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United - Berbatov Stays!

For those who suspected that Dimitar Berbatov would be heading out of Old Trafford this summer, think again.

Sir Alex Ferguson has given the biggest indication that the Bulgarian is staying put, in the tabloids this morning, by remarking,

"There`s speculation every year and we`ve got to live with that hype. We know Dimitar is a good player and he will be with us next year."

Words backed by Berbatov`s agent who commented,

"Sir Alex has told us that his future still lies with Manchester United."

Looks like that`s sorted then!

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The Journalist

Writer: Red Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 21 2010

Time: 1:11PM

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So, Burp-flop wants another season? What a joke, for 30.75 million. Sure, go on all you want about Sheva. But for one who's already adapted to the PL, who was supposed to be that "last piece of jigsaw" in the team- Definitely a flop. Sheva was a flop, yes. But he had the misfortune of playing really rarely, getting a constant cold shoulder from the manager and problems adaptng to a new league! Hell, atleast Sheva sold a LOT of shirts.. around 60% of his outrageous transfer fee was recovered merely by shirt sales and his commercial deals. He's no more in the top 10 transfers of all time, too- BurpFlop's 10th now, replaces Sheva. 30.75 million? Daniel Levy must be laughing his guts out. You could've moved for Benzema before Real Madrid.
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21/05/2010 13:39:00

Amen, JT_Daniel. Berbaflop is a worse transfer than possibly even Veron, Shevchenko and Forlan. Somewhere, on a secluded private island fortress in the middle of the ocean, Levy is having one he'll of a last laugh.
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21/05/2010 13:42:00

berbatov will score 20 in prem next season. mark my words. would any of you get against it?????
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21/05/2010 14:52:00

i dnt think its berbatovs fault. this is one of the weakest united sides for years. and chelsea still only just pipped em
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21/05/2010 14:54:00

No problem,he can still play a part,a bit more commitment on his side can still turn things around.I guess we should play him as a No.10 instead of leading the line.Give him the freedom to express himself.His creativity can still help us if we make him focus on that.Let him be a player who can link the midfield with our strikers,I really feel strongly about this,he has the tricks,vision,doesn't lose possession and has that bit of pace which can catch the defence out as we saw against Stoke and Sunderland.We can use him in a different way which can seriously be effective.
Antriksh (abmtd)
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21/05/2010 15:01:00

Pls. don't even start about sheva.He was once the most lethal striker in europe and then was turned into a laughing-stock at Chelsea.Give me Berba over Sheva on any day of the week.
Antriksh (abmtd)
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21/05/2010 15:07:00

Id love him back at Spurs, hes exactly what we need upfront
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21/05/2010 15:14:00

Berba wasnt really that bad over the course of the season. 17 goals in 34 starts is ok. He let us and himself down when rooney was out as he missed some REALLY good chances. If we had a midfielder that could support a lone striker, or wingers who could score - it would help berbas game a lot more. He is a link man, but when he plays lone striker - he has no one to link up with. If the opportunity to bring in a striker who can operate from the wings presents itself - then I wouldnt mind replacing berba. But I dont think we should just dump him for any striker we can get - he isnt THAT bad. No top target man is going to want to come here and sit on the bench - and there isnt anyone available who is good enough to take Rooneys spot.
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21/05/2010 15:30:00

Love the player, hate the fact that he has fueled the fire this season, still think he can bring a lot more to the team and next year I am sure he will be given more chances. And I agree with Tuscan, can't see many strikers wanting to play second fiddle to Rooney. And he isn't bad at all, just his price has given idiots a chance to rant.
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21/05/2010 15:45:00

black messi, the fact that this is united's weakest side is exactly why they needed berbatov to deliver more than ever. it is easier to play when the side is strong, but when the chips are down, that's when world quality players come through. you will notice that berba scores in easier games but when the games become more important i.e. key CL games, EPL games etc., berba dissappears.
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21/05/2010 16:02:00

I am for him scoring, period.
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21/05/2010 16:26:00

