Manchester United - At Least We Outplayed Chelsea
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At Least We Outplayed Chelsea

Well, I was right in the end: United lost at Stamford Bridge, as the whole world had expected they would. Yet me and the world were both expecting a dominant performance from the home side and we were both mistaken. Very much mistaken, in fact.

Fergie fielded the three-man midfield this game has been clamouring for and suddenly Carrick, Fletcher and Anderson demonstrated why we have the faith in them and why they, as a unit, cannot be considered inferior to Chelsea's much-vaunted diamond.

Fletcher absolutely dominated the midfield, he was first to every ball and distributed it simply. Carrick, after a slow start, really came into his own and with a bit of luck he could have scored while Anderson was strong and precise throughout.

Another big surprise was the excellence of the defensive combination of Brown and Evans who barely gave a moment's breathing space to Drogba and Anelka. Chelsea could never get a hold on the game because we were all over them in the middle of the park and the defence held firm, unexpectedly.

We could have created more, though, that goes without saying. Sometimes caution prevailed but that is natural at such a menacing team like Chelsea. However, our passing was crisp and confident and we were willing to test their resolve. Valencia could have tried to dribble past Ashley Cole more often; Giggs had an off day and even though I understand SAF's reluctance to swap his experience for the pace and skill of a 20-year-old I believe he should have sent on Obertan earlier.

Rooney was a little bit isolated in the first half which is also a criticism of our attacking play but he really came to life after the break, dropping deep, spreading passes and threatening from long range. He missed the best chance of the game after being teed up by Valencia and could have scored early in the first half as well - but more about that in a different article, I don't want to spoil this one with mentioning that man who did the most to ruin our day.

So, we were unlucky and maybe we should have been a bit braver but not many teams will go to Stamford Bridge and play better than we did today. Chelsea are not as good as everyone (me included) thought and we are not as bad as everyone (myself included) thought. There's a lot of football to be played this season and if we play with this kind of determination and maturity, with a bit more efficiency added, we could be competing for the title, even though we may fall short of winning it again.

I won't say it feels like a victory as it most certainly doesn't: it's a sickening defeat. But for the first time for a while we have reasons to be proud of the team and to be content with the way they applied themselves on the pitch. And that is very important.

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The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday November 8 2009

Time: 11:02PM

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same thing happened when arsenal visited so these things balance out in the end!!! outplayed but you still beat gunners
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08/11/2009 23:38:00

I thought we were fantastic! Phenomenal display and deserved more than a point!
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08/11/2009 23:59:00

It says a lot when a Man U 5 man midfield - one up front, deep lying defence and essentially defensive set up is hailed as "fantastic and phenomenal". This is suppposedly the richest team in the world you're talking about not some newly promoted underdog. You came for a point, were probably unlucky not to get it but you didnt actually create anything worth any more.
Mr Reasonable
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09/11/2009 00:53:00

Johnny Evans is a cheating ******** thug. Only a United player could get away that crap. Absolute red card. Even got 2 kicks in. What a ******** coward.
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09/11/2009 01:01:00

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09/11/2009 01:18:00

Somebody tell me that was unintentional. Dirty, dirty play. Shameful stuff.
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09/11/2009 01:44:00

I agree with Mr Reasonable, you came for a draw. One shot from Rooney that Chec had to save, you say you dominated the game, but it isn't like boxing where you can win on points. It's decided by goals, & they were as far away from happening as Fergie facing up to the truth by letting Both Ronaldo & Tevez go at the same time. I think the Knight of the Purple Countenance is slipping in his dotage. He needs to be let out to pasture with that horse he thought he owned a couple of years ago. MadMac
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09/11/2009 02:48:00

It was a horrible game from both sides. The only thing that was expected and, in turn, occurred was Ferguson blaming the loss on the ref. Man, that's getting old! Every time you lose, it's the same old thing.
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09/11/2009 03:12:00

Drogba is a disgrace. Id love to see him in super league the big wusss
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09/11/2009 03:15:00

in football,victory is defined as scoring at least one goal more than your opponent! we did:) any thoughts about the evans assault on drogba? and who the f.u.c.k is this huddersfieldyiddo?
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09/11/2009 04:17:00

according to drogstark evans is dirty but to be honest he is nothing compared to the likes of drogba who takes several dives per match and of course your own centre back john terry lets not forget his elbow to the head of valencia while we are judging players
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09/11/2009 07:02:00

'in football,victory is defined as scoring at least one goal more than your opponent!' wern't saying that when Barca beat ya. We deserved atleast the draw and just because we got loads of men behind the ball didn't mean we came for the draw we wanted more and was unfortunate not to get it. Poor refereeing decisions were made but the only two which would've changed the game was the penalty claim in which Terry clearly leaned, pulled and dragged Valencia down with him and the freekick which Chelsea scored from which wasn't even a freekick.
One United 92
Report Abuse
09/11/2009 08:12:00

