is deeply flawed. Laters gloryhunters.
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05/07/2011 19:55:00

Well I say article but at 10 lines it's more of a tweet.
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05/07/2011 19:58:00

lol someones on the rag.
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05/07/2011 20:52:00

"Basically you can try and gloat about how you perceive my club, it doesn't faze me what some plastic div from sussex thinks of me or Arsenal." - Just to clarify, i've got a great amount of respect for Arsenal and Arsene but surely it gets to a point where he needs to realise that the tippy tappy approach just isn't working and something needs changing. The fact that your using Barca as your only defense kind of identifies how desperate the defense of the tippy tappy approach is. Barca are a footballing anonymole, no one can reciprocate what they do on a football pitch. The fact that they've won so much and you've won so little really emphasises the gulf in quality of Barca's tippy tappy and yours.
Report Abuse
05/07/2011 22:47:00

It's defence mate, unless you're American? I really have no idea what you're waffling about no7 have you been drinking?. Your site is the one saying tippy tappy football and winning trophies are polar opposites and you can't do both. I'm merely pointing out that you got spanked out of wembley in a humiliating schooling by a team employing a playing style described as tippy tappy winning a European cup in the process. I really can't break it down any simpler for you without drawing it out in the medium of crayon.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 00:32:00

Nikolaijns your clearly upset that you club hasn't won anything for 6 years and look like going another 6 years at this rate. We are the Premiership Champions, what are you again? Oh yeah beaten finalists in the Carling Cup by a team that went on to get relegated.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 09:45:00

I use offense for sporting terminology and offence for everything else. Talking of simple how could you NOT understand my previous comments, maybe it is I who should be getting the crayons out for you.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 10:42:00

no need to revert to stereotypical gloating gloryhunting mode rooneyisgod. As I've said before which I'll repeat once more for the hard of thinking is that your 'article' is utterly wrong when it suggests tippy tappy and winning trophies can't exist together in the same philosophy as Barca proved to devastating effect when they left you weeping and whimpering at Wembley only a few weeks prior. @ famous no7 how could I not understand you? maybe you could understand you maybe your mum could but when you put in terms like anonymole (seriously wtf? an anonymous mole? a secret agent mole?) did you mean anomaly? who the hell knows. Thanks for clearing up the arrrfense deeefense thing though good buddy, glad you're enjoying our saaawker.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 11:27:00

Theres no gloryhunting there Niko, its just making the point your a bitter dilusional person who can't stand the fact that his team doesn't manager to win anything. Weeping and wimpering??? Are you serious? What did they do to you then when you couldn't even get a shot on target? They maybe a class above us but the are a million miles in front of you.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 11:35:00

We beat them this season rooneyisgrunt you didn't, 4-3 on aggregate, still in it at the death and could've gone through after 180 minutes going toe to toe, so get real. We played them in the same style you tried to which was soak up the pressure and hit them on the break, same way you play against us coincidentally. They are lightyears ahead of you, millenia, they wiped the turf with you so much they were calling you mopchester utd. Try spelling delusional correctly before accusing someone of it, I'm neither bitter nor delusional, I fully accept my clubs standing in the scheme of things and the reasons for it and our shortcomings, I can accept that just as I can accept that your article and the points it makes are flawed, it's called perspective, something you clearly are in need of if you think that oafish scouse cave dweller is a deity. Cheers! :)
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 12:00:00

So if they are 'light years ahead of us' what does that make us above you? Also light years, no doubt. Not sure why you are getting a hard on over an own goal at the Nou Camp and getting outplayed at the Emirates and scoring 2 goals which you didn't deserve. Don't know why your being such a cry baby over an article for, maybe mummy needs to rub it better.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 12:16:00

Also if you wanna get so happy about individual results how about when Stoke outplayed and outclassed you near the end of the season? I guess they must also be light years ahead of you.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 12:18:00

Yes I'm the childish one here, I'm not the one claiming a granny shagging, follically and intellectually challenged chavvy troll is the creator of all am I? It takes a man to own up and accept where things are wrong, I've owned up to the shortcomings and failures of Arsenal yet noone here is man enough to accept that the statement on the article regarding tippy tappy and trophies is wrong, that's all. And you should all be fully aware of how wrong it is given that you were the ones on the receiving end of the wembley final pasting only a matter of weeks ago. If even one of you had said 'ha yeah ok fair point' I'd not be here now. You can try and digress from the matter all you want rooneyisgrunt, your points are all irrelevant to the matter, stoke is irrelevant, our result against barca is irrelevant. I know it's hard for you to focus but I'll ask you to try.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 12:49:00

