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United - Did City Bore You Too?

Sat watching what was being billed as the most anticipated game of the season so far - Manchester City v Chelsea, I have to say I was bored rigid.

For all that money spent City have got to be one of the most unattractive and negative teams around. I ask you, who when playing at home sticks with one midget up front, and a United reject at that?

Chelsea, a very poor Chelsea may I add, were there for the taking. They looked as if the journey to Eastlands had tired them out but City just weren`t interested in going for it big-time.

Do yourselves a favour lads and tune into ESPN at 12:00 hours this Sunday to see how an attractive team goes about mounting a decent title challenge!

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The Journalist

Writer: Red Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday September 25 2010

Time: 7:26PM

Your Comments

Slow news day?
what kick and run?.... and i dont mean Bolton either...... this is a sad biased and worried Manure fan, the future is blue and watch and weep, Red boy.....played 5 won 3 and 2 of those against the so called ''top4'' and only conceded 2 goals in the league, 1 a penalty and another a freak mix up..... city 3 liverpool 0, city 1 chelsea 0, manure have not been tested against any top team, oh sorry Liverpool and they scored 2, so you can be bored as long as you want redboy we on the other hand will just keep playing GOOD ATTACKING Pass and Move football......
I suggest you invest in a couple of good books and get comfy in your favourite red armchair because the 'boredom' is gonna continue for you and your fellow gloryhunters as City,sometime very soon,tediously wave at you on our way to the title.Tevez the king,a rag reject?? thanks for that bonus moment of comical genius.Loving it!!
Loving the fact Man City fans are becoming as deluded as we (Spurs) fans are, you think that because you have the players that makes you gods gift to football, well guess what it doesn't. You are years away from being championship quality so stop spouting your drivel, thats our job!
Blue Odeyssey
Yeah, I agree - totally boring watching a team defend a 1-0 lead - much prefer watching teams throw away a two goal lead in injury time - much more exciting doncha think?
Sad *****.
Well i always say you play to your strengths and if City like to play with 10-men behind the ball par Tevez then fair due's to 'em, if it works you can't complain. However, there's no denying a defensive style is a boring style. On a final note, dont flatter yourselve's you beat a very poor Liverpool side and have still got a while to go before you become this supreme force you believe you're going to be.
if you consider cheating, 12th man (ref), and soft game winning penalty as "attractive" football... then you must be right about sunday noon...
what a silly crap article,grow up you****
Blue Oddy, i think you should take some time off to go mourn your loss today, your manager was clearly more interested in West Ham winning and clearly doesnt give a *****e about you fans.
Tune in to today's Bolton Vs Rags game for-
1. Red-card worthy tackles by the thugs Fletcher, Oshea and Scholes, to which the referee smiles and waves play on.
2. Dubious penalty, after Berbatov goes to ground clutching his face, after he kicks the opponent.
3. The sight of Oldrednosetraggart, growing redder and redder as he tries to constipate more.
4. Vidic rugby tackling every Bolton player to the ground and getting a pat on the back from the referee.
5. Bolton rolling over, after a call from the traggart to Owen Coyle.
This is what's going to happen, you really should stop taking pot shots at others. Pathetic team, you'll flounder your arses off once that rednose retires.
Stunning. Following the lead of the ageing old guard, Taggart, Scholes, Giggs and Neville, smugfests United We Issue and the rest of their City obsessed sites, now we have Vital united openly admitting that they have taken to watching liddle ciddy after years of arrogant dismissal. City's MUEN site is swamped with worried rags on a daily basis. Times have certainly changed since we were playing Wycombe 12 years ago and that has got to hurt. What are you going to be like when we win something? And it's going to happen. Sorry lads, but very few Chelsea and City fans will be watching Bolton and the rags.
Johnny Baguette
...and lest we forget...shrieking "Fergie, Fergie sign him up" and "Argentina, Argentina" to "one midget up front." We'll take those 33 goals in 46 League and Cup starts.
Johnny Baguette
JT_Daniel I think you are referring to Nani...Berbatov isn't the diver.
And they call us bitters!! How many have you let in this year lads????? Get your own house in order. You're looking like Kevin Keegan's Newcastle.
You really are a sad little man Red Boy, but hey, you got the reaction you wanted. Just to add, Utd haven't played attractive football in the last decade, they've bored us all to tears with their sterile workmanlike performances.
HAHA- "Do yourselves a favour lads and tune into ESPN at 12:00 hours this Sunday to see how an attractive team goes about mounting a decent title challenge!"

