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United Target Modric!

Ryan Giggs may well have signed on for another season but there`s no doubting that with Paul Scholes getting longer in the tooth that Sir Alex Ferguson is casting a watchful eye towards an adequate midfield replacement.

Today, one leading Sunday tabloid, carries an article that infers that United could be preparing to launch a raid on a club whereby we`ve had success before in the transfer market, or as some might put it - our feeder club Spurs!

Our intended target, according to the red-top, is none other than the influential Spurs midfielder, Luka Modric.

At twenty-five years of age Modric is in the prime of his career and it`d take a huge bid to tempt Spurs to sell although the red-top seems to think that we could offer a former Spurs player, Michael Carrick, in a player-exchange deal.

I guess we`ll have to see what pans out with regards to this one! Personally, I reckon it`ll not happen.

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The Journalist

Writer: Red Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 20 2011

Time: 11:07AM

Your Comments

man, how many times do you guys have to try? no means no :) the multiple (alleged) attempts make man u even more pathetic..
I know it's coming up for Comic Relief, is it RED NOSE DAY AS WELL???...........No mention of Bale...
spu 4 life
Hahahahaha! United doesn't have the money to buy Modric. And he has already said he's not gonna leave us for Madrid or united. And btw, he signed a six year contract last summer. If he was looking to move, I bet it would've been more like 3 years.
Elldiablo Nabil
Sorry Guys. Not any more can you come sniffing around WHL and take our best players. The day has gone and the playing field is levelling out, so bog off with your deluded thoughts of theivery.
Bale 100m Modric 100m VDV 70m Take your pick, if you think you can afford it. Otherwise do a bit of window shopping around Wigan or Fulham like you did last year. COYS
Dont kid yourself, if United wants the player they will get him, Tottenham has done well, but lets get realistic here, United is the biggest club on earth, and if SAF really wants the player from Tottenham, they will buy him.. Remember Berba.. Anyways why so scared already, we are in February for christ sake, the transfer window wont open until summer, United are linked with new players everyday, if you are to believe the papers, United would have a 100+ squad.. Anyways you wont be able to hold on to Bale nor Modric, if not United then other clubs will poach them, unfortunately for you, Tottenham is not a top European club.
Torres never wanted to leave Liverpool, Barry wanted to stay with Villa, Tevez was happy at United, Cesc will stay at Arsenal.. If you believe these statements from players you are seriously the deluded ones, football has changed, money talks more than ever, as do winning trophies.. Of couse footballers will state their loyalty, and then when they sign for another club the next day, they will put it down to not being able to resist the challenge.. Dont f.... kid yourself, Bale, Modric and VDV will all leave sooner than later, thats the story of modern footballers, contracts mean nothing anymore..
nordknap, man u biggest club in the world, you havin a laugh. maybe the biggest in uk! and you don't even have as many champs league medals as liverpool. if barca comes knockin, we might be worried. you guys pretend that you can get anyone you want, but your finances say otherwise.
Blimey. nordcap is obviously in delusion. Now onder he has challenges in writing a coherent comment. "if SAF really wants the player from Tottenham, they will buy him." Moronic comments like this from arrogant illiterates, who probably don't actually go to Old Trafford are the reason why United fans are despised and ridiculed by so many.
Nordkap. What makes Manure the biggest club on earth? You mean your 18 titles and 3 European Cups? Liverpool have the same number of titles and with 5 European Cup, not forgetting AC Milan's 6 and Real Madrid's 9. You are not even the biggest in England. Stop this rose tinted drivel.
Berba left a europa league team, Modric is playing for one of the most exciting and progessive CL teams in the world, the day we stop moving forward will be the day our stars will leave, but for now, the players and the team are moving forward together. Levy knew last year the probabilty of 'bigger; teams coming in for our players so put them on big contracts. If United want Modric who is on a 5 year deal, they will have to spend upwards of 50 million, not because he is worth that amount (although I think he is), because he is at a club who dont want to sell a player who is on a massive contract! AND if Modric didnt actually mean wehat he said about wanting to stay, why sign a 6 year deal, why not reject it and negotiate a 3 or 4 year one?
