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United - More on Rodwell!

The red-tops are refusing to let the rumour drop!

Despite your insistence, via the comments threads, that Jack Rodwell will not be allowed to leave Goodison Park, the red-tops are insistent that United will be making a 15 million bid to test their resolve.

David Moyes, who has done a marvelous job at Everton and who is possibly in the frame as a future United manager, continues to insist that Rodwell will be staying but his words are starting to have a look of indecision about them, are they not,

"Are we susceptible? Of course we are, because people look at us and think, 'We can go to Everton and take their best players."

"But as far as we`re concerned, Jack will be here next season."

Well the red-tops suspect differently!

As for me, I`ll sit and wait and see how this rumour matures!

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The Journalist

Writer: Red Boy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 20 2010

Time: 6:00PM

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I guess we all would like to see him at OT,he has everything that we would like to see in a player,i.e.,talent,versatile,young,english and he can still improve but in the end its up to the player and ofcourse Everton if they are willing to sell.
Antriksh (abmtd)
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20/05/2010 18:27:00

We have to surely convince him that he will be more or less a part of the first team and if we can offer him that then there is a chance of us getting him.Playing at the highest level would improve any player and playing in the CL is another thing that we could offer him and that should be another attraction to him.
Antriksh (abmtd)
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20/05/2010 18:33:00

At that age he already seems at a higher level than Gibson, just being here should be incentive enough for the player!
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20/05/2010 18:50:00

is he another turncoat, just like Rooney?
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20/05/2010 19:06:00

Is there any young player who wouldnt want to be just like rooney?
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20/05/2010 19:55:00

United are a sinking ship and any decent players will be snapped up by City or Chelsea. Rodwell is going nowhere, he will remain an Everton player for the rest of his brilliant career. Rooney will be jealous of him. United fans think their purple patch will last forever but I have news for you, your ageing side is on its way down, you have no money, your in millions of pounds worth of debt and your manager won't last forever.
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20/05/2010 21:35:00

Hey BJ, why don't you ***** off so us United fans can talk about penny pinching and Geriatrics? Idiots, same ***** everyday....
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21/05/2010 04:06:00

Where are people getting this ageing side stuff from? Two seconds with google would tell you that there are only a handful of sides in the league who have a younger average than ours. Thats without considering the fact that our average age is heavily skewed by a 40 year old goalkeeper and 3 players over 35 who might not make the bench if our first team were fit. I'm actually wondering if this BJ guy can read. Show me a premier league team who isnt in debt, or one that has a manager that will last forever.
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21/05/2010 04:24:00

lol to think Fergie actually said that we are an aeging side.. turns out he wanted to deflect attention from his ancient side. Chelsea aren't in debt, Tuscan and so aren't Citeh and Tottenham.
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21/05/2010 08:24:00

ooooh, JT back to the same tune eh? i have a bigger bicep, so who gives a *****? whether we are in debt or not has not made a difference to titles till now, we thought you should have it this year, good faith and a fair league all that.... You are an ageing side and we are in debt, we both agree to that. Also you were better this year but we have been better throughout the league's history. So if there's a hat-trick from the Blues we can start comparing scars.
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21/05/2010 15:48:00

According to the guardian tottenhams accounts show that they are in debt. I appreciate the billionaire owners of city and chelsea are never gonna call in any debts but whilst Uniteds debt repayments fall comfortably within their revenues - those two clubs are making losses. I'm not saying Uniteds finances are in better condition than anybody else's - but pretty much every premier league club is either at the mercy of a billionaires whim or is a couple of bad seasons away from being in serious trouble. You only have to look at how jubilant liverpools fans were when we had our hostile takeover - they couldnt wait to stick the knife in with their predictions over the demise of "man USA" - now look at them.

Last time I checked, the average age of our squad was still younger than chelseas. I have no doubt that the average age of chelseas squad will be lowered significantly this summer and it will be very interesting to see how that works out for them.
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21/05/2010 15:50:00

Touched a nerve, have I elvido? Tuscan asked to show any PL club without debt and I did. And the ageing dig was directed towards Tuscan's explanation about how United aren't an old side. Dunno why you had to do a scouser and give me a istoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lesson. Not interested, though. lol
Report Abuse
21/05/2010 18:41:00

More like a wart in the wrong place but that's besides the point. Your title is already history so there's no need to feel smug. You have had your feet in your mouth for the last three seasons, I would rather not reciprocate. You didn't show anything, you are in debt, question is to who. You have a lot more older players in your squad than we do. I would rather do your *** than a scouser!
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21/05/2010 19:02:00

