Manchester United - FA Charge Rooney!
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FA Charge Rooney!

Can you say you`re surprised?

Now far from being paranoid I think there is a real case to argue that, despite him being one of ours, Wayne Rooney was always going to be charged by the Football Association for his foul and abusive rant at Upton Park.

It`s almost as if Wayne owed them after he escaped scot-free after the flailing elbow at Wigan.

Also in the we`ll get you back tank was the small matter of Wayne telling the supporters where to go when they dared boo England after a below par performance in South Africa 2010.

All that remains now is to wait and see if Wayne will accept the punishment handed his way or whether we`ll become embroiled in an appeal.

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The Journalist

Writer: Red Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday April 4 2011

Time: 7:08PM

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Let’s see you wriggle out of this one – but I have no doubt you will!
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04/04/2011 19:16:00

No chance merlin, the evidence against him is far too strong. Personally, I think this is pathetic. Fair enough, ban Rooney for swearing but I can almost guarentee that there was atleast another 3 or 4 players swearing at some point during this weekend who have also swore! I can also guarentee that in the future numerous players will swear during games of football and won't even get looked at or acknowledged by the FA. To add insult to injury the ban is unreasonable, 2 games! A player who commits 2 unsporting, possibly game changing challenges gets less of a punishment than someone who got caught swearing. Pathetic.
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04/04/2011 19:25:00

Also, for someone who's considered to be having a 5hit season, which he is, he has still notched up an incredible 10 goals and 11 assists in 22 Premier League games. Looking at those stats, i'm quite excited to having Rooney, on-form (or just a typical game to him :P) back, he will be a valuable asset during the run-in.
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04/04/2011 21:21:00

"Why do these young players have to be so angry with the world? I don't know why. They are getting hundreds of thousands of pounds a week. I respect him (Rooney) as a player but he is a silly boy for what he did and he shouldn't have done it." - Harry Redknapp. ----- ----- Harry, shut up.
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04/04/2011 21:31:00

this is bull..... , cant believe the media can influence this way, this is a big joke as the FA
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05/04/2011 01:10:00

I kind of think its fair enough - Drogba got punished after the Champions League and his outburst was more justified. I think the fact that we have Berba and Hernandez firing on all cylinders means its not a massive deal.
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05/04/2011 09:17:00

It's all a huge anti-'nited conspiracy at the FA - they've always been against you doncha know? PMSL.
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05/04/2011 09:45:00

Haha that's brilliant fcb, it wasn't us posting conspiracy theories about the FA's favouritism for the big 4, ickle City, the team that everyone hates ... in their eyes atleast, paranoid bunch. tuscan, I don't deny the ban is fair but the punishment doesn't fit the crime, a one game ban at most and even then that sounds harsh. That and the fact though so few other teams will get similar treatment, if any at all. Swearing happens in every sport and game across the world will all those face similar charges?
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05/04/2011 10:06:00

The problem though is not neccessarily the swearing (some prize comments often do get picked up or lipread), but the fact that he looked right into the camera and did it, ala Drogba. There's a difference between swearing on the field and sticking your mug in the camera and letting rip!
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05/04/2011 12:05:00

That's an excellent point BlueBanes, never thought of it like that. A precedent has been set and Drogba got a 3 game ban for it whereas Shrek is only getting 2. TF7 we were discussing temper tantrums recently in regards to Balotelli, I said that Shrek was just as bad if not worse, you argued that he wasn't, just wondering do you still think the same way?
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05/04/2011 13:21:00

Bluedub don't get me wrong I don't believe Rooney's an angel and also has a fiery temper very similar to Balotelli. The massive difference is how they vent their frustrations, Rooney might swear but he doesn't throw a paddy quite like Balotelli, Rooney will always show Fergie respect can the same be said for Balotelli? Balotelli has already been caught elbowing a Villa player and studding someone in the chest. His disciplinary record in such an early career says it all. Heck, even Mourinho didn't like him!
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05/04/2011 15:00:00

It could of been worse, Rooney could of shot a young trainee or thrown darts at some youth players, all he did was use language which can be heard in many parks, on many fields and in many schoolyards. Another load of bull***** from the Ned Flanders-esque FA.
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05/04/2011 15:22:00

TF7 are you asking has Mario got respect for Mancini? I think you'll find he has, look up quotes from Mario in regards Mancini and you will see for yourself. I still think at his age Rooney was as bad if not worse for tantrums, in fact Slur was speaking in the Italian press last week about the similarity between the two and was more or less saying what I have, only he added that Rooney has grown out of it, which evidently he hasn't. This is obviously a fall out from the incident with Rooney in the WC and the FA are using this as their opportunity to do what they should have done in the summer.
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05/04/2011 15:47:00

I just read your comment back again TF7 and noticed you ate using the alledged elbow against a Villa player as an example of his temper, did you see this incident? It was his fore arm that hit the Villa player, he had raised his arm to shield the ball, complete accident and was only booked after the Villa bench started throwing a tantrum and of course his rep. It's not the best example to use to distinguish him from Rooney in any case, Rooney's elbow on MacCarthy was completely intentional and a whole lot worse, of that there's no doubt.
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05/04/2011 15:54:00