*6 year deal!!
Also, where are you getting the money to buy players like Modric or Bale? Your canteen staff can't even get a free meal. Face it, unless your are bought out by some sugar daddy you will still be paying off the interest and have to sell a top player each season to cushion yourt loses. Apart from Rooney, which player will even fetch 20m?
stay the ***** away united!!!
theotheyid man nani is worth well over 20 million tbh! and vidic!
I do think United need to spend a few hundred million, ther ejust about hanging on to the top spot but without BIG investment there *****ed, look at the team, not many players would get in ours, especially next year when there best two players will be 37. Fletcher, Nani, Anderson, Park, Obertan V Bale, VdV, Modric, Huddlestone, Lennon = no contest. Without Scholes or Giggs there struggling, and thats gonna be sooner rather than later.
is that 12% for bebe a joke? hope so cos he was rubbish and he was rubbish against a team in the BSP!
Sorry TopSpur123. forgt about Nani. He must be worth 30m. Vidic, no more than 20m cos of age and injury record and also defender. But a very good player he is Vidic.
Hahahahahaha lol think iam *****ing myself hahahahaha......................
If I were to combine the squads it would look along the lines of: Van Der Sar, Rafael, Gallas, Vidic, Evra, Fletcher, Modric, Van Der Vaart, Nani, Bale, Rooney and on the bench: Gomes, Corluka, Ferdinand, Scholes, Anderson, Valencia/Giggs, Berbatov. Now looking at that sqaud I would say quite alot of Man U players would walk straight into the Tottenham squad and very few into the United. Tottenham lets not fool yourselves the player is most loyal to the club who can offer the most, not just in wages but titles and competitions, which is us. If you crash out of the CL I can't imagine players of Modric, Van Der Vaart or Bales class hanging about and even then I'm not too sure they will be content with challenging for fourth season after season either, which once again lets be realistic with your poor striker force, average right winger, average fullbacks and accident prone keeper fourth is all you're ever going to be challenging for. Then there's your transfer targets Beckham and Phil Neville, hardly inspiring the idea that you will be challenging for the PL, eh? Your manager whilst a great motivator is tactically inept and poor in the transfer market. To call us not even the biggest in England is stupid beyond reason, you're telling me 0 PL titles, 6th in the League Liverpool are bigger than us at current? I'm sorry guys I like your club and the positive attacking football but unless you make a real push for something no players future is set in stone, the Glazers always provide Fergie with money without question e.g. 25 mil for Benzema, enquiry for Ribery, 35 mil for Sneijder, 7 mil each for Smalling, Bebe and Hernandez. Being honest I don't want Modric, though a very gifted player we need more goals from midfield, a player who can really open up space, play the killer passes whilst knocking in goals.
earth calling famous no7...i repeat.. united are not the biggest club in the world.. and yes, liverpool, despite not winning any pl titles, are still bigger than you lot (even in the uk). liverpool = 5 CL titles, man u = 3. liverpool = 3 uefa cup winners, man u = 1. liverpool = 3 uefa supercup winners, man u = 1.
theo mate how much do you really know about football? Vidic for 20 mil?! The best CB in the world who just signed a new contract and is in his prime whilst also having perhaps another 5 or 6 years at the top is only 20 mil! If Vidic is 20 mil Bale and Modric combined is 30 mil. Nani in your valuation is only 30 mil whilst, in your eyes, Modric is 50 mil, when Nani is better, younger and still developing as well as penning a new contract. Your logic is embarrassing to say the least.
Maybe you should get your head examined hardcore_spurs, Liverpool bigger than us, funniest thing i've heard all day. Don't get me wrong I dont think we're the biggest in the world (but extremely close, perhaps second or third behind the Spanish giants) but to say we're not the biggest in England is stupid to say the least.
famousno7, on current form, i agree that liverpool have not got a scratch on man u. but i have based my arguments on facts, history and past achievements. what are you basing your statements on? maybe you should try formulating your argument based on objective measures rather than arguing from an emotional perspective. perhaps i am being unfair by expecting too much from a man u fan as they are generally incapable of being objective.
