Manchester United - Manchester United 3 Liverpool 2
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Manchester United 3 Liverpool 2

United edged home in a five goal thriller that saw Dimitar Berbatov hit his first United hat-trick.

Sir Alex Ferguson sprung a surprise with no inclusion of Rio Ferdinand in his starting eleven or on the substitutes` bench although it was later explained that was due to illness. The starting eleven did look a lot stronger than the eleven selected for the Rangers match in midweek.

United - Van der Sar, O`Shea, Vidic, Evans, Evra, Nani, Fletcher, Scholes, Giggs, Berbatov, Rooney.

For the opposition their latest expensive signing, Meireles, was in the starting eleven. Joe Cole was also recalled after serving a three match ban picked up for a red card received against Arsenal in the opening fixture of their campaign.

Liverpool - Reina, Johnson, Carragher, Skrtel, Konchesky, Meireles, Poulson, Maxi, Gerrard, Cole, Torres

United got the action underway and were immediately on the offensive forcing three corners in the first seven minutes. Unfortunately the first was headed over by Vidic, the second was cleared at the near post whilst the third saw the ball played back to Nani, who fed O`Shea only for the defender to scuff his shot.

Liverpool, with ten minutes of the half played hadn`t got into the United penalty box. Rooney and Berbatov combined well and when the ball was fed to Nani the winger chose to cut inside and made a bit of a hash of the chance.

United continued to force the issue and when Giggs won a corner the ball was worked back to Scholes but his shot flew over the bar. A rare forward foray by Liverpool saw Torres win a corner but Johnson could only drill his shot wide.

With half time approaching, United got the breakthrough their play had deserved. Giggs persistence saw Johnson concede a corner and when the first corner was headed behind for a second the Liverpool defence were caught napping as Berbatov stooped to head home at the near post.

United 1 Liverpool 0 (Berbatov - 41 minutes)

The goal almost opened the flood gates for United who had a strong appeal for a penalty turned down when Carrgaher appeared to handle the ball in the area. Just before the half time whistle was blown Rooney saw a strike bend just wide.

Half Time - United 1 Liverpool 0

Liverpool got the second half under way and it was United that forced the issue again. Nani saw a shot blocked before an effort from Fletcher took a deflection, looped high into the air and required Reina to rush out and thwart Berbatov.

Our visitors pushed forward and Torres volleyed over a Johnson cross before Nani almost give United a two goal lead with a fierce shot that hit the post high up.

Yellow Card - Rooney (foul on Torres-58 minutes)

Cole then dragged a shot wide as Liverpool tried to get back into the match but it was to be United that scored next. A tremendous cross-field ball from Fletcher was taken down by Nani who saw his cross brilliantly knocked in courtesy of an overhead kick from Berbatv.

United 2 Liverpool 0 (Berbatov - 59 minutes)

Liverpool were rocking and a Nani cross was hastily bundled away by the defence. Hodgson made a change bringing on Ngog for Maxi and suddenly Liverpool were back in it. A ball from Cole saw Evans foul Torres and Howard Webb pointed to the spot.

Yellow Card - Evans (foul on Torres - 63 minutes)

Gerrard stepped forward and sent Van der Sar the wrong way from the spot kick.

United 2 Liverpool 1 (Gerrard - 64 minutes)

Howard Webb then issued three more yellow cards as the match looked like spiralling out of control.

Yellow Card - Ngog (foul on Fletcher - 66 minutes)

Yellow Card - Scholes (kicking the ball away - 68 minutes)

Suddenly from being a goal down Liverpool were level when O`Shea was penalised dragging Torres back on the edge of the area.

Yellow Card - O`Shea (foul on Torres - 68 minutes)

Gerrard stepped forward, hit a low shot and watched it go through a wall that saw Fletcher drift of the end.

United 2 Liverpool 2 (Gerrard - 69 minutes)

Suddenly United had it all to do again. Roy Hodgson brought on Jovanovic for Meireles and Agger for Konchesky before Sir Alex introduced Macheda in place of Giggs.

With six minutes left United edged ahead again when Berbatov got his first ever hat-trick for United and his sixth Premier League goal of the season, rising to head home a cross from O`Shea at the far post.