And about the Evans Karate kick, atleast Drogba had a reason to go down this time.
One United 92
Report Abuse
09/11/2009 08:13:00

One United, atleast Drogba went down for a reason rather than Wes Brown who went down like a lady mugged when he realised he lost Drogba.. LOSERS!
Report Abuse
09/11/2009 08:45:00

Outplayed? 2 Shots on target as opposed to our 6? You lot did only one thing properly that was to DEFEND. And I could'nt bother reading through the article. I'm convinced Zae knows utterly nothing about writing.
Report Abuse
09/11/2009 08:47:00

john "mr england i would love to fight out there with the soldiers" terry was a big girls blouse twice he went down yesterday clutching his face when nobody touched him there, great role model from the Ingurland captain but thats what we've come to expect from the "so called" hard man. About bloody time somebody did that to Drogba, the amount of time that **** goes down like a sack of **** when nobody does nothing to him is nothing short of disgraceful especially when he's so big, strong and talented. Classic chelski get the goal and start the theatrics, both Carvalho and Ivanoovic should have walked for 2nd yellows yesterday. The way your players celebrated at the end it looked like you had won the Champions League oh wait you didn't. 3 points was won yesterday against a team who was missing 3 of their 1st team players. You play like that away from home my prediction of you winning the league is going to be wrong. Have a go at Brown if you want drogba does that 90 times a game. Thanks for the link essienic that gif has made my day, hopefully someone finishes the job next time.
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09/11/2009 09:25:00

man ure's players and manager are a disgrace, fletcher didnt stop whinging and trying to get players booked, we had more shots on target and defended superbly, we didnt play as well as we can but as they keep on saying "its a good team that does'nt play well and grind out a win" good enough for the mancs so good enough for chelsea, arsenal outplayed you and lost so it happens.
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09/11/2009 10:31:00

Outplayed Chelsea?! Two words for you pathetic lots, HAHA! Jonny a.k.a Karate Kid was lucky to get away from a straight red and a penalty and a 3 matches ban! Oh well, same old shyt from ManYoooo, blame the referee and calling opponent cheat. Get a grip you losers!
Report Abuse
09/11/2009 10:47:00

you guys sound like a bunch of imbeciles.sometimes i wonder wether you lot actually are educated or your comments have to pass through rigorous editting from your more fortunate friends.'About bloody time somebody did that to Drogba, the amount of time that **** goes down like a sack of **** when nobody does nothing to him is nothing short of disgraceful especially when he's so big, strong and talented'.how old are you?my little sister wouldn't say that in public!!are you saying that johnny evans was right to kick didier drogba in the chest,purposely,because didier drogba falls down easily?did i get that right?my God,I shouldn't be arguing with some1 with such anobviously low IQ,but i just couldn't help myself,THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A RED CARD AND A PENALTY!!hey,u guys are lucky the match didn't end two nil with your man sent off...ofcourse,he could still be sent off so we'll just wait and see.In the mean time,please stop embarrasing yourselves and exposing your lack of exposure with such embarrasing comments.If essien had made such a tackle on Ronaldo,Essien would have been deported...and we all know how 'big and strong and talented' ronaldo is.embarrassing
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09/11/2009 11:31:00

With the exception of chelsea fans (and the most hardcore of haters) its generally accepted that we were the better side on the day and but for some bad luck (the rooney offside decision, the penalty on valencia and the numerous errors that led up to chelseas goal) we might have gotten at least a point. We are notoriously bad starters, and we've been "out of the title race" numerous times over the last 3 years so I think we should all take heart from the performance today - and hope that the sense of injustice from this game spurs us on. There is no point in us moaning about the referees, for a start he made some shocking decisions against both sides (its just that most of them cost us scoring opportunities or goals) and after fergies recent rants against them they all have a point to prove. Lets just accept that decisions wont be going our way for a while and then towards the end of the season, when the luck of the champions kicks in for us we can quite contently claim "swings and roundabouts" for the dubious decisions which go in our favour.
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09/11/2009 12:44:00

Sorry Zae, but I just can't see how the hell you ' outplayed ' Chelsea. It was the usual insipid, robotic fare offered up by Chelsea, and they were there to be beaten. Man Ure could not get enough of a grip on the game as they were defending for long periods. All in all Man Ure weren't good enough on the day. FACT.
Report Abuse
09/11/2009 13:16:00

Pretty rich alex6,7,8,9,10 from a club who's best player ever was ron "Chopper" Harris. A talentless individual who's claim to fame was hacking people down and since you dragged your little sister into this I'm guessing chelski fan since 2004.
Report Abuse
09/11/2009 14:10:00