ThefamousNo.7, you are just like those childish and blinkered Manure fans. I even heard the same drivel last month from grown ups as well. So let's say the EPL changes to another name and Manure do not win a title for 3 years, does it erode their previous record of 18? Absolute nonsense. So you can't day Liverpool have wn 0 EPL titles. Does it Liverpool have won only 1 European Cup cos the name was changed to Champs League? Does it mean that Real have won 3? But the irony of it all is you manure fans and your manager are obsessed with breaking Liverpool's record. See how childish your reasoning is?
FamousNo.7, you must be very delusional to put Rafael ahead of Corluka in your combined 11. This is just done to make you point. As for Flecther ahead of Huddlestone, it's the biggest joke sine Clattenburg disallowed Mendes's goal.
silly_spurs a club cannot be based as bigger on previous accolades but only on current form I mean if we were to take your logic would it be fair to say Leeds are a bigger club than yourselves? No, it wouldn't. Also you conveniently forgot the FA Cup and the Community shield which we have a considerably more than Liverpool (4 more FA Cups and 3 more community shields) whilst Liverpool boast 3 more league cups. We also posses a Fifa World Club cup which Liverpool don't. Seriously man your argument is so flawed and bias it's unbelievable.
Oh. Is this the same Manure who had won sweet FA for 26 years and were still saying they were the biggest club at that time? I don't know where you were then Famous No.7. No one is forgetting the FA Cup and community shield. It was just pointed out to you that Liverpool have won far more bigger trophies than you. It's not an opinion. Just a fact and get over it. You are not even the biggest in the North West of England let alone the World.
Our reasoning is childish? Your reasoning is pathetic, like I said are Leeds a bigger club than you? Your argument is based on HISTORY not the PRESENT and at present we are the biggest club in English football, even a blind person can see that. Fletcher was the best DM in the PL last season how about Huddlestone? Fletcher can play good passes and cross extremely well whilst also having a good head on his shoulders how abut Huddlestone? Fletcher can get from box-to-box whilst Huddelstone stays rooted, now who would you prefer? (no doubt you will be stubborn). Rafael has handled some of Europes finest left sided players e.g. Ronaldinho, Arshavin, Bale and Ribery whilst Corluka can only boast average PL left sided players par the odd few. The only joke here pal, is you.
Famous no.7, my team would be Gomes (as Van der sar wont be playing next year) Corluka, Gallas/dawson, Vidic, Evra- Bale, VdV, Modric, Huddlestone/Palacious, Nani- Rooney/Berba. Obviously were both be bias towards our own team. You are deluded though if you think Untied at this moment will be able to sustain their dominance in English football without MAJOR financial backing. Your squad is ageing and you squad looks, well, pretty crap if Im honest, unless you spend big over the next two season United will have a quiet couple of years with the likes of City and Tottenham really pushing you as we have the young talented squad and money to spend, and city have a bottomless pit of it. Your not the team you were, you have done well to be top this year, but thats through belief and luck more than skill and great play. You say our players wont want to challenge for 4th every year and your right, but last year we got 4th, this year 2nd isnt out of the qustion although Arsenal do have an 'easy' run if you can call any games easy. Were also doing the business in the CL, so why would modric leave for you lot if he can challenge with us. I would agree if you went out a spent 100m in the summer and Modric's head was turned by thinking, wow there spending, they will win everything for the next few years , BUT at this moment you dont look like you will and its Spurs who have more money and better players. Please dont think im deluded, Untied are the biggest team in the world next to Real, but after seeing you spend so little this summer when you really needed a few big players to lighten the load on your ageing stars, I think your looking at a few years of 3rds and 4th while the others have a go.
I wonder why they call you spuds? Oh yes that's right. I feel sorry for the Arsenal fans who put up with your logic (I use that term loosely) on a regular basis. Where are all the decent Tottenham fans, I know there's a couple who see reason.
The Famous. The point is not based on history alone. If it was then Liverpool have only won 4 Euro Cups, and Real 6. It's the entire history of the club which includes up to yesterday cos that's part of the club's history even though it's current. Get it? Only a Manure fan will be talking about Fletcher being a better passer than Huddlestone. Incredible. I wonder if you watch any games at all. Is this the same Corluka who has played in the Euro Championships and handled the best they could throw at him? The same guy who made Robinho non existent? You don't habve a clue as you don't watch any games
