Manchester United - Will The FA Ban Drogba, Too?
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Will The FA Ban Drogba, Too?

Tonight, with the score 1-1 in the Hull City v Chelsea game, Didier Drogba unsuccessfully tried to shake off Paul McShane during a Chelsea attack and eventually, he took a swipe at him in exactly the same way Rio Ferdinand hit Craig Fagan against Hull a week and a half ago.

The referee gave a yellow card which begs the question: if Ferdinand's offence was considered worthy of a three-match ban for violent conduct (increased to four upon appeal) then should not the same offence be punished with a red card, if said offence is actually spotted by the referee?

It seems no and as the referee has seen the incident and produced a yellow card, Drogba won't be banned retrospectively (under the stupid 'the FA won't re-referee games' rule), unlike Rio Ferdinand. He will get away as Javier Mascherano did after doing exactly the same thing against Leeds or as William Gallas did after he almost broke Mark Davies' ankle against Bolton.

Same old, same old, eh? I'm waiting for the FA to ban Patrice Evra, just out of habit.

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The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 2 2010

Time: 10:43PM

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OMG!!!!!!! United Complaing about refs?!!! trust me , if the refs wernt so bias man u would not of won the title as many times as they have!
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02/02/2010 22:50:00

Yea seriously - just save it. No one cares about United.
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02/02/2010 23:14:00

Why don't you 2 asswipes take a towel to wipe the ***** from your head! The fa has and will always punish United players more severely than any other team simply becoz they can! In all fairness drogba and every other player who commit such fouls should get the same treatment.
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03/02/2010 01:03:00

Blackfac3 - maybe they punish them so severely because they rarely punish them to begin with. It's all horse***** and so are your fans.
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03/02/2010 01:17:00

This is the quietest "sky four" site on all of vital....crickets constantly. Chelsea, arsenal, spurs, citeh, villa - lively bunches.
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03/02/2010 01:18:00

why should we continue to argue since you lot are so stubborn.....obv some of us might become too biased at something united related, but for the most part we try to be fair...we are also straight forward and have every right to vent our frustration...we feel like every time the fa has an opportunity to punish united I don't understand your reasoning of it being many unfair penalties have we been given compared to any other team in the tp flight, how many deserved and undeserved red cards have we received compared to everyone else....they treat us the same
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03/02/2010 02:44:00

however i will admit that sometimes when big name player fall down(that is from any team not just united) sometimes the refs are biased towards/or against them depending on what is going on in the media(i.e. when wenger whined about fletcher, fletcher got sent off) but overall we feel that rio ferdinand has been treated harshly, my honest opinion is when i was watching the match i knew right away it should be a suspension for 3 games no doubt in my mind however if drogba did the same thing(i do not watch chelsea matches) and the ref gives him a yellow that is incredibly unfair, and again shows the lack of good referees in england
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03/02/2010 02:48:00

i also want to point out that we could care less about your hate for all things united, and the fact that if we decide to complain about something, please just shut up as we could care less about what you have got to say... when we bring up a fair arguement such as this article, you can't keep on going to the past ...look at each situation individually...we try to do that with a cool head
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03/02/2010 02:53:00

In fairness la_villan united fans have a lot more choice of where to go.
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03/02/2010 03:43:00

Well i'm not here to blast you guys, interesting article and although I am yet to see Drogba's hit-out, what we all need but don't receive is consistency in such matters. Until then fans from all clubs will be aggrieved when someone from a rival club goes unpunished for this or that. One thing I would like to say, and any Spurs fan would agree, is that Scholes when playing us gets away with many bad tackles before finally, and it seems inevitably (against Spurs), getting carded.
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03/02/2010 07:41:00

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03/02/2010 08:57:00

tuscan3000 maybe u should have ur articles also writen in chinese so the other 80% of ur fans can understand.
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03/02/2010 09:36:00

Thats a good idea black-messi. But I think there are sites that cater for that audience already.Good idea though!
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03/02/2010 15:13:00

I havent seen the drogba incident, so cant comment on that. I agree that its annoying the way the FA essentially castrate themselves when it comes to incidents the referee has seen but run around crucifying people as soon as they dont. Referees can make mistakes, therefore whether they see an incident or not the FA should be able to give out a fair punishment (a shorter or longer ban). As much as its annoying that other notable players have gotten away with similar acts, I cant help but feel the error is not in banning Rio, its in not banning the others. I can see why the club would want to highlight the inconsistency, its also wrong to further punish a player for a frivolous appeal - when they havent even been given the chance to represent themselves and their evidence. But at the moment it just comes across as us wanting to get away with something which we are rightly being punished for. If it brings a head to the situation where the FA change their own rules then fair enough; but the rules are what they are - right or wrong - we cant change them and we're only punishing ourselves by fighting against it. Let some other club lose their top defender fighting for justice - we have trophies to worry about!
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03/02/2010 15:24:00

wigan-latics - judging by your comment I see that our success has driven you mad. Whatta numptey LOL. and now you've got nothing to fall back on seeing that your rugby team is as ****e as your football team!!
Report Abuse
03/02/2010 16:08:00

los_angeles_villan, if you didn't care so much why are you on the site? People just can't keep away from The Mighty!! Stick to baseball fella
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03/02/2010 16:11:00

