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33 Years And Counting

Right now I'm way too giddy to compose a detailed analysis but United deservedly beat City 3-1 at Old Trafford to seal their place in the Carling Cup final. And it was in the sweetest possible manner: another late, injury-time goal, headed in by Wayne Rooney.

Our shoulders dropped a little when Ferdinand allowed the whining scumbag to score but the United players, going forward relentlessly in the second half, did not give up and first Carrick should have scored then in injury time Fletcher's header was brilliantly clawed away by Given.

But from the resulting corner Valencia played the ball to Giggs, he crossed and the totally unmarked Rooney headed home with power. Old Trafford erupted with joy as City's 33-year wait for a trophy looks unlikely to end this season. Thirty-three years and counting!

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The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 27 2010

Time: 11:30PM

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Stretford End erupted in joy - great match - we deserved to win!
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27/01/2010 23:34:00

How many City fans told us that they were going to win comfortably? Their cockiness seemed ridiculous even before the games but now... we've been much the better team over the 180 minutes, actually, it's our finishing that let us down a little!
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27/01/2010 23:40:00

Ha ha You know what? after watching three elbows go unpunished, one stonewall penalty and the coins hitting Bellamy, I really can't get upset by this. You didn't win - Manure lost tonight, the eyes of millions of people around the world will see that you couldn't beat us without the benefit of cheating (yawn, what else is new?). Enjoy the Cup final, I will admitedly be supporting the team in Claret and Blue, but just remember -this will be youyr last chance of silver for quite a while. Enjoy your tainted victory yet again red chums, and I hope the money from the Carling Cup is enough to keep the receivers away for just a little longer..
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27/01/2010 23:50:00

I do think its laughable that you are putting this loss entirely down to a couple of elbows. Without the refereeing in the first leg we'd have beaten you far more comfortably.
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But I do want to go on record as saying that its unnacceptable that people throw objects at any player. It doesnt matter what a player does on the pitch, they shouldn't have things thrown at them. Its stupidly dangerous and has no place in the modern game. Also, I'll have to watch the incidents again but our players shouldnt be throwing elbows around. Its ugly to watch and as we are better than city, we really dont need to be giving them anything other than the result to cry about. As for the penalty - swings and roundabouts son! You got an undeserved one at your place, so get over it (god it feels good to say that to somebody else for once).
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28/01/2010 00:07:00

First of all, the penalty at Man City was deserved. After all, Bellamy was pulled out of his balance and he was pulled again inside the box after Bellamy managed to continue the run. Secondly, the throwing of a coin and GLASS BOTTLES should be severely punished by the FA, this moment in football was absolutely ridiculous. It was not a just a coin, glass bottles were falling next to Bellamy. If the FA does nothing about this, then football will be lost. I would even say to pull Utd out of the final as an indication to show this behaviour needs to stop. In the Netherlands, fans from Feyenoord and Ajax are already forbidden to go to away matches when they play each other, due to this and it is time the FA starts acting like they have some balls, instead of giving Utd the benefit of the doubt, case: Neville and his finger. Aside from that, whining scumbag? Still can't get over the fact that Utd didn't sign him, despite him being a cult hero at Utd? Sounds like bitter sour grapes to me. Imagine Rooney and Tevez up front, you'd have a stellar offence, but no, instead you call him names out of sorrow for him going to a club that did want him. Blame Ferguson, not him. He's not done you any harm, apart from scoring against you, which is only his professionalism.
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28/01/2010 00:25:00

Cocky and arrogant people want to laugh out loud on Man City barren trophyless 33 years and they will keep one doing so, what can I say? I rather root for the never-give-up "underdog " Man City to attain their glory one day than the cocky full-of-trophies-and-debts Man Utd. Even if Man City win a trophy one day, these cocky people will still keep say something like: "You only won one, we won n trophies!" If some people want to be cocky forever, there is no point arguing.
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28/01/2010 00:38:00

Im not condoning throwing anything, its wrong. But its not the first time its happened. Why should United be made an example of? Just recently Millwall and West ham were worse and they got fines. Pulling a team out of a competition is excessive for the action of 4 or 5 people. As for neville and his finger - its no more inciteful than what tevez did during and after the game. In fact, if it werent for the media going on about it, most of the people in the stadium wouldnt have even known that it happened! As for Tevez and Rooney, we have the better player of the two and playing them together made us easier to defend against as they both want to play in the same space. Most people dont care that he didnt stay, it was his comments afterwards that have caused people to turn on him. And finally, b0ll0cks to you about that penalty!
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28/01/2010 00:39:00