United 3 - Liverpool 2 (Berbatov - 84)

Sir Alex wound down time by introducing Anderson and Gibson, withdrawing Nani and Berbatov and despite four minutes of added time being played there was no repeat of the conceding late goals scenario we`d witnessed at Fulham and Everton in recent weeks.

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The Journalist

Writer: Red Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday September 19 2010

Time: 3:39PM

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Well done berb
Avfc94 we do
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 15:43:00

Liverpool were shocking at stages!
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 15:52:00

cant believe liverpool ,could be so poor at times,torres was shocking,what happened to nando,he looked like shevchanko with us few years back,a ferrari whose engine is stolen
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 16:25:00

and Torres loves playing for the Bin dippers does he???? ha ha ha
BigBadBobbyC 9
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 17:35:00

Glad I have Berbatov in my Dream Team.
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 18:15:00

relying on ex spurs to score for u eehhh...what happened to ur shrek??..COYS
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 18:32:00

So Ginsoak, you should have been ten-nil up and Liverpool relied on a linesman mistake to get back in the game eh? Zero class. Honestly. Knight of the realm - you're having a laugh. You should just be delighted at grabbing a late winner in your biggest game of season.
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 19:57:00

MMmmmm. The cross for the third goal came from a player who should have been sent off for being the last man. You all know who he is. Liverpool were amazingly poor, but they still deserved a point out of the game today. Saved by Howard Webb yet again eh?
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 20:04:00

Deserved to get a draw!? They had two shots on target the whole game! Good result and Berby has shown why he's better than Tevez.
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 20:32:00

Better than Tevez? LMAO. Yep, they were poor, but they clawed it back to 2-2. If the ref had done what he should have and sent (Shock horror) a manure player at old trafford off, then he would not have been in a position to cross to Berbaflop for the third goal, hence Liverpool coming away with a point. You lot never cease to amaze me, how the hell can you sleep at night having had so many blatantly skanky wins over the years?
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 21:00:00

Keep on crying about it and it might change. Berby is far more talented than Tevez, simple. Also, I find it laughable that a team who had more possesion yet conceded considerably more corners had far few shots in comparison to us and also had to tackle more were deserving of a point. The scoreline flattered them a little, many Liverpool fans admitted themselves they put in a poor performance and were lucky to escape with 2 goals to their name.
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 21:18:00

Not saying Liverpool weren't poor, they were utter sheidt. But your third goal was as skanky as any you've scored (and you've scored a few) Why wasn't O'Shea sent off? He was on a yellow, he was the last man, yet all that happened was a penalty? Don't try and use some specious argument, it was a blatant sending off, period. Then, O'Shea crosses for Berbatov to score the winner? S.K.A.N.K.Y. But you lot think it's your divine right don't you?
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 21:49:00

Yup, it is our divine right, Chelsea should just rollover and give up now because its our Premier League title and they have no right to even attempt to win it. Every team should sell us their best players at cut-price because we are Man U. The ref's should rip out their backbone when reffing a United our matches as we are always right. Our opposition should rollover and we may aswell be given the title right this second.
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 23:06:00

BTW he did get carded for the freekick, a yellow card infact. It was completely just as well Van Der Sar had it covered and would've got to it before Torres regardless of whether he got pulled down or not thus NOT denying a clear goalscoring opportunity and therefore not a red. The penalty incident you're referring to was Evans and it was also a yellow card. Did you actually watch the game or do you go on what every other anti-united fan says?
Report Abuse
19/09/2010 23:12:00

Report Abuse
20/09/2010 06:29:00

Carlos Tevez: 45 League and Cup Starts For City: 32 goals. League: 37 starts, 26 goals. Berbatoss 92 Starts (all Comps) 33 Goals. I sleep just fine Reddevilkileen. In your comatose state it must be difficult to tell the difference between sleep and wakefulness. You rags are so inured to cheating that you no longer have any shame.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 08:40:00

fcb its wonderful how your language changes when you are on man utds site compared to other teams your on.i think you have a problem you need to get sorted.tevez is doing well for you but he is not a team player he runs with his head down thinking only off himself and not his team mates.thats why he is not at utd he wasnt worth the money.anybody can see the class of berbatov his touch hold up play and now his goalscoring now that rooney has drink fags and prossys on his mind.
johnney handsome
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 11:08:00

