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United - Don`t Make Me Laugh Spurs!

Now I had to hold off on this last piece of gossip, well at least for twenty-four hours until my fit of the giggles subsided.

Hidden away yesterday, was the suggestion that Spurs were preparing to make a bid for our midfielder, Michael Carrick.

Now Carrick, who we signed from Spurs, didn`t have the best of season`s last time out and deep down Sir Alex might be prepared to sell to raise funds but when the same piece of gossip suggests that Roman Pavlyichenko could be offered in part exchange you`ll know exactly why I was giggling!

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Writer: Red Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday June 30 2010

Time: 7:11PM

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carrick is muck and worth less wheres the joke?
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30/06/2010 19:33:00

the joke is on your debt ridden club!! you are gonna become a feeder club to spurs hahahahahahahahahahahaha god i love karma. COYS
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30/06/2010 19:40:00

Pav is better than all but 2 of your strikers and Carrick is worse than all but 1 of our midfielders.
Elldiablo Nabil
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30/06/2010 19:44:00

The way i see it is as a club, you have 2 to 4 years left at the top. Its not your fault, but due to the Glazers you are broke. God help you if you do a Liverpool in the next few seasons and slip outta the top 4. No amount of mobile sales will help you.
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30/06/2010 20:09:00

Overrate your players enough before Xavi and Iniesta destroyed Carrick he was better than your whole midfield put together don't assume his ability gone down hill its just his form. Secondly, we've been in debt a long time now we have collapsed yet so why is this time different? Thirdly, feeder club to Tottenham?! Yea right, the day i see it is the day i believe it i'm just waiting for you guys to do what you do every time you get into Europe (for those who struggled i mean have a 5h1t league campaign).
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30/06/2010 21:04:00

you've gotta admire these Spurs clowns and their eternal optimism!
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30/06/2010 21:22:00

hahahaha because spurs are laughing at macs
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30/06/2010 22:26:00

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30/06/2010 22:27:00

You might have to sell given the debt you are in.
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30/06/2010 22:38:00

You might have to sell given the debt you are in.
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30/06/2010 22:38:00

"Secondly, we've been in debt a long time now we have collapsed yet so why is this time different?" Because Rio, Giggs and Scholes are 1 year older and you need to replace them soon. Being broke won't help, unless you think the likes of Owen or anyone else you can get on a free will keep your place at the top. worring times for a manc
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30/06/2010 22:42:00

Guyver - not too many mancs worried TBH, the long faces are all in Singapore!
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01/07/2010 00:49:00

u can have him Red boy he wouldnt even make our reserves, end ov and subject close! just worry about keepin hold of Looney. "gol" (gigglin out loud! ha ha ha!)
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01/07/2010 01:22:00

The next Leeds United and when that happens the rats will leave the deserted ship and seek the next glory winning team they can attacjh themselcs to because that is the majority of United fans - sorry they are not really fans.
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01/07/2010 08:53:00

Hey, it's little Wee Willy and the Seven morons! They were unhappy when their "stars" left for here, called them Judas, now they are not good enough and the 'Arry's army will be the league's redemption! Idiots! Bunch of bile spewing fart bags, coming on here everyday talking the same effin rubbish! And fcb, you t*t, they are referring to the majority, that's the red part and not the li'l blue island you have rented out to the sheiks! Also, global, does not mean singapore, it means the world over.
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01/07/2010 12:36:00

Carrick back? No thanks.
Tony Rocky Horror
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01/07/2010 14:25:00

To be fair it is not only City and Spurs waiting for you lot to crumble. The joys of liverpool after years at the top could easily be heading your way. Carrick is not going to go to Spurs because they have better.
SFC Forever
Report Abuse
01/07/2010 15:54:00

Touched a nerve Elvido? I know quite a few Mancunian Rags (living in Manchester helps), and they've nothing against genuine fans of their club from abroad - far from it, it's what made you into the huge monster you are today. The problem is that many of these fans really are genuine "Glory Hunters" with no hard and fast commitment to ManU. They will desert you as soon as the trophies dry up, and end up supporting anotther successful team (god help us, I expect a lot of them will switch allegiance to us!). Now I don't doubt your commitment to manure, despite the fact that you live in India, but not everyone is as attached to the club as you are, and when they stop buying the replica kits, pyjamas and mobile phones, then the Glazer's tenuous business plan is well and truly screwed and your beloved rags with it. I compare the situation you're in to when a tsunami hits - at the moment, you are standing on the beach looking out to sea marvelling at how far out the tide has gone and how calm the water is...
Report Abuse
01/07/2010 17:26:00

Yea fcb we've been waiting on that beach for quite sometime now if you haven't noticed and we're still waiting.
Report Abuse
01/07/2010 19:29:00