You **** Antrishk (abmtd), read what I wrote before making half assed comments. I already agreed that he was a flop. Burp-flop is a bigger flop, that's all I said and if you've got a pea sized brain, you'll atleast read that and acknowledge that in your heart, even if you present impresssive statements like "Give me Burps over Sheva" or whatever. Sheva was banging it it, yes- But it was in the Italian league. So there is a change in leagues, you understood that much? He was thrust to a manager who didn't want him- He gave him a cold shoulder and was treated shoddily- You get it? He had persistent back problems, never got a decent run of games- okay? In spite of all this, he managed to have a marginally okay record for a striker, definitely not a Kezman or an Alfonso Alves-esque record. Lets look at Burps-flop, shall we? Fromt he same league with an already impressive record at Spurs? Check. A manager who wanted a player like him so much that he pushed (a laughing) Daniel Levy all the way? Check. A good record of just a month out due to injury over 2 years? Check. Started a LOT of games continuously enabling him to settle into the team? Check. Yet he's got an almighty record of one goal in 3.2 matches, which again is not bad, but horrific if you bring the obscene transfer fee into account. Berbatov has enjoyed much better circumstances, better chances of settling down and scoring and what does he do? Scores the 4th or the 5th goal against the likes of Hull, Wigan, Wolves and disappears (even more spectacularly than Ibramovic) in the big games. Sheva's a flop, yes- But give his circomstances and the partial recovery of his transfer fee, it does not affect the club much. Burps on the other hand, is a 30.8 million purchase during a difficult time for the club and Fergie's understandable red-faced (when is he not?) at his outrageously crappy buy. I'm sure none of this will penetrate, so you continue your glory hunting ways coupled with sheer stupidity.
Report Abuse
21/05/2010 16:43:00

That said, if he goes about scoring 20+ goals next season, I'll have to eat my words. But the**** Burps is, retiring from his national team at his prime and all, I have complete faith that he'll fail again.
Report Abuse
21/05/2010 16:49:00

So to clarify, if berba had scored three more goals this year, he'd have been a success?
Report Abuse
21/05/2010 17:09:00

Sorry, that was a typo. I meant a Ronaldo-esque 30+!
Report Abuse
21/05/2010 18:06:00

JT stop making stupid excuses Shevchenko was awful. Plus Berby has scored more league goals than Anelka this season, does that make Anelka a flop? hmm, seriously you Chelsea fans are in no position to talk about bad transfers and flops.
Report Abuse
21/05/2010 22:06:00

I think its funny that to not be considered a flop Berbatov now has to score a similar amount to the best strikers to have ever played in the premier league. I know you're probably going to say that a 30m striker should be able to but lets be honest - we were forced to over pay. Berba came with a large price tag, but it clearly wasnt a tag which represented his talent. It was a tag which represented the fact that tottenham didnt want to sell him, city inflated the price by bidding on him first and after selling us carrick against their will - spurs really wanted to punish us for taking their best player two years running. Shevchenkos price was probably about right for a player considered to be amongst the worlds best strikers at the time.
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21/05/2010 23:28:00

tuscan and antriksh, to add what daniel is saying, berba is a flop because he does not (a) play the important man u games, and (b) score the goals in crucial games. For example, when man u played man city, you left it very late with Scholes scoring the decisive goal. Since Rooney is already a proven world-class striker, it was up to Berba to step up to the plate to deliver. when i say deliver, i mean either assist or score the goals. Also for the Blackburn game when you drew 0-0. This was another important game that could have title implications but yet Berba was the lone striker and he did not ASSIST nor score a goal. Also, this article is about Berba, so why bring Sheva in? Please discuss the point at hand. As Daniel pointed out, Sheva and Berba arrived respectively to Chelsea and Man U under very different circumstances. Berba has already proven that he can cut it in England. Oh by the way, for you Man U fans, here is a little present for you:
Report Abuse
22/05/2010 00:23:00

hardcore_spurs - Im not sure if you've read all the comments but just in case you didnt, I'll just point out a few things to you. It was JT_daniel that bought up Shevchenko in the VERY FIRST comment on the article. It was also JT_Daniel who brought up the price of the two players.