dude no7, i am talking about liverpool's european/world pedigree compared to domestic achievements. which is why i left out english league titles, fa cups, community shields etc. as for leeds, yes they have more league titles than us but not fa cups (if we are talking about domestic achievements). but we have won more european cups than them.
Liam mate I would say we're in more of a secure position than most think. We're off-form, playing**** poor football and 7 points clear with a game in hand over City and 10 points clear from yourselves and you're 'pushing' us. Heck we're even 4 points clear of Arsenal at current and this is after all the "just wait until our youngsters grow up" omens of the Arsenal faithful. I honestly don't think serious investment is needed at all. Perhaps a GK when VDS retires depending on whether Lindergaard steps up to the plate or not, a holding mid if Hargreaves doesn't return anytime soon and that attacking mid who can split defenses, hardly the end of the world. Like I said I like Tottenham but some of your fans are unbearable.
I'm sorry hardcore_spurs but your argument is very flawed, though I see the point you're trying to make it's widely accpeted that we are the biggest club in English football and the only reason you're arguing against it is because of your hate against us.
Our fans unbearable? Is it because we said you were not the biggest club in the country let alone the world? Someone get the toys for the famous no.7 please?
Manure need major investment to maintain the stay up there and they don't have it at the mo with all the debt.
theo i'm going to put this as simple as possible RobinhoCorluka. Like i say the same argument applies with hardcore_spurs, it's widely accepted we are the biggest club in English football you just feel compelled to argue against it because of your blind hatred for the club.
Who widely accepts you are the biggest club in English football? Where did you get that from? Your Kent fans?
Alright then theo whatever you say pal. Whilst we're at it should we talk about pigs flying and your alien abduction?
Famousno.7, read my earlier question just before your last post
I didn't say anything famousNo.7. I just asked a question to a statement you made and you are talking about pigs flying. Yep. You are right.
no7, when you talk about achievements, please talk about significant trophy hauls. don't mention fa cups (although it is the oldest cup competition in the world, it has lost its luster for some time now), world super club cups, charity shields etc. and no, i don't hate you guys. i just can't stand the attitude of man u fans who believe man u has the god-given right to take any player they want. in your own words, money talks and speaking of money, man city has more clout in the transfer market due to their money (although they don't have the same tradition as man u). and despite your storied history, players like tevez bolted man u for man c. so in both terms (history and money), there are presently bigger clubs than man u.
OK then theo your right, now can you take your unreasonable opinion elsewhere because quite frankly arguing with you is like arguing evolution v creationism with the church.
So you admit to arguing against a widely accepted fact because you hate United fans, but by your logic Leeds are a bigger team in England (which rules out European performances). No doubt you will go on to say Barcelona are bigger than Real Madrid, despite Real Madrid's illustrious history and funds Barcelona are widely regarded as bigger despite debts and history.
FamousNo.7. It's not an opinion. It's a fact that Liverpool have won more bigger trophies than you. It's not my opinion. It's a fact you are not the biggest club in the world. It's not my opinion. We can argue on opinions, but how can we on facts?
Famous, sorry mate, your calling some of us deluded and then you say 'we only need a GK, mabye a dm and another midfielder?' Come on mate, you won't able to keep up with the rest over the next few years with your squad, Giggs and Scholes cant last forever, Rio's career could be all but over, your midfield is weak, its only upfront your fine. Look whats happened to Chelsea because of their weak squad, and for me, they are better man for man than you. Im not saying your finished, im saying you need to out spending like Chelsea and City if you want to stay top for any amount of time. To be fair you probably will, Fergie isnt silly, he see's the threat, but if your finances are as bad as people make out, I think your slip down the league. i understand your arrogance, that comes with being at the top for so long, you must feel invincable, but football didnt start in 1992, history tells you teams will rise and fall, and imo, its your turn to fall. You are no different from liverpool of the 70s and 80s, I imahine they thought theyd be there forever.