Giggs, Scholes and Neville 4 eva. NOT! P.S. When is Fergie going? Cause that's when the excrement will really hit the whirling blades. Living on borrowed time is the experession I'm looking for.
Report Abuse
01/07/2010 20:09:00

How did getting into the champions league work out for you last season? ;) Lets see how long Sheik is happy to sit about waiting for you to become the worlds best. Just to remind me its been 2 seasons since you declared you were going to rule the world, right? And how long has it been without a trophy?
Report Abuse
01/07/2010 21:18:00

Also for the counter-argument to you're poorly thought through argument, obsession, wind-up or what you want to call it. Firstly no worries with Fergie the worlds not going to end just another Chapter in the story i'm really not too concerned espicially when you consider the fact that Mourinho wants the United job. Secondly, Giggs, Scholes and Neville dont make the team if you haven't noticed also we have quite a youth side and within it another Scholes, Giggs, Neville, Ronaldo, Cantona, Best or Charlton just to name a few could be larking in there. As for living on borrowed time, How certain are you if you dont achieve the Champions League goal again that Mansour will lose his patience and leave your mediocre (and even thats a compliment) side.
Report Abuse
01/07/2010 21:25:00

MMmmmm, let me see, now How certain am I that Sheikh Mansour won't just up sticks and run away... Oh yeah, could have something to do with the Multi £Billion pound investment in East Manchester. I know you understand the term Billion, as that's where your debt is headed before too long. Remember, you'd won nothing for years prior to 1992, and what goes around comes around. Still, I reckon with your fan base you should pull at leas 25k fans in the second division. P.S. To jog your memory:
Report Abuse
01/07/2010 21:41:00

Hit a raw nerve there fcb? Pretty snappish reply and hey whats a billion to Mansour he can afford to lose that but his patience surely is wearing thin, he must be a laughing stock to all his billionaire friends. Once again you assume the debt fazes me but in reality, something you City fans fail to grasp, we are a money making machine. A debt free united is a guarenteed income. Also with Billionaires its always about whos got the biggest and bestest thing, seeing as Barca and Inter can't be bought i guess that leaves us as the remaining biggest and bestest thing, something you only aspire to be. 200 mil in 2 years and nothing to show, your a joke.
Report Abuse
01/07/2010 23:46:00

fcb, You are basing your entire argument on the fact that people support united because they are winning trophies only! I have been an ardent supporter when the chips were down and we were written off, eg, when Chavski was bought over and when the invincibles were romping in the league. I never started watching it for any particular player, the team and it's style have always kept me satisfied. Although the thought SAF's departure does on occasion does scare me ****less!
Report Abuse
02/07/2010 00:19:00

elvido don't get to drawn into it his just trying to wind up, the one skill every Man City fan possesses, its their only natural talent.
Report Abuse
02/07/2010 01:04:00

TFN7, I hear you, more like flies; noisy, relentless and repetitive...
Report Abuse
02/07/2010 06:02:00

I notice your average attendance in the 1992/1993 season (you remember, when the world began) was 33000. Where did the extra 40000 supporters come from if they're not glory hunters then? You are a very clever marketing machine, and were the first club to make a concerted effort to sell yourselves overseas. Fair dues to you, it is a strategy that largely worked and allowed you to consistently outspend the rest of the Premier League to snap up the best players. Add to that your "golden generation" of Beckham, Scholes et al and you became the most successful club in the PL. But you really are deluded if you think that dominance can continue forever.
Report Abuse
02/07/2010 09:47:00

Too right elvido. fcb your deluded if you think City's plan of world domination is going to happen overnight a team of individuals wins you nothing but a team that gels (something City lack) can really beat the odds.
Report Abuse
02/07/2010 12:07:00

Nobody but the most optimistic of City fans ever thought it would happen overnight, and I'm nott goingg to be foolish enough to suggest that we'll win the title this coming season. As far as most City fans are concerned, 4th place and the CL will be an improvement on this season and just about good enough for the moment. The trick is, we are realistic enough to accept that it takes time to build things, and despite all of your hysterical sniping, jibes about history, etc. etc., most of the rags I know are getting rather worried about being overtaken by us.
Report Abuse
02/07/2010 13:19:00

fcb, imaginary friends dont count as rags. Truthfully i really am getting bored of the 'tide is turning' talk you City fans constantly spout, its just got boring. No-one can deny the threat City will possess but at the moment its all hot-air, boring repetitive hot-air.
Report Abuse
02/07/2010 17:48:00

What, just like the hot air your balloon is filled with? That balloon is going to burst real soon mate.
Report Abuse
02/07/2010 18:11:00

So you keep saying any new input or just the same old oldman rants?
Report Abuse
02/07/2010 19:11:00

truth sayer ffc
Report Abuse
04/07/2010 12:24:00


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