Hmm, alex6 you insult our IQ yet you don't realise a capital letter comes after full stops and exclamation marks, among other things. Secondly you bring Ronaldo to the argument when he isn't even our player, so there's a pointless argument. But I do love how cliche it was that Drogba finally got an excuse to go down but didn't get it to go his way. Everyone admits we outplayed you, but you lot are hypocrites, as of expected you were unable to give us our glory and admit we were the better team on the occasion. You hate us for ignorance and yet, that is exactly what you are ignorant.
One United 92
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09/11/2009 16:01:00

notorious devil,one united 92,stop beating around the bush.Capital letters after full stops and exclamation marks,sounds to me like someone's missing my point.I've had a chance to calm down and I must apologise,I don't usually lose my cool like that.Having said that,my inclusion of Ronaldo into this is bcz he was your God,Messsiah,Saviour throughout last season yet he was a far worse stimulator than Drogba will ever be.No united fan felt he should be kicked once in awhile to teach him a lesson.Interesting how Ron harris(who isn't our player anymore) is described as a talentless individual who hacked people down,perhaps you're beginning to notice a similarity with ur Evans?Just admit that what he did was wrong and very dangerous,we're having this argument because drogba wasn't knocked unconscious and stretched off,stop sounding like kids and saddists.Secondly,it's funny how you guys are fixated on the idea that you outplayed us!you had 2 whole shots on target and we had six!you packed your midfield and man-marked all our players,yet you lost.against arsenal i believe you were TTOTTALLY outplayed,seems you all have forgotten.if my memory serves me right,you won that match.i don't see any arse fans yapping about possession.
Report Abuse
09/11/2009 18:21:00

I love how Sir Alex speaks of poor refereeing decisions against United, but fails to mention how fortunate Evans was not be sent off. He went studs up into Drogba's chest. It should have been a penalty and a sending off, and Drogba gets the yellow??? ridiculous!!! and I fail to see how United dominated the match, we had majority of posession, shots on target, and corners...
Report Abuse
09/11/2009 18:36:00

Dreamng again it was a S H I T game
Tiny T
Report Abuse
09/11/2009 18:37:00

Crying again ,are we.U guys are manure losers....You said the same rubbish when u lost to looserpool....Here is what you wrote on losing to looserpool: United Were Meek But The Ref Decided The Game Predictably (at least I have predicted) United lost at Liverpool. However, the champions weren't undone by a superior fighting spirit but by a very, very generous referee, called Andre Marriner. DIFFERENT DAY,SAME STORY it's getting boring....alexferguson might need to consider the fact that he hasn't got the biological heart of a healthy 16 year he should stop behaving like one I can even imagine your healine when you lose again to Arsenil,looserpool and Man city: ATLEAST WE WERE NOT OUTPLAYED BUT THE 12th MAN WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR DEFEAT... As for Evans,he is a sick thug...I only sick such kicks on CCTV of gang violence U guys can celebrate the kick because you lot are disgusting. ATLEAST WE GOT THE 3 POINTS AND YOU ARE BELOW ARSENIL. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.....LOL
Report Abuse
10/11/2009 00:53:00

The league won in November now is it. Must have missed something.
Report Abuse
10/11/2009 01:18:00

Nobody said the league can be won in November but It can be lost in November
Report Abuse
10/11/2009 02:12:00

You're talking about the wrong club you need to be on Vital Liverpool for that one.
Report Abuse
10/11/2009 12:32:00

Nobody said we won the league. We won a game- FACT. You lost a game- FACT. You are sore losers- FACT. Evans is a THUG- FACT. Oh and try justifying that karate kick, if you can? Wes Brown is the diver, Not the Drogs- FACT. Rooney is a whining idiot (Must sound like his little kid)- FACT. SAf cannot sleep nowadays without abusing a referee- FACT.
Report Abuse
11/11/2009 09:05:00

And you lot suck- FACT. :-)
Report Abuse
11/11/2009 09:06:00

Before I thought you were 12 now I'm convinced you are what does JT stand for Justa T**t FACT.
Report Abuse
11/11/2009 16:42:00

we won you lost and lost ungraciously, bad losers,no surprise, apart from 1 shot cech could have brought a sun lounger and read a book!!
Report Abuse
11/11/2009 16:46:00

one word: deluded! is this your best shot? *yawn*
johnny come lately
Report Abuse
12/11/2009 20:53:00

I see that Drogba has been for X-rays and it's been confirmed that he's got a broken rib. Wonder how that happened? You manure fans who are berating Drogba for diving, or for milking the injury are a disgrace. But what else is new?
Report Abuse
16/11/2009 08:19:00


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