Famous. You are from a different planet. Not even Barca fans say they are bigger than Real. They are better team, and best team in the world but even they don't forget about Real's history so am sure where you get this reasoning about Manure being widely regarded as the biggest club. Only Kent and Surrey based manure fans will think that. Based on what fact exactly?
theo mate I was on Liverpool vital the other week and even they were admitting that they at current are not as big a club as ourselves, we were having a debate at whether Liverpool were bigger than Chelsea. Also, it's accepted that at current Barcelona are the bigger club, current footballing ability heavily outweighs previous accolades. Liam, in your opinion then what needs strengthening? Ferdinand you're not wrong about but when fit he is still one of the finest CB's in the league and with Evans and Smalling, 2 very good young CB's, knocking on the first team's door it would be illogical to spend 30 mil on say Chiellini. Lets look at the squad: GK VDS; retiring and might need replacing, completely dependent on how Lindergaard turns out, Rafael; A magnificent RB already proven to be more than capable of handling some of footballs elite, RCB Ferdinand; 32 years of age and when fit is still one of the finest in the league, he has two very good young CB's covering him in Evans and Smalling,LCB Vidic; has a good 5-6 years left in him and considered the best CB in the world at the moment, LB: Evra; arguably the best LB in the world and at the age of 29 is still going strong, CDM Scholes; ageing though at current he is still brilliant, the cause of concern is Carrick and Hargreaves only seem to be going backwards so this position may need reinforcement completely dependent on Hargreaves, CM (box-to-box) Fletcher; had the best tackles made to completed ratio last season over Essien and Mascherano as well as being at a decent age he is one of the finest CM's in the league, he also has Anderson who can play in this role, CAM Anderson; a very promising talent he's still finding his legs but is looking better and better and has undeniable talent the issue is he doesn't quite open up space or score as many goals as most AM's do, so this may need reinforcement dependent on Anderson's development, RW Valencia/Nani; both are brilliant on the ball and are of decent age as well, LW Giggs/Nani; both are brilliant on the ball and the latter is more than competent for taking the ranks when Giggs calls it a day, ST Rooney/Berby; Rooney is suffering from a bad patch at the moment but is still a game changing player even on an off day whilst Berby was slow settling he has already showed what he is capable of and even then Hernandez can act as a back-up. Don't mistake our poor form for a poor squad. We don't need to splash 100's of millions only the glory hunter fans believe that.
If that is the case, then why were Manure fans pre 1992 saying they were the biggest club? Did Manure fans accept that Everton or Villa were bigger pre 1992 cos they had won the league not too long agao whilst Manure hadn't won in a generation? Liverool are not doing well currently and Barca are better than Real, but if you are talking in the context of the biggest club over all, the Real is bigger than Barca, just as Liverpool is bigger than Manure. Just as Manure fans pre 1992 were saying they were bigger than Villa and Everton.
If that is the case, then why were Manure fans pre 1992 saying they were the biggest club? Did Manure fans accept that Everton or Villa were bigger pre 1992 cos they had won the league not too long agao whilst Manure hadn't won in a generation? Liverool are not doing well currently and Barca are better than Real, but if you are talking in the context of the biggest club over all, the Real is bigger than Barca, just as Liverpool is bigger than Manure. Just as Manure fans pre 1992 were saying they were bigger than Villa and Everton.
Theo your still mistaking the past for the present how can the biggest footballing club TODAY be defined by what happened in the PAST. Barcelona at current are bigger than Real Madrid in the similar manner that we are bigger than Liverpoo. Barcelona are widely accepted as the biggest football club in the world at this moment in time in a similar manner that we are bigger than Liverpool. Why is that so hard to grasp and understand? Why am I even arguing with someone who believe Vidic is worth 20 mil, seriously did you just pluck a random figure out of the air? Like I said can we move on and you tell me the tale of when you got abducted by aliens theo?