Uh, because the ref dealt with the incident during the game. He might have been wrong, but the absurdity of the rules means that if the ref dishes out a yellow during a match, then the matter is regarded as finished The Ferdinand incident was different, as the ref did not see the incident and therefore had no chance to act during the match Unlike Ferdinand's elbow on Tevez during the CC semi which the ref chose to ignore because it was at owed toilet.
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03/02/2010 17:25:00

Mascherano, Ferdinand and Drogba. 3 Similar incidents 3 different outcomes. If it appears we got treated unfairly so be it it might even be called being biased, but consistency is all I ask over trivial matters such as these.
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03/02/2010 17:39:00

Hitting a player, regarless of who you are, is wrong. You're just *****ed that Turdinhand has got a four game ban (maybe five for frivously appealing a frivoulous ban). It was wrong. Deal with it.
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03/02/2010 19:12:00

We know its wrong if you care to read the article and our comments we admitted its wrong and deserving of a ban....however we are saying its unfair that other players such as drogba or masch got away with doing the exact same thing, as well as voicing our frustation with the inconsistency throughtout the fa and refereers descisions
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03/02/2010 20:00:00

FA should be able to ban a player even if ref has booked them in match - its NOT re-refereeing at all - FA should act - if they say otherwise, then giving a player a ban if he wasnt even carded by a ref whether they saw it or not is defo FA reffing the match again
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03/02/2010 20:41:00

Our teams performances usually speak for themselves and don't usually need a lot of discussion. As for Drogba not getting punished in the same way as Ferdinand, it is a bit confusing, as the ref should have given him a red card if it really was anything like rio's. But im not all that worried as Chelsea seemed to play alot better while he was away last month.
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04/02/2010 08:19:00

united complaining about the refs?!?! the cheek! at the end of the day mcshane hit drogba in the face at the start, but you dont chose to see that bit eh? so if refs where correct mcshane ould of been sent off anyway and drogba wouldnt of done it. and utd would not have won three in a row.
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04/02/2010 11:44:00

in every championship across the world, the local big teams are always favoured by refs. what makes the difference is who gets favoured more, between the big teams. smaller teams are always screwed which is very unfair, but thats the way it is. Money talks since money is power. But I will agree that United are less favoured than Chelsea and Arsenal for sure. Eduardo dived, got punished, appealed and got off. Eboue didnt even get punished for blatantly diving against United in 2009. Gallas' tackle? no comment. Terry's red? Immediatelly cancelled since they were playing against united. Ferguson, the first and ONLY coach to be punished for his post match remarks, for saying that the ref was unfit. Its not like its a curse or somthing. He was, and is unfit, that beerbellied Wiley. Rio gets a 3 match ban, of course before the arsenal game god forbid, appeals and gets a 4 match ban. There are countless times where we got punished after the match, with video evidence, enough that noone can match that even if most of the other teams play much dirtier. For example, Ballack, with his elbowing of evra, and that tripple horror of mistakes by the ref that led to chelsea's goal. A yellow card to fletcher that made him miss the ch League final, cause arsenal kept whining about it, and a yellow card (thus red) this year for a ridiculously soft foul, if it ever was a foul. I could go on. Yes we get away with a few, or with plenty...but especially the other 2-3 big teams, shouldnt be complaining . Smaller teams have a right to...cause they get screwed every time. But you know what? Whatever people say...and i mean whatever....The red devils are a different calss than everyone else in the uk. The are champions, and thats why we will win it this year again. Without Ronaldo (i'd love to see all those who kept celebrating when we sold him, rushing into conclusions), with -700m, with all the stupid bans we get for playing a mens sport (even though wenger considers fletcher a harsh, dirty and anti-football player for gods sake) competitively. Grow some balls all you chelski arsenal and liverpool fans, and bring you game to us. We've been doing it for 20 years or so.
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04/02/2010 12:27:00

Haven't seen drogba incident, but was it seriously as bad as Ferdinands??? He turned in to feckin Tony Jaa when he smashed that Hull bloke.
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04/02/2010 13:47:00

I was at match at OT when Rio went for Fagan - wasnt all that bad - he didnt even connect!
And it seemed that Fagan was booked of reither fouling Rio or saying something to him - would be interesting if we were able to see those ref reports as to exactly WHAT players were booked for!
Rio was out of order for taking a swing at Fagan - simple as - but when other players dont get same treatment its smells like FA bull$hit to me.....
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05/02/2010 00:21:00

Aaahhh... the never-ending whine of Manchester United fans.
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05/02/2010 02:27:00

Drogba took a full-blooded swipe at McShane & completely MISSED while McShane was regaining his feet.The Intent was there I must admit.A ban would be fair but I think no action was taken because he never connected.One thing you fail to mention along with those who never cared to watch the rest of the game is that Drogba was retaliating from an earlier incident when McShane grappled him by the neck,raised his arm INTENTIONALLY & got away with it.If McShane never got booked surely Drog was leveling the playing surface.Its Tit for tat.Drog got banned for throwing a coin.We get banned all the time,You're just whining 'cos its not the norm.I feel your pain,Its unfair.Its funny when its us but a conspiracy when its you.Everyone laughs until it happens to their team.
Report Abuse
07/02/2010 14:18:00


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