It would of taken something pretty stupid to create you so Rooney could be the culprit.The article is making a point of someone prefering to have medals over tippy tappy football, not saying you can't have both. Its a choice between the 2 if you had to choose. I wouldn't expect a serious case of special needs like you to have been able to read that and except that. No one is saying we were not outplayed by Barca but the main point is a bit of pot and kettle when you come on here running your mouth about Barca. Now if you still don't get it I would seriously consider getting your carer to come and help you.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 13:02:00

That's would have not would of lad, It's also accept not except. and there is two Rs in preferring, Dear oh dear, the only thing pot and kettle here are your juvenile insults about special needs and stupidity! You seem to be getting personal now as people generally do when they're losing arguments, by saying you have to make a choice between tippy tappy and trophies of course you are saying you can't have both, good grief.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 13:28:00

Oh sorry for all the spellings, why don't you get yourself on Countdown. If I was that bothered I would of checked. Losing the argument? How did you work the one out grammar king? I'm not saying you have to choose am I? I'm saying thats what the point of this article is, that if there was a choice which would everyone prefer - obviously trophies. And obviously you can have both because look at Barca.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 13:36:00

nikolaijns, you can't understand me from one spelling mistake? PMSL! The context of the quote is solely aimed at Arsenal, not the footballing approach in general. The simple fact remains, whether you grasp it or not, yes Arsenal play pretty football but whats the point when you don't win anything? Trophies beat pretty football anyday. Now, is that not a fair comment from Scholes? Also, you keep bringing up the aggregate score which flatters to decieve, you got completely 8itched up on both legs and were fortunate to come away with a decent scoreline. The fact that you're even trying to draw parallels between a Champions League final to, what was it? Round of 16? Is a joke on it's own.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 13:43:00

We got 8itched up again I'm man enough to admit that but we also got stitched up no7, 1-1 then van persie gets ludicrously sent off, game and tie changing. We had a final against Barca and did a damn sight more to keep it respectable and we din't even have home advantage. Again with all you here as with the players you employ there seems to be this begrudging underlying bitterness that Arsenal get praised from some quarters for their style of football. If winning trophies was enough for you then why are Evra and now scholes having these sly digs? Because deep down it is the manner in which you win which plays a big part? Noone wants to win playing the sort of eye gouging gruel that mourinho serves up. It's an embarassment to the game. Yes there's a happy medium between winning and winning well and it's one Arsenal may or may not find. But to say they will never win anything again which is what the article implies because of the style they employ is both churlish and ridiculous. @ rooneyisgrunt yeah I see you're still struggling with the old would of/would have there, tricky one isn't it? Yes there you go obviously you can have both, well done, I feel progress is being made here!
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 14:02:00

Niko, my friend, if you want to have a dig at FamousNo7 , just ask him how well he does at pretending to be neutral at Vital Chelsea...PMSL
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 14:08:00

I'm not looking to have a dig at anyone Melvyn, all I'm saying is that playing tiki taka and winning trophies are not mutually exclusive as was conclusively proved at the one sided steamrollering @ wembley in may, that's the only point I've ever been making here. Anyway I think I'm making headway so stop sidetracking me.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 14:16:00

Report Abuse
06/07/2011 14:37:00

Worthy contribution :) Did you time out of the public access computer at the school library?
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 15:02:00

Blue_Mel is obsessing over whether i'm neutral in an argument or not again, lol! Nothing better to do pal? nikolaijns, our away record this season has been**** poor, playing in our home country for the final didn't mean 5hit to us because we weren't playing at Old Trafford. I've got no issue with admitting we got the arse whooping of a life time by Barca on not just one but two occassions. I've got no issue with Arsenal getting praise either. You do play the most attractive football in the country fair dues. I just can't see how you can use Barca to back up your point about tippy tappy football. I can't put it any clearer than Barca being the only team to adopt that approach to football and win anything. Every team that has tried copying Barca have ended up unsuccessful and trophyless. There's more examples of teams attempting the tippy tappy approach and being unsuccesful than there is teams adopting the approach and being successful. Leading back to Scholes original point, what is the point? Why try and play a game only one team has ever been successful playing? Yes it's nice but you won't be remembered in 10 years time for playing nice football unless there's some success to go with it.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 15:31:00

haha nah somehow between the computer here at work and vital football it summed up about a paragraph into one letter.
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 16:21:00

nikolaijns ''Publically violated'' ? Confucious say World spins very quickly ''NoT GOOd IDea tO shOOT YOursElF IN fOOT''
God was no Sardine!
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 20:40:00

Confucius despite his many talents obviously never mastered firearms nor the caps lock key then. I've enjoyed this little spar chaps :) Hope we can give you a sustained challenge next year though the way things seem to be heading no breath will be held. Laters (gloryhunters) ;)
Report Abuse
06/07/2011 22:34:00

What a joke you really are.
Report Abuse
07/07/2011 21:25:00


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