I think this issue of 'bigger club' is a bit of a red herring here. Firstly despite everyone trying to claim size is a fact, as always with football, it's an opinion based on which criteria you think is important. And secondly I wish everyone would stop with this argumentum ad populum fallacy, beacasue something is widely thought to be true it doesn't make it true! Personally I'm of the opinion that United are the biggest club in England becasue although Liverpool shade it in terms of history and tradition, Uniteds current standing on the pitch and with fan base/infastructure give them the edge. Although to be honest I don't think it's actually relevant at all (assuming it's a genuine story) becasue of Modric's personality and our determination to hold on to him I'm not sure United have the pull (financially or emotionally) over spurs that they did several years ago to force the transfer against our will
Famous, it ironic you are saying Barca are the biggest club in the world, but what caused this debate is you saying Manure are the biggest club in the world. You see how you can't even make up your mind on simple things like that? Read my posts again. I said on twice that it's not about the past alone but the entire history. You kept talking about current, so I asked why Manure fans pre 1992 were saying they were the biggest club. They hadn't won the league in a generation, so I ask why they still thought they were bigger than Everton or Villa or Leeds who had won the league not to long before 1992. What criteria were they using then? Surely the past. So suddenly, the past trophies doesn't count anymore. How convinient and how childish and how very Manurish.
theo mate have a little look back and realise I wasn't the one who said Man U were the biggest club in the world, maybe you should take your own advice and read my posts. I was arguing that Man U are the biggest team in England. Also your little pre-1992 argument is completely irrelevant to me because I personally was never of the opinion that we were better than them during that time, if I was of that argument i would reply to it but the simple fact is I wasn't and I never have been so why ask me for someone elses reasoning behind it? Once again theo your argument is flawed well in this case atleast target the right bloody person!
Phartman87, congrats on a comment that cuts through this ridiculous bull***** argument. As for Modric, he is a great player, but 1 spurs wont sell, 2 he has committed himself to spurs, albeit certain players do not have a prob professing loyalty one week and then ******** off the next, but he is not that sort of player, 3 there must be better value out there, I've heard a figure of 35m why not offer that to inter for Sneijder and see how we get on or Hamsik, Gourcuff, Mata, there are plenty of good att mid's out there. Ps the reason some say Utd are the worlds biggest club is down to fanbase , merchandise sales and all that crap but who gives a ***** I only care that we challenge for the league and in Europe and so far we continue to do just that just like any big club worth the recognition of being considered a big club should. Although I have to say it's ironic that the story on vital utd that gets most comments is one where most commentators are spurs fans and there's 1 utd fan arguing about utd being a huge club so maybe spurs are a bigger club, on vitalfootball that is.
End it, just end it. Modric isn't going. United may well be a 'bigger club' than us at this stage, just as we were in our past. But it boils down to finances and ambition, because sadly player loyalty means nothing in modern football, and the only clubs that survive the relentless poaching are either the clubs that are flush with bags of cash or the ones who style themselves 'European superclubs' who carry out the poaching. So it comes down to finances and ambition. Financially, United may have paid off their high-interest chunk of the loans they've taken out, but they are still in no shape to be haring after one of the country's most sought-after stars. City- maybe, but United don't have the financial clout anymore to sanction record buys along the lines of Berbatov a few years back. Hence the mooted trade of Carrick, who would be a huge step backward, and apparently everyone but Sir Alex sees it. We sold Carrick to you when he was mooted as england's brightest midfield talent, on the verge of getting there. Five years on, he's still on the verge of getting there, so no thank you, I think we've fleeced you quite enough on that one, meaning you can't afford to pay the full amount necessary to trigger Luka's buyout clause. Secondly, ambition. The manager, the chairmen and any number of authority figures have all put their necks on the line by stating that no key figures in the team will be sold now or in the forseeable future. It is vital that we continue our rise into the Premeirship's elite, and we can only do that by keeping our players. We are no money-busting City or plastic-fan-filled United. We don't have the revenue to replace like for like. Ergo, we must keep players like Bale, Modric, VDV et al in order to maintain our progress, as well as send a signal both to our players and the opposing clubs that we are no longer a feeder entity to any half-baked offer made by a presumptious 'superclub'. For if one is sold, it will most likely start a domino effect where other players assess their own futures as well. So no, Modric isn't for sale. Good luck keeping Le Arse off top spot, and please refrain form printing tabloid rumors on Vital, it only ever enrages.Ta ra.