Kanchelskis - I'm afraid BlueBanes has already blown that argument out of the water. Another thing the other incidents you refer to have nothing to do with the FA they were internal incidents that were dealt with by their respective clubs.
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05/04/2011 16:00:00

good stuff kanchelskis and big true, is not like kids dont say ****** or dont swear
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05/04/2011 16:28:00 <- Yeah, forearm, sure. If you want to compare him to anyone with his attitude then look no further than Ronaldo, acts out, tantrums, egotistical and all that, shame he hasn't shown the skill to back that attitude up thought. Whoops, did I say shame? I stick by what I say, he's worse than Rooney, more so due to ego rather than attitude.
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05/04/2011 17:42:00

Drogba wasn't charged by the FA for his camera incident it was UEFA (I believe). Lets pick Harry Redknapp, as a manager he has spoken poorly of the referee this season and threatened the FA. Consequence, none. Reknapp previously has been caught swearing during a post/pre (cant remember which) interview telling the intervier to fu(k off, consequence? None. Fergie lambasts the ref, consequence? A record breaking 5 game touchline ban. Rooney swears to the camera in a game. Consequence, 2 match ban. Gerrard sticks to fingers up to the ref:,r:2,s:0 ---- Consequence, none. I've got no issue in taking the ban as long as firstly, the punishment fits the crime and secondly, the rules or consistent on all levels.
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05/04/2011 17:59:00

I'm going to leave it there TF7 because there's obviously no point trying to have a proper discussion with you. You are so full of ***** it defies belief.
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05/04/2011 19:46:00

I believe.
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06/04/2011 08:01:00

Whatever bluedub, as if i care of your opinion, anything against your own opinion, City or your ABU attitude is a load of **** in your eyes. Get a grip, you're not right 100% of the time. All I ask is consistency in the FA's charging.
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06/04/2011 12:01:00

Consistency in what though, them examples you listed are in no way similar to what Rooney did. The only thing similar I can recall is what Drogba did and as I said before he got a three game ban. Who else has done what Rooney did and got less of a punishment? And don't give me that crap about this being the FA and that being UEFA because when it suited you about the Rooney elbow you hid behind UEFA rules to say he shouldn't be punished. I'll ask you one more time did you see that elbow incident from Balotelli? I saw it mate so don't need to be provided with a link to a photo of it. why am I bothering?
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06/04/2011 14:29:00

The media said the Balotelli elbow was naughty, therefore it must have been despite Gerard Houllier coming out and saying it was unintentional and not a red card offence. It's a bit like the media suggesting that Nigel DeJong is the incarnation of Satan on earth, and that cheeky chappy Sholes just can't tackle - both of which are as we know complete and utter falsehoods! As football fans we naturally tend to believe that which casts our own team in a favourable light, but sometimes people don't seem to recognise that they're flogging a dead horse.
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06/04/2011 15:15:00

fcb, Mancini said there was no intent in the elbow to the face but still acknowledged it as being an elbow not a forearm. Players have seen red for using their arms for leverage before (something I don't agree with) yet Balotelli got away, once again linking to my idea of consistency in decisions rather than it being down to interpretation. Rules should be black and white with no grey area and consistent on all levels, thus the example of Redknapp swearing during an interview and the lack of punishment, Redknapp criticising the ref with no punishment a stark contrast to Wenger, Fergie, Grant, Rooney and Drogba. You come underfire of this rule if you use "offensive, insulting and / or abusive language." not if you use "offensive, insulting and / or abusive language only when near a camera." I don't think you're in any position to talk of media interpretations seeing as you lap anything about United, heck you even at times contradict your philosophy of "not using unreliable sources to back up your point" to make your point. Oh and Scholes can't tackle, he never has been able to, he uses it to his advantage though to make 'professional fouls' which is a massive difference to De Jong who is a very good tackle yet makes reckless, dangerous and possibly career ending tackles with regularity, the man got dropped from his national team ffs for his 'tackles'! (if that's what you call them). Bluedub I don't know why you're bothering, like I said, you only care for your own opinion, City and anything against United, anyone who conflicts with those ideas and beliefs is full of 5hit in your eyes. What's the point in try to argue with someone so ignorant to anything else par their own views. I say Balotelli's attitude reminds me more of Ronaldo, who's acting out is considered worse than Rooney's mainly due to an overinflated ego and a belief that he's above and beyond the rules and can manipulate them to his favour if not a paddy is thrown, if subbed a paddy is thrown.
Report Abuse
06/04/2011 16:12:00

It will never be black and white TF7 for the very simple reason that decisions are based on the interpretation of rules and opinions by humans, they're fallible you know? These decisions are also based on context, something which you choose to ignore in the pathetic defence you presented with all your links you posted previously. I don't need to ask you anymore wheter you saw the Mario incident because it's quite obvious you haven't.
Report Abuse
06/04/2011 16:44:00

Bluedub I didn't respond to your comment at all for the simple reason that your bias and ignorance defies belief. I just don't understand why you bother, you don't care for any opinion that doesn't go in cohesion with your own.
Report Abuse
06/04/2011 17:35:00


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