Manchester United - United Favourites But Spurs Are On Form
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United Favourites But Spurs Are On Form

Man Utd v Spurs - Paddy Power will refund losing bets if Spurs win!

Every weekend there is a new talking point and destination of the Premier League title, after Paul Scholes' late winner in the Manchester Derby United are right back in the mix. The race for fourth is equally exciting and Spurs are the form team in the league right now, after successive victories over Arsenal and Chelsea they couldn't be better prepared for the trip to Old Trafford.

Naturally Man Utd are favourites but given Spurs' form the draw and away win will both be well backed, the draw is a 3/1 chance whilst Spurs are available at 5/1.

1/2 Man Utd Win
3/1 Draw
5/1 Spurs Win

It is the biggest game this weekend so Paddy Power are going to refund all losing 1st/last goalscorer, correct score and scorecast bets on the match should Spurs win. So even if your bet is a loser Paddy Power could give you your money back.

Plus all new accounts get a free 20 bet after signing up and placing their first bet of 10, so bet 10 get 20 free.

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After scoring in both wins over Arsenal and Chelsea, Gareth Bale looks a great value bet at 25/1 to score the first goal. He looks massively overpriced when you think how far forward he likes to get and he's an option for any freekicks around the United penalty area. His price of 9/1 to score at anytime in the match is worthwhile too. Another player who has been instrumental for Spurs in those two great wins is Luca Modric who has done everything but score, he's bossed the midfield against Arsenal and Chelsea and could be the one to unlock United as a 16/1 first goalscorer.

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Manchester United will be hoping that Wayne Rooney can regain his form going into the final three games of the season, since his ankle injury he's failed to score and after being in such prolific form prior to that United are missing his goals. He leads the first scorer market as a 3/1 chance but should he be that much shorter than Bale when you look at current form? A lot will be made of Dimitar Berbatov playing against his former club, he may have to be content with a starting spot on the bench so maybe look at him at 9/2 for the last goal in the match.

First Scorers
15/2 Defoe
9/1 Pavlychenko
10/1 Crouch
16/1 Modric
20/1 Bentley
25/1 Bale
25/1 Huddlestone

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United have managed just two goals in their last three league matches and Rooney hasn't scored for five league games, yet they still find themselves within a point of Chelsea. He'll come good and United need him to soon, the Spurs defence are watertight at the minute so will fancy their chances against an out of sorts Rooney. At White Hart Lane Man Utd were convincing 3-1 winners, that's 9/1 to happen again this Saturday lunchtime. But would require a famous United performance.

Spurs fans will tell you that a repeat of that should be more like 90/1 the way their team are playing they are the value. Look at Spurs 1-0 or 2-1 both 18/1, masses of value. Unlike any other weekend of the year Spurs fans will be hoping for an Arsenal win against Man City to strengthen the Spurs' chances of finishing fourth.

Correct Score
18/1 Spurs 1-0
50/1 Spurs 2-0
18/1 Spurs 2-1
175/1 Spurs 3-0
70/1 Spurs 3-1

19/2 0-0
13/2 1-1
13/1 2-2

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The Journalist

Writer: Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday April 22 2010

Time: 2:25PM

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I am hoping they do their usual bit against us and capitulate without reason at some point! United to win 3-2! or 5-2?
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22/04/2010 15:21:00

spurs to win 2-0, we stopped arsenals title chase, we dented chelski's hopes and now to complete the treble we gonna kill your hopes aswell, it should be a cracking game though COYS
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 15:44:00

i'll be supporting spurs, i'd rather see them sneak 4th place than citeh and any points taken from the reds is a good thing considering the mess chelsea like to find themselves in. its never done the easy way is it...
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 16:00:00

bale is going to rip neville a new one, 1-2 to spurs, we are on a run and getting all our monkeys off our backs in the process.
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 16:09:00

its a time of change at the top, us and citeh will be crashing the party from now on, it says something that rooney is the only player of yours that would walk into our team where as bale, lennon,modric,palacios and dawson would fit straight into yours
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 16:15:00