my club is bigger than your club - lol
You're not the one who decide which player is for sale and who's not!
HAHA this is funny, one comment I made in the beginning about United being the biggest club in the world has made this forum explode.. While I do apologize that my written English is not as colorfull as that of the Spurs fans, English is not my mothertongue, however I wonder in how many foreign launguages the Spurs will be able to carry out a discussion about football. How do you even messure how big a club is, fanbase, revenues, trophy haul, profits, it is rediciously to dismiss United as not being one the biggest clubs in the world, they are regarded as the greatest sporting in the world, greater than nike and addidas. United is global, and certainly the biggest club in Brittain. United are top of the league playing some of the worst football ever, Tottenham are playing great football, but the overall quality is just not there, and Bale and Modric will eventually leave as they cant afford to wait for Tottenham to develop, and the lure of the bigger clubs is irresistible.. Now why is that if you are not from Manchester, you cannot be a fan of Manchester, what is the definition of a fan. I watch United every week on TV as I live in Scandinavia, but I have always been a fan of the United football way.. I buy their shirts, makes me a fan.. However if a true fan is defined by some of the spud morons commenting on the Vital United ( why are you here), I am more than happy to be a plastic fan.. United the biggest club in the world...
My apologies for the gramma above, couldnt bother to proof read before posting, I will happily post it in German, Danish, Swedish and French, and see how many of the Spud fans who will understand it..
nordkap I personally have never bought none of this "plastic fan", "you're not even from the area" bollox. Lets look at it this way, my local club's playing staff is full players from all corners of the world, my local clubs manager is Scottish, my local club's owners are American, my local clubs coaches and scouts aren't from Manchester and are from different parts of not only England but the world, now tell me what's so local about my local club? Location is all.
TheFamousNo7......."Glazers always provide Fergie with money without question e.g. 25 mil for Benzema, enquiry for Ribery, 35 mil for Sneijder" How many of these players are playing for united? What a useless argument
My apologies for the gramma above, couldnt bother to proof read before posting, I will happily post it in German, Danish, Swedish and French, and see how many of the Spud fans who will understand it.. nordkap i wouldn't bother, try doing it in english first.
Epic, at least you got the meaning of it, I am sure your limited intelligence only stretches as far as English, your lowly comments says it all, but I wouldnt expect more from a moron calling himself Epic..
Epic the point was the money was readily provided for Fergie had those players chose to come to us. The simple fact is we never had the money for Nani, Anderson or Berbatov but we still got them, we were in debt then and were in debt now but that has never meant the Glazers won't give Fergie money when he wants it. I noticed you conveniently missed off Smalling, Bebe and Hernandez from my quote who cost us a combined fee of 21 mil, not too shabby for a club with no money, eh?
nordkap what an arrogant tosser you really are, "look at me i can speak several languages therfore i am better than everyone" if you had a brain of your own you would not of followed the rest of the sheep and supported utd. why do you support them its because its the only team you heard of regularly and you all jumped on the utd bandwagon you sickening little sycophant

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United Transfer Talk (16/12/14) (Tuesday December 16 2014)

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More Suitors for United`s Januzaj (Monday December 15 2014)

Come On, Let`s Not Kid Ourselves! (Monday December 15 2014)

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Team P W D L GD Pts
1. Chelsea 16 12 3 1 +23 39
2. Man City 16 11 3 2 +19 36
3. Man Utd 16 9 4 3 +12 31
4. West Ham 16 8 4 4 +8 28
5. Southampton 16 8 2 6 +12 26
6. Arsenal 16 7 5 4 +9 26
7. Spurs 16 7 3 6 -2 24

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De Gea 74%
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Carrick 2%
Evans 2%
Valencia 4%
Fellaini 0%
Rooney 4%
Young 2%
Mata 4%
Van Persie 0%
Wilson 0%
Herrera 0%
Falcao 4%
McNair 2%