Berbatov > Tevez.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 12:39:00

There is no way in hell that O'Shea should ever have been sent off. For that to happen the player needs to be impeding a clear goa lscoring opportunity, which he clearly want as Torres was several metres away from the ball. Van der Sar was probably closer to it. iTs just so typical that people come up with crap like that. ANd why am I not surprised that no one seems to mention the fact that Rooney was continually having his shirt pulled in the box. Oh and wat about Konchesky's little handall whn he was attempting to keep berbas header out why wasnt he sent off? Typical ABU *****.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 13:08:00

It's no shock that your typical United flag burning, Ferguson voodoo-doll stabbing, anti-united fan is trying to spout a load of nonsense to demean a well deserved and fair win. They seem to focus more on us and our "cheating ways" than their own club and their ambitions. Pathetic...
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 13:16:00

I can't believe what I'm reading here. No.7 - Berbatov better than Tevez? Really? Jonny Handsome - Utd wanted Tevez to stay, Tevez wanted out, get your facts straight mate. He's not a team player? WTF? have you actually watched Carlitos playing for City? or Argentina for that matter? And you lot call us bitter.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 16:21:00

Ok lets be fair here......UTD deserved to win but they were so close of losing those 3pts. Nani is a cheat and theres no way around it, if that was Drogba or Ashely they would have been slaughtered in the media. Ohh and claiming Dimitar ownes Tevez is so ridiculous its crazy, so now Berba has played a couple of good games and he's suddenly this majestic striker from outer space? Please get real man enough to admit he's good if he can score 25 and up but until then hes noway near Tevez in overall game. I mean ffs Berba is now at the same league as Drogba they say.......just ridiculous.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 17:15:00

Matter of opinion in my opinion ( :P ), I believe ability wise Berbatov is superior, whether you do or don't agree with me i don't care. Bluedub may i just say Tevez did want to stay Fergie tried getting him cheaper than 25 mil and he felt offended and so left. Drogba despite hitting his twilight years is proving to be the best striker in the world, something you have to admire I can't imagine anyone similar to his current level at the moment.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 18:16:00

Bull***** No.7 - Tevez did want to stay and requested contract talks through his agent on numerous occasions, Fergie kept denying this request and because of thisTevez came out and said he wanted out. When City registered their interest all of a sudden Utd wanted to talk, too late, damage was done, Tevez felt he had been treated badly by Utd at that stage so he left. Simple.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 18:25:00

Oh an another thing, Heskey>Berbatov. Matter of opinion in my opinion ( :p ).
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 18:28:00

Is there a single Utd fan here who accepts that if the Evans foul would have been made by Carra on Rooney that Slur Alex wouldn't have been squealing to his pet Shreeves at Sky for a red card and a penalty! Thought not. You're all kiddin yourselves. He brings discrace to your once proud club every time he opens his mouth. Retire you *****.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 19:46:00

howard i have to agree with you about ferguson,he should have been chased when he caused utd trouble over his racehorses .he got rid off good players for less.he keeps talkin about players losing their desire will it seems he is the only one losing the desire to win.when things are going wrong he sits there as if it has nothing to do with him.he runs the club like a dictator and he is doing things now to suit the glazers not the working class fans who they have bled dry for years.
johnney handsome
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 20:18:00

So in my opinion then bluedub Heskey > Tevez, haha. Whoa, howard and johnney please do your best to remember that our glorious club owes alot of its glory to Fergie and his managerial ability, fair do's he's getting senile in his old age and is hypocritical but don't forget what he has done for the club.
Report Abuse
20/09/2010 21:13:00

Howard- Carragher made an identical foul on Owen last season at Anfield and he did not get sent off, he was only yellow carded. hth.
Report Abuse
21/09/2010 04:22:00

yes no7 no doubt ferguson has done a lot that doesnt give him the right to control the fans and the club with a sub standard team of the last 2 years.there is more managers than him could have won them titles with the resources he had.he is covering for the glaziers,i have followed man utd since 1968 and they have never been in the debt that they have now.they are cleaning fans and tourists alike at that club and still they have massive debt.
johnney handsome
Report Abuse
21/09/2010 15:01:00


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