I will be ecstatic with a draw, 7 points from those three games would be awesome!! In all honesty I dont expect much from this, so anything will be a bonus!! COYS!!
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 16:21:00

That's got to be the first time I have seen so many Spurs fans GungHo about a game at OT. Hope it's a great game of football, of course with United winning! And norwichspur, I would want only one of the lot, Mordric, the rest are where they should be playing, Bale is a lot of potential though.
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 17:18:00

Report Abuse
22/04/2010 17:26:00

elvido, you lie! You're not hoping for "a great game of football, of course". You're hoping for 3 points any bloody way you can get it! You're so desperate you'd put out for it because if you don't get it, its good night! And its Modric, you *****.
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 17:32:00

LOL @ Shannon! :-)
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 18:02:00

Love the trash talk Shannon, putting out seems the next logical step, heck for three points, why not?!! Do typos get your panties in a twist? The last two players we bought from you are warming the benches, you can keep the rest of your "World Class" players!
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 18:37:00

elvido modric might be the only player YOU want, old red nose on the other hand who IS your manager would drool at the prospect of all of those players who would automaticly replace all your ageing hasbeens i really should of added gomes,huddlestone and of course (when fit) the best english defender there is ledders to that list aswell
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 19:55:00

Always tough old trafford. this will be our great chance of beating u there, or of course we could still get stuffed. If i know Redknapp the way i think i do, regarding tactics, Modric with be on the right side of midfield for Bently. Palacios will slot into central midfield.
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 20:01:00

Gomes and Huddlestone?!! Lead-ders more like! No thanks, we have already donated enough cash to the Levy foundation! Get a grip, we'll have this conversation when you actually start racking up trophies. For now your bigger worry is our noisy neighbour!
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 21:52:00

Elvido - so you wouldnt want Lennon? & your telling me you wouldnt swap defoe for berba - yeah right. Palacios would walk straight into any 1st team in any club in the world. Your a bit ill informed my friend -
Report Abuse
22/04/2010 22:45:00

No I wouldn't want Lennon, he is no improvement on either Nani or Valencia. Defoe for Berba? no thanks! I love Berba as a player, he may not fit very well into our counter attacking system right now but he is a much better footballer then Defoe! How come there are no bids for your Palacios from other European clubs then? if there are not too many like him? I don't need to be "well informed", just watch the game week in week out like the rest of you.
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 07:00:00

The point is, elvido, your team is DESPERATE. We're not, even if we lose the situation is still pretty much in our own hands. And I don't care what Man U supporters say, you look at the way Chelsea outplayed you, and the way we outplayed them, and you're sh****** yourselves! You know you're playing against a side on the up, with something to play for, and its not a pleasant prospect. We KNOW you're very worried! Oh, and if it comes to that, Rooney is really the only player from your side I'd want ... when he's fully fit. Everybody know Man U's star is on the decline. Even buying new players - which you desperately need to - will only increase your 800-million pound debt. Its the end of the road.
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 08:43:00

Good game best team win with no fergie time thanks!
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 08:50:00

Modric would definately get into our first team. Palacios would be a useful squad player. Bale has potential but I'd like to see him keep up his current level of performances for a season before judging him. As for Gomes, Huddlestone, Dawson and King - good players - but not better than what we've got. Its good to see some spurs fans talking a good game! Lets hope your team are just as over confident as you are. As well as you've played in recent games - I guarantee you no one is ****ting themselves about playing you - spurs are the kings of the collapse. Arguably the pressure of actually being expected to beat us will work against you.
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 09:05:00

who's sounding DESPERATE now? I enjoy playing against a side on the up, specially when we are going to do our "usual" on them! Don't you worry about our debt, a couple more league and European titles should take care of that! And as far as sh****** myself, I am sure yours will be the Yellow Streak running out of OT after the A** W******* we are going to give you!
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 09:50:00

Tuscan, that's just it - nobody outside Spurs expects us to beat you. But I just hope the Spurs camp sees it as I do. We have nothing to prove, and we do not need to push you back early on. We know you have to come at us - you can't play it any other way - and we simply have to be patient and take our chances. The pressure is on Man U.
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 09:55:00