I completely agree with your reasoning over why Berba is considered a flop this season. In fact, if you read my first comment on the article those were the exact points I was making. He hasnt had a terrible season in terms of goals to games, but when it counted he let us down badly. I only attempted to make two main points - firstly his price tag is not enough to make him a flop, as it was never really a representation of his talent for the reasons I stated above (he is a flop this year for the reasons you listed). Secondly, whilst I would happily see him replaced by a striker more suited to our style - I have not written him off to the point where I dont think he can contribute in the future. He scored the same number of goals in the league this year as he did in his first season at spurs where everyone said he was great. Though, I am disappointed that he hasnt yet stepped up to the level I hoped he could - I think its laughable for JT_daniel to be so giddy over how apparently terrible berba has been when in fact - he's really no worse than he has ever been. He has achieved similar results given less playing time in a team that is setup for a style which directly conflicts his own. I think its therefore a bit harsh to categorise him as being more of a flop than shevchenko. Whilst berbas crime is that he hasnt improved to the level people expected - he hasnt gotten worse. Shevchenko on the other hand got a lot worse - and as true as your points about his circumstances at chelsea are - he didnt get any better once he left - meaning he was permanently ruined.

So from the point of view of winding up chelsea fans (and lets face it thats what we're all here for - the banter) its funny to tell them that either AC Milan took 30m off them for a dud - or - they took one of the worlds best strikers for a reasonable price and made him into a dud.

To me, thats not as funny as saying united paid over odds for a striker who hasnt improved as hoped, but has essentially performed at a level consistent with his previous form.
Report Abuse
22/05/2010 01:17:00

Two things about your gift. First, there are no quotes to verify that you have offered him a new deal and more importantly no quotes to verify that he would accept the contract in the face of interest from Man Utd or Chelsea.

Second, I kinda hope its true. As much as I rate him and believe we need a player like him - our previous buys from spurs been over priced and prone to letting us down on the big occasions. In fairness, that pretty much sums up spurs as a club over the years, so it should be no surprise. But still, I'd like to avoid further inflating levys pockets if we can.
Report Abuse
22/05/2010 01:28:00

That didn't wind me up, Tuscan. I already did accept Sheva was a disaster. But to take a freescoring striker and put him in another team for a huge 30.8 million, in he same league- And watch him flounder like a headless chicken- The very same BurpFlop who rednose lost faith in when he started selecting a half fit rooney over him. The very same burpflop who's not delivered at all in the big games and in situations wehre you needed goals. Lazy, laidback- A poor man's ibramovic and just like him, a flop.
Report Abuse
22/05/2010 04:06:00

I have to say that Berbatov HAS been better than Sheva, he just hasnt been as good as people thought hed be, and hes missed so many chances....
Report Abuse
22/05/2010 09:07:00

He hasn't been as good as he thought he could be i guess, at least not since he has been here...
Report Abuse
23/05/2010 03:06:00

do we play the wrong style of football for him?
Red Boy
Report Abuse
23/05/2010 17:44:00

As I said JT this freescoring berbatov you refer to at spurs has scored the same number of league goals in less minutes at United - so your assertion that he is any worse is factually incorrect. He just hasnt lived up to peoples aspirations for him - which in fairness, he has no control over. I think your attitude to him is typical of most. Saying he has to have a ronaldo-esque season to not be considered a flop is just further evidence of the unrealistic expectations people have placed on him since he joined United.
Report Abuse
24/05/2010 00:14:00

tuscan's right, unrealistic expectations from all quarters and the price tag have taken their toll on him. He will play a bigger role next season for sure.
Report Abuse
24/05/2010 07:01:00

Red boy, I think you've hit the nail on the head. Berbatov is a great player that doesn't fit into your system and is therefore wasted. Think the same thing happened with Tevez - he's got the free role he wanted at City and is banging them in for fun. I think if Taggart was a bit less stubborn and adapted the system you play to fit Berbatov more, then you'd see the superstar you thought you were buying. Good thing taggart is too stubborn eh? ;)
Report Abuse
24/05/2010 11:38:00

If we had "fit" him in this year, Rooney would not have had the freedom to play like he has this season, saying that, I hope they can play together, if they can't, there's no point keeping him.
Report Abuse
24/05/2010 12:33:00


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