Chelsea's 47 million loss inclded the 25 million payoff to Scolari and his backroom staff and a 4 million payoff to Avram Grant and another 2 million paycheck to Guus Hiddink. Also included in that amount is a significant chunk (they speculate it may be up to 3-4 million) on infrastructural development. That's a net 12-15 million loss on a regular year- Which is easily going to be made up this year by the season ticket prices hike and the proposed naming rights to Stamford Bridge. Breaking even isn't far, the outgoing debt is just increasing now- From this season onwards, since Roman's written off the 726 million till last season (The Guardian broke their "story"about Chelsea Plc (Fordstam inc) owing money to Roman. That was really stupid journalism, anyone knowing a wee bit of finance will understand it's like buying a mobile phone and expecting the mobile phone to pay back the amount it took to buy the phone. The club also denied the reports vehemently by issuing a clarification in the club website. Conviniently, the Guardian chose to ignore that. Pile of tosh, that newspaper)- So an estimated 15-20 million loss to overcome next year- If Roman could pick up the tab on that also, the dream of breaking even by the 2010/2011 season is very realistic. The idea is to start showing a profit soon, since UEFA sanctions come into play from the 2013/2014 season. It may not be a jump to figures like 22 million which you lot are showing right now, but it will be a significant move forward.
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21/05/2010 19:04:00

Also, did you realise that if the sanctions do come into place, United will only be able to spend 22 million on transfers. We'd be able to spend -47 million on transfers!! lol
Report Abuse
21/05/2010 19:06:00

Heres the thing even if things do turn to 5h1t real quickly for us in terms of finance i have complete faith that some billionaire would come and buy us and clear the debt. So we're in debt, yes well observed but if you seriously think that a global brand like us are going to disappear overnight you best think again.
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21/05/2010 22:13:00

Also, i would love Rodwell to join us but for Evertons asking price i'd think i'd rather spend the money on a proven talent.
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21/05/2010 22:14:00

Spurs may have debt, but they make a profit at the end of every season, so they can pay off that debt, buy players, and build a new stadium and training grounds.They are better run, and their wage bill is extremely reasonable considering how players are paid these days!United would have made a loss last year had it not been for the sale of Ronaldo, which is grand seeing as spurs often sell, but who are United gonna sell next season to keep their heads above water?If it's Rooney, I call dibs!
Report Abuse
22/05/2010 14:57:00

Again, one year of qualification and Spurs are better run than us?
Report Abuse
23/05/2010 03:08:00

Spurs are better than everyone :-) that's what they tell you!
Red Boy
Report Abuse
23/05/2010 17:46:00

Technically, you're wrong james. The glazers are using some rather creative accounting methods to avoid paying taxes on our actual profits. Whilst the accounts would say we made a loss without ronaldos sale, the cash in the bank tells a different story. Uniteds accounts are now being made public since the bond issue, so you can easily verify what I'm saying is true.
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24/05/2010 00:06:00

Oh I did'nt realise that was the case Tuscan, and Im not really bothered looking it up so Il take your word for it.And to the two idiots who posted above you, I never mentioned Spurs qualifacation(for the CL I presume), so why would you think that that is the reason I think Spurs are better run than United, desite all the reasons I listed there.And for the record, Spurs fans know exactly were they finished in the table, so to say that we say that we think were better than "everyone" is a gross overstatement!
Report Abuse
24/05/2010 19:52:00

James, I never said your qualification to CL was the only reason you think you are better run. Far as the debt goes, we are a global brand, one of the biggest, so let's not get your panties in a twist with regards to Wages and finance. To make loose statements that we need to sell our top players to "keep our heads above water" is Idiotic, we are not exactly Valencia. Far as your qualification goes, I am happy that it was you than the bitters or the scousers. If you want to have a footballing discussion i am game, but if we are going to have the same debt argument, I am not interested. We have to speculate on what may happen and as much as i dislike the Glazers they are astute businessmen who will not let such a big entity slide into spiral.
Report Abuse
25/05/2010 08:56:00

"into a downward spiral" to be exact....
Report Abuse
25/05/2010 08:57:00

Elvido,"Again, one year of qualification and Spurs are better run than us?".You are reffering to the CL?It sounds as though the only reason you thought I was saying that we were better run is because of said qualifacation(of which i am still not sure of).If you read my last post you'll see that I have accepted Tuscan's response and left it at that, so I'm not intrested in having a "debt argument".And the reason I said had to sell to keep themselve's in profit was because that was the impression I got when details of their finances were published.I'm well aware that United's situation is nothing like that of Valencia, and never said such.
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25/05/2010 13:57:00

Then you are making comparisons based on? We are a better run club because of the obvious reasons, we have the experience, we have been excellent at it for a while now. If the debts are not considered then there is no question of which is the better administered club. And you haven'read my last post, I have not said anything about your qualifying having to do with better administration, i said that the qualification has made Spurs fans more vocal and in a couple of cases they have come here to unnecessarily slag us off. So be both agree on some points and disagree on the others, unless we wan't to duplicate the loop that was the argument between Tuscan and JT on another article we should call it quits. Cheers mate and good luck with the CL! On another note any chance of taking back Carrick and Berba, half price even?
Report Abuse
25/05/2010 14:24:00


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