Point 1. What a wonderful title challenge!!
Point 2- All those Bolton goals were HIGHLY attractive. I never knew you meant attractive in THIS sense.
Shot yourself in the foot mate, sorry.
Awful, awful own goal there, you red spanner. Not that I would of tuned in anyway, but it was news to me that Bolton were the "attractive team going about mounting a decent title challenge!"
LOL HeavyRiffs! X-D
Hahahahaa !!
Strapping Blue
Let's all laugh at United - AGAIN. Slowly going the way of Loserpool. You Rags are fast becoming the joke of the league! Very entertaining indeed! Hahaha!
Go forth and multiply you *******
Newcastle under keegan, Newcastle under keegan, la la la la la la la la Newcastle under keegan Newcastle under keegan, la la la la la la la la Defend yourselves after that sorry performance. An classic case of foot in mouth disease.
Haha good for you. Tune into ESPN and see how it's done 2-2 to Bolton 12th in the league ! On a weekend when your main rival lost. You better do it this year cos once we are in the CL and your pensioners are too tired your out.
its wonderful how all these fans own sites are so boring they have to come on here.they have all been jealous of man utd for years and none of them will ever have a club with the magic of manchester united the most supported team in britain.none of them has ever had as manygood players as utd.i e best, charlton, cantona, beckham, ronaldo,giggs, scholes.the list is go back to your silly wee teams and weep.
johnney handsome
Johnney - the only reason we're on here is because we were provoked, if you have a problem direct your complaint to the site's editor. As for your list of players, that's all in the past, the future is BLUE.
So you've been saying Bluedub but the future has been blue for the last 2 and half years and still no change at the top. Go spout your 'future' b0ll0x elsewhere because us on Earth are mainly concerned with the present. Also, to say you're not jealous is just being outright rediculous, why are we hated? Because we're successful.
red troll well fed!
artilleria pesada
Ah, the old "You hate us because we win things" mantra that reds have been spouting since 1992. Not a bit of it famous. We hate your boasting, arrogant plastic fans from Dublin and Singapore, we hate fergie time, we hate watching manure players commit murder on the pitch and get away with it time after time, we hate your uncouth bully of a manager who arrogantly refuses to speak to the BBC, we hate motormouth players like Gary NeVile who constantly spouts crap, we hate Scholes "Inability" to tackle (He knows EXACTLY what he's doing), and we hate the hypocrisy of statements like "City don't matter" when you are currently devoting more and more of your time to dissing us. In their arrogance virtually every rag I know maintains that we are "Bitter" about how much you've won - far from it, I couldn't give a stuff about your trophies or history It is your attitude from boardroom, through to manager, team and fans that has always made you my number one target. And the fact that rags still don't get it only reinforces the arrogance.
Utd are hated 7 because they are arrogant and obnoxious, when Arsenal and Chelsea, and Blackburn for that matter won their titles they were envied, perhaps begrudged but never greeted with a widespread hated. The reason for this is that these clubs and their fans had humility in victory, something that Utd and the majority of their fans seem to not understand the meaning of. The future is what matters as well as the present, and the rate we are going at present, (just look at the facts to see how much City have caught up in the last couple of years) the future is very bright indeed. If its only the present that matters 7, then why on earth( yes I'm here too ) do your lot keep spouting bollox about history?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This tool must regret writing this article. I tuned in at 12.00pm on Sunday. What did I see? A spent force. Relying on a midget up front, and a Liverpool reject at that!! Get a grip you sad tw*t. Have we really rattled your cage that much that you have been reduced to a 'my dads better than you dad' nonsense.
TFN7, keep living in denial till reality smacks you in the face lol.

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