Pathetic attempt at trash talking, elvido. I'll give you lessons if you want - like the footballing lesson we'll be dishing out tomorrow.
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 09:57:00

And Shannon by your logic Wigan should beat us easily too, they beat the Chavs comfortably! Why have a league, connect the dots....
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 09:57:00

I am sure you will Shannon, trash talking is more your forte! About the football, what say we discuss that tomorrow after the match? All this puffing of the chest is very endearing but useless... You'll be dishing out tissues to wipe off that yellow streak i was talking about earlier.
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:00:00

So, elvido, you give up?
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:02:00

on what? the match or you?
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:03:00

Just as I thought - can't take it. Wake up and smell the coffee.
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:09:00

my untied spurs merged team would be: Van der sar- Rafael-King-Vidic-Evra-Lennon-Palacios-Fletcher-Modric-Rooney-Defoe.... Bench- Gomes, Ferdinand,Bale ,valencia, Berba, Nani, Crouch
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:10:00

Smell a lot if Horse S***, not so much coffee. Not much for repeating myself, we are going to win, the "debt" is not going to affect us in the long terms because we are a very big brand, I never said Spurs are a bad team, I just said we are going to beat them because we are better, not saying that just for the sake of it, we have a couple of trophies too, you know. Yes you are a team on the up and i have actually watched a few games because i like your players, a couple of whom are good enough for a higher level. Unless you want me repeating that Ad nauseam, there is no point in both of us conveying our distinct feelings on the fixture, albeit in various tones. So, all in all, Yes, I think we are better and we are going to beat you!
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:15:00

Ad nauseam must be your forte! We're just hoping for a great game of football, of course, and that Spurs win. Now go and play with the Latin and French majors, son.
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:19:00

"We're just hoping for a great game of football, of course, and that Spurs win" I said the same thing with United instead of Spurs and you went all ballistic on me in the first place! :-| Apologies for the use of foreign tongues, i understand how that could affect you. Having to deal with syllables, rolled tongues et al :P. So, to a good football game with respective desired results and all that?
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:28:00

God, you're either stupid or very young
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:30:00

Sorry, I meant et al
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:31:00

As opposed to your fountain of intelligence? Moron!
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:33:00

Cheers, mate, its been fun:-)
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:34:00

:) I agree! Cheers! Hope I am still grinning after the match!
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 10:35:00

I can only see us getting a point maximum, which I would be happy with! I just hope the result is because of good football and not $hit reffing, a goal that never was, a dodgy pen or a goal that is 2 foot over the line and not given (mendes anyone)! Good luck to all of you and lets hope its a showpeice for the Premiership!! COYS!!
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 11:36:00

Agree Muller. If give our best shot and lose purely down to football reasons i won't be too disappointed. However if we are robbed by biased refs, Fergie time etc i'll not be pleased. Surely Man U have enough titles that they will be prepared to throw this one away to stop Citehbuying their way into the elite. Come on Fergie, whad'ya reckon?
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 12:14:00

Could point Darbinho, come on fergie think about it!!! Have a good weekend all!!!
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 12:57:00

Guess L'pool have the bigger Sophie's choice to make than us, win against the Chavs and possibly hand us the 19th?
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 14:53:00

Could any of you chaps name some good boozers in Manchester ! as we are gonna have a real P,,, up when we beat you !!!!! lol Now before all you Mancs start looking for a rope to lynch me,,, yes I,m having a larf with ya, nice bit of banter, I do feel tomorrows match is going to be a cracker. C.O.Y.S
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 15:25:00

Someone please remind me why everyone thinks Spurs fans are arrogant, mouthy t***s......oh yeah, Norwichspur/Shannon. Cheers fellas! I can see us getting a result, maybe a draw but its never going to be easy at OT.
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 16:43:00

mjb i was never mouthy or arrogant i just made the point of only wanting rooney and fergie wanting 4 or 5 of our players i didn't get into a slanging match with elvido cheers mate
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 18:00:00

is it too much too hope for a draw?
Report Abuse
23/04/2010 19:15:00

Erm... Madam was saying..... There IS a difference!
Report Abuse
25/04/2010 04:51:00


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