By the way, Man City only have the 33 year trophyless record to worry about these days, but your beloved club Man Utd have the 700m+ ever-growing debts to worry about. Trust me, the Glazers will never sell Man Utd to other buyers for eg. some rich Arabians, as long as your club still remain profitable. That is what SMART AND CUNNING businessmen will normally do, NEVER SELL A CASH COW. Which mean they will be here for long. If not careful, the 700m+ increasing debts could trouble your beloved Man Utd for the next 33 years! lol
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28/01/2010 00:46:00

Just hope they don't win the FA Cup because they've got a good chance and it's a better competition than the League Cup.
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28/01/2010 00:49:00

By the way windleaf, what do you have to say about the cockiness of your fans after the first leg? most of em couldnt wait to tell us about them getting to the final and how gutted we'd be. United fans can be cocky, but with what we've won and continue to win, it can be hard to keep a level head - what excuses do you lot have? I saw a city fan mouthing off on vital arsenal the other day about their lack of trophies. At least chelsea fans had the good grace to win a ccouple of league titles before putting themselves on a pedastal.
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28/01/2010 00:59:00

Ha! Some of the Man City fans are cocky because now Man City have the money and top players, thus they have hope to win things in the future. If you want to label their hope as cockiness, fine with me. I have nothing to say. Same thing, no point arguing.
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28/01/2010 01:10:00

Because it is still happening, tuscan3000. The FA is far too scared to do anything drastic. Big deal if they arrest these people and ban them for life. It is not stopping other people, is it? The club should be paid for the fans behaviour, because it is the club's responsibility to inform the fans to remain appropriate, something Ferguson refused to do. Tevez's comments were justified. Ferguson could have signed him, but he didn't. It is not Tevez's fault and there is no reason for people to hate him. He didn't say anything bad about the fans and you can clearly see he's still friends with his former colleagues, most notably Evra. They play for the club and they have no sour gripes, so why you? Also, the better of the two? I think they're about equal, both are gifted players and their goalscoring speak for themselves. Also, if Saha got a penalty at Everton for Richard's shirt pulling outside the box, which Saha didn't even realize, then this was also a penalty. True Story.
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28/01/2010 01:30:00

filth - you really believe you even deserved that first legged win? We seemed to be strolling when that dubious penalty- the one that 99% of all pundits and ex ref Graham Poll believe was wrongly given was scored. Now you know....that even with all that money'll forever be in our shadow! Let's not also forget the lighter thrown at Evra at the first leg. Hahaha 34 years!!!! Take that in your pipe and smoke it!
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28/01/2010 02:45:00

Nerissi, did you think city should be kicked out of the cup after evra got hit with an object in the first leg? Probably not. Lets not pretend that you're on a moral crusade to clean up the game. You are upset that City lost, and you want utd to be punished to make you feel better. Im fully aware of the circumstances surrounding Tevez' departure. He was forced out of the club because his price tag was not justified by his performances. He was bitter about it and started making stuff up about the way he was treated by fergie. The resentment towards him is nothing to do with who he plays for or the goals he has scored (although it obviously doesnt make him more popular). He talks alot about respect for united fans, but in slagging off Fergie he is showing the ultimate disrespect to our club. Most fans wont understand or believe that, but thats because they havent had a manager who over a period of 25 years built their club into a footballing powerhouse. To give you an example, its like me saying that I like and respect you - but I think your mum is a slag. The difference between the two penalties has been documented by enough media outlets for me not to bother defending it. Its swings and roundabouts as everybody likes to tell us. We felt hard done by in the first leg and probably got away with one today. We've missed out on the FA cup final in consecutive years because of dodgy penalty decisions. It happens.
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28/01/2010 04:39:00

You seem to believe I am a City supporter, but you can forget that idea, as I am not. I watched the match from a neutral perspective.As for the penalty, there's no defending it. Saha didn't even realise he was being pulled, in other words, it wasn't stopping him from what he was trying to do, else he would've complained about it. After all, Saha thought he was offside. As for dodgy penalty decision, if any club gets dodgy decisions, it is you. Remember a certain match against a certain German team? Oh, how about the extra injury time against City at the start of the season? Don't feel sour grapes. Utd always gets lucky with refereeing. Neville's celebration in front of the City crowd? Considering Adebayor got in a lot of trouble for his celebration, you'd think Neville would receive the same treatment? Nope. Same thing happened with his finger, after he was already warned by the FA for his celebration. Don't put the "we get done by" finger on me. Because you don't and you know it. Also, Tevez is openly friends with Man Utd players, even after today he was hugging everyone where the rest of the team was already gone, but sure, being in an argument with the manager is a reason for you to hate him, despite that your own players you support are still his friends, especially Evra... hypocrite. As for Evra, didn't see the first leg. Can't judge on that. However, a lighter in comparison to a coin and three bottles filled with liquid and several elbows flying around... you make the difference.
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28/01/2010 04:51:00

enough of the whining about extra time. City had the same opportunity to win the match as united. yet they didn't take it. Its not like we were chasing the ones chasing the game. You lost against clearly the better side today, you are making it seem as though small things in the game would have effected the outcome. Throwing things at players is of course wrong, but it is definitely unreasonable to try and get a team kicked from a final for it, after all city fans threw missiles at evra during the previous match, i'm certain no city fans would ever complain if they were prevented from playing a cup final. IF we are ever forced down because of our debts at least we can feel comfort in the fact that we have won more trophies than most teams in England ever will. When i saw the game I was very glad united had one and proved the were the better team and I had hoped city fans would have taken it gracefully, but im some how not surprised that they haven't seeing as any trophy right now would mean so much to them.
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28/01/2010 05:49:00

What a game it was,its one of the best I've seen and when city play it always has that added importance and for me the first half was a midfield battle but in the second half there was just one team for me although I got a bit nervous when Tevez scored but that injury time winner was just awesome,it reminded me of the Milan game where rooney made it 3-2 in our favour.Games like these can only take place at Old Trafford.
Antriksh (abmtd)
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28/01/2010 06:41:00

Our midfield in the second half was just outstanding,we totally dominated their midfield.Everyone from Nani to Giggs deserve to be applauded and I hope we take a lot of confidence from this game and use it against the gunners.
Antriksh (abmtd)
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28/01/2010 06:45:00

I would also like to single out this player of city who I felt had a fantastic game.If it wasn't for Boyata,rooney could easily have had another couple of goals,he was a real positive for city yesterday.
Antriksh (abmtd)
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28/01/2010 06:49:00

Also that ugly incident which took place at Old Trafford,seriously there are no excuses for that,a total shame,it was just uncalled for and that was infact the only negative for us all night.The players put in a 5 star performance and hopefully that will continue in the future games as well.
Antriksh (abmtd)
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28/01/2010 06:54:00

I was right - CIty fans whinge at everything..
Yes the bottle was thrown at Bellamy - and I tell you I find this utterly disgusting - kick Utd out of the cup - never heard such crap and it could only come from City fans!
So City couldnt score enough to win - thats the be all and end all - CIty WERE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 07:11:00

Van Der Sar needs to be taken to task for trying to hide the evidence. Throwing away the bottles, trying to take the coin off Barry before he could give it to the referee and taking no notice of the injured player on the floor. Classless, classless club.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 09:19:00

Hey NW - Nerissi posted above that he's not a City fan, and he's the one calling for you to be kicked out. Don't you bother to read other people's comments?
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 10:51:00

5th 0 its not just on here thats saying this crap - and yeah Ive read the comments - Im in the right place seen as I support UTD!
VdS went over to help diffuse the situation NOT to get rid of any evidence - didnt see any of your players going across to try helping Evra at Eastlands - is that cos you lot are so full of CRAP??
Classless club?? You are actually talking about CIty there.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 12:28:00

Diffuse the situation? Explain why he tried to take the coin from Barry before he could hand it to the ref. And i am not a city fan so have no need to explain the actions of their players or fans. He tried to get rid of the evidence, like he did with the bottle. All clubs have idiot fans but players should really be more accountable.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 13:40:00

Plastic cider bottle - coins - lighters.
Things BOTH fans have thrown at players - neither should have happened - but I tell you something - DONT blame VdS for this happening - DONT blame the football club for a few idiots - I dont blame City for the lighters etc, so you lot dont blame Utd.
Blame the idiotic fans from BOTH sides who threw things - and getting back to the football, you were not unlucky as City fans and if there was cheating then it was done by BOTH sides!
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 17:56:00

How the f*** was var der sar hiding evidence in your words KB1, you are so blind with hatred that you can't tell when a playing is trying to help out another player. If he wasn't why would he delinerately stand between bellamy and the croud to block missiles. I was very proud that he actually did help the****.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 07:06:00

As a neutral (Villa actually, see you at Wembley) I think that is really harsh on van Der Sar. I think he went over and stood in front of Bellamy to shelter him from the awful coin throwing and to calm things down. Think he was spot on with what he did and acted in the best interest of footie/his team and Bellamy
The Fear
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 09:33:00

LOL @ all the cit-eh fans with their pathetic excuses. I thought Gary Cook said you were going to Wembley!
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 13:06:00

Why did he try to take the coin from Barry then? The first thing he did was not to check on Bellamy (in fact he didn't do that at all), he removed the bottles and then proceeded to try and take the coin away from the referee, via Barry. The only reason he was between the crowd and Bellamy was to get rid of the bottles.
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 13:33:00

Are you saying there has never been anything like this go on at Anfield then KB1?
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 17:01:00


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