Manchester United - It's All Rafa's Fault, Liverpool's Co-Owner Says
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It's All Rafa's Fault, Liverpool's Co-Owner Says

Rafa Benitez have been moaning for quite a while now about how he's got less money to spend than his rivals, especially United who are the main obstacles in the way of their ambition to finally win the league.

Well, George Gillett, Liverpool's American co-owner strikes back now: he's quoted as saying he blames Benitez for the team's all too obvious shortcomings. Liverpool, of course, lost every game when they met any side of note this season which does not sit too well with the owners.

'We have invested more money than our competitors, in keeping with the history of the club,' he is quoted in the Guardian as telling a representative of the fans' group Spirit of Shankly last week.

'In the last 18 months, we have invested £128m on top of what has come in.

'That means it should be getting better. Now if it's not getting better, it's not Gillett and Hicks; it's the manager; it's the scouting. You have to make sure you balance out your analysis. There was plenty of money, so if you have any complaints, take a look at the ins and outs.'

Facts, real facts, show that Benitez's actual spend and net spend have been both greater than those of United but the mad Spaniard ignores these and bleats on about how horrible it is that he's not able to waste even more money on players like Babel, Lucas and Riera. Now one of the owners tell him to quit moaning and try focusing on his job - just as they had said so before, in 2007 to be precise.

It's unlikely that Benitez will listen to them as he'll need to find excuses for his team's poor performances and he does not have much of a fantasy so he'll keep saying he does not have enough money to spend even though he's spent extraordinary amounts since his appointment in 2004. It will be fun, I expect.

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The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday October 6 2009

Time: 10:44AM

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After spending a year on VF I have noticed that there are more articles written on VMU about Liverpool then on VL. So either Zae is either a closet Liverpool fan or that nerd in school that loves to stalk one of the other kids. Hey Zae I bet whenever you start a conversation it sounds a little like this “O and Liverpool did this today” or “this one time Liverpool” and “Liverpool are”I can guarantee you watch more Liverpool games then you do Manyoo games, its kind of sad. O a word of advice, maybe you should talk more about your teams poor form before you start writing articles about ours.
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06/10/2009 14:10:00

here's the madman and his facths:
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06/10/2009 14:43:00

Tactics & team selection have more to do with results against the top teeams rather than money.
White Rose Tiger
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06/10/2009 16:44:00

Klutch this is Vital United we like to have a good laugh over the hypocritical comments that come out of dipperland. As for poor form losing 4 games out of 11 is poor form winning 8 in a row and drawing one most certainly isn't poor form irresepective of how we've played in those games. Your owners are right your manager has wasted a lot of money and the player turnover at your club is ridiculous. I still think Babel is a good player its just clear Benitez can't get the best out of him, his man management skills are also poor which often gets overlooked. Robbie Keane, Xabi Alonso and Peter Crouch are examples of that.
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06/10/2009 17:20:00

@NotoriousRedDevil - you’re joking right? Let me give you a lesson. Rafa bought Crouch for 7Mill and stood by him win he didn't score a single goal for four months and made Crouch and International player and sold him for 11Mill when he couldn't promise him more game due to Torres. As for Xabi which be bought for 11Mill and made him into a star in England, but Xabi had two ok season and we couldn't sell him for 15Mill last season but a kick in the butt from Rafa got Xabi to up his game so much that Real paid 30Mill for him. What was to Rafