Manchester United - Modric Bidding Opens!
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Modric Bidding Opens!

It looks like the battle to land Luka Modric has finally begun!

After spouting all kinds of nonsense about the player not being for sale, Tottenham Hotspur were on the receiving end of a 22 million bid from our Premier League rivals, Chelsea, last night.

The bid was rejected by the North London club but the tabloid hacks are insistent that this opening gambit, by Chelsea, will serve to promote something of a bidding war, a war n which it remains to be seen if United, reportedly interested in bringing Modric to Old Trafford, enter the race.

Stay tuned!

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The Journalist

Writer: Red Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 16 2011

Time: 5:02PM

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Leave the mod at the lane!
Report Abuse
16/06/2011 17:09:00

nonsense about not being for sale? they rejected the bid. ***** off you cornish *****er
Report Abuse
16/06/2011 17:14:00

How disrespectful are you? Did we write articles about Rooney when he was threatening to leave? Modric has always said he's happy to stay - Even his agent says the same! Try writing about your own team!
Report Abuse
16/06/2011 17:18:00

Here here parklane
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16/06/2011 17:18:00

cant wait for this financial fair play to come in, spurs might actually finish building a team without clubs that are either bank rolled by someone or just arrogant to debt picking it apart with greed. It is a sin. JESUS WAS A YID!!!
Report Abuse
16/06/2011 17:19:00

Irrelevant he is not for sale.
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16/06/2011 17:42:00

Not for sale? How many times have I heard that one before... Personally, I think we should steer clear. Also think Chelsea have shot themselves in the foot, it's ok trying to unsettle a player when they have their mind set on you in the first place e.g. Ronaldo to Real otherwise your just increasing the competition for yourself.
Report Abuse
16/06/2011 17:55:00

ParkLane, articles weren't written about the prospect of Tottenham signing Rooney for a pretty obvious reason. He would never go to you.
Report Abuse
16/06/2011 18:02:00

Even if Modric does eventually go, Man. U will be wiped off the playing field by the financial power of Chelsea or Manchester City, so not a lot of point in chasing shadows
Report Abuse
16/06/2011 18:09:00

Theres one thing we can offer him though, the possibility of playing at a big club Graeme.
Report Abuse
16/06/2011 18:19:00

Do you have a McDonalds in your dressing room? Do one Utd, youre no big club, just a ******** business project.
Report Abuse
16/06/2011 19:23:00

show us the colour of your money!
Report Abuse
16/06/2011 20:22:00

hahaha a spurs fan saying we are not a big club. Probably the funniest thing I have heard in my life.
Report Abuse
16/06/2011 21:28:00

The funny thing is most of us Utd fan's here don't really want him. We'll take Sneijder and D Costa though. We are not a big club? For a Barca fan you speak very good English, oh no wait you're a spuds fan, have you been drinking again?
Report Abuse
16/06/2011 23:59:00

Every big football club is a plc and that includes MUFC and THFC. Every player is an asset of the plc. In the course of its business, every asset of a plc is for sale - at the right price. The right price is almost always a premium over the market value of the asset. Barca paid a premium for Ronaldo, Chelsea for Torres, Liverpool for Carroll and you could say United for Carrick and Berbatov. Considering Carroll went for 35m and Torres for 50m, I would expect the premium for Modric to be 40m to 45m. If an offer of 45m were to be received, the Tottenham board could be justified to accept. Until then, Modric stays at the Lane for another season at the end of which his value could increase further or it could drop depending on his form and performance next season.
Report Abuse
17/06/2011 04:11:00

haha Modric made snieder look like a cardboard cutout take Snieder hes ******** awesome lol.
Report Abuse
17/06/2011 06:01:00

Lets not get carried away. Carrick and Berbatov both threw there toys out of the pram to leave spurs. Until Modric does the same(and i doubt he will) he remains a Spur.
Report Abuse
17/06/2011 06:55:00

Someone made a very good point the other day. Market value of players are dictated by what other players are being sold for. So in this case Modric's true value is between 40m to 50m.
Report Abuse
17/06/2011 06:58:00

Uskok ... you're an idiot. Hiano, fair enough with that comment but you forget you only will ever get what the bidders are willing to pay. Whilst Modric's head hasn't turnt yet it's fine to demand the sum your quoting but, when his head turns, whether it be from a lack of trophies or Champions League football, the price will drop from the original bid to a smaller one. The only time the fee doesn't drop is if a bidding war is sparked which I can't imagine happening as it's pointless trying to compete with the financial muscle of Chelsea, until the financial fairplay implications are in place atleast.
Report Abuse
17/06/2011 13:05:00

Whether or not Modric's head is turned, he is on a 6 year contract and therefore Spurs hold all the cards. If Levy can get 30m for Berbatov who had two years left on his contract, i am sure he will get a hell of a lot more for Modric in an ever more over inflated market. And Modric will never refuse to play as Berbatov did.
Report Abuse
17/06/2011 13:45:00

If Modric's head is turned you lose the ground beneath your feet asher. Like Mascherano or Berby he can and most probably will refuse to play and not turn up to training to force the move through. You can let him rot on the bench and lose 25-30 milon on a free or take the money and look forward.
Report Abuse
17/06/2011 14:47:00

Anyway, once again I'm not sure why you spuds are concerned. He will stay for now but next year may be a different story depending on how your campaign goes. Next year however it won't just be Modric but Bale and Van Der Vaart also who you will have to worry about.
Report Abuse
17/06/2011 14:49:00

TFN7 - It was very different with Mascerano and Berbatov. We all knew (although some were in denial) the writing was on the wall because he was kicking up a fuss the whole previous year before the move and only had 2 years left on his contract. Modric is a completely different kettle of fish personally and professionally. I've got no doubt if given the opportunity he'd want to move on but I think his 'desire to go' has been greatly exaggerated in the media. This is what his agent had to say in response to the Chelsea rumours not exactly "I'm being treated like a slave" is it ;). Im actually really confident that unless obscene money is offered hell still be at spurs next year
Report Abuse
17/06/2011 15:30:00

@famousno7 stick it where the sun dont shine ,youre the idiot,watch the games .There is a reason AF called Modric his player of the season above even his own players think about it its the impact he had.Think 50 M
Report Abuse
17/06/2011 21:46:00

TFN7 - Appologies sir, looks like I greatly misread the situation Very disappointed in Luka. Still think Levy will break balls with the transfer fee but looks like he's gone. Sigh. Another 2 transitional years await...
Report Abuse
17/06/2011 23:33:00

phartman87 don't worry yourself the dailymail tends to print absolute b0ll0x, like I said I genuinely believe you will have him until next year atleast, possibly longer depending on where you finish next season. The same way I expect Nasri to sign a new contract and Sneijder to stay at Inter. Uskok, I don't deny Modric being good, but better than Sneijder, are you sure? One good game against doesn't make him better. The fact that i'm even having to argue whether Sneijder is better than Modric or not with you says it all about the idiocy of the original comment.
Report Abuse
18/06/2011 00:43:00

Yes Im sure hes better I know hes better if you cant see it just remember you are now a famousno7/I_i_t.
Report Abuse
18/06/2011 20:34:00

I don't think you actually understand a dam thing anyone says TFN7. What a ***** you are. THe least Spurs can expect to get is market value for Modric. As in previous cases we got above market value for players with much lesser time on there contracts who wanted to leave a hell of a lot more than Modric does and will. Please don't come back repeat your retarded argument again.
Report Abuse
19/06/2011 09:33:00

My retarded argument? PMSL! I said if Modric wants to leave his value will decrease, looks what's happened in previous cases. I acknowledged and accepted hiano's point but at the same time I argued that when a player's head has turnt the value of player decreases (player power and all that) and even moreso you can only sell at what the buyers are willing to pay (though Chelsea seem to be the mugs of the transfer market at the minute so who knows). If anything i've acknowledged your point and it is in fact you who is ignoring mine. You do understand that by value decreasing I mean in the sense of the overinflated market value (35-40) to his actual value (30-ish)?
Report Abuse
19/06/2011 13:36:00

liverpool said more than that during d sale of torres yet he ended up signing for chelsea it dosent really matter if he has a "6yr" contract....ok @asherthesmasher
Report Abuse
19/06/2011 15:03:00

lets leave modric and go 4 Sneijderplzzzzzzzzz...what is so special in dis guy il rather pay 30 4 Sneijder than modric........yea
Report Abuse
19/06/2011 15:11:00

u guys to give tfn7 a break i think his really making some kool points.......
Report Abuse
19/06/2011 20:20:00

Cheers henry but these are spuds, there's not a fanbase out there who don't believe they're optimism borders delusion. You do get lucky and find some rational decent ones however.
Report Abuse
19/06/2011 20:29:00

Torres went for 50m. His actual worth was no more than 30m at the time surly. Berbatov went for 36m. His actual worth with 2 years left was actually 20m surly. So if we assume Modric's actual worth is 25m we can expect to to get around 45 to 50m surly. What do all three of those players have in common? There heads were/are turned. LMAO. Anyway, i guarantee Modric will not be sold this summer.
Report Abuse
20/06/2011 15:35:00

I can't be asked to argue, feels like i'm an arguing with a wall to be perfectly honest, but glad we could find some common ground that Modric won't be sold this season atleast.
Report Abuse
20/06/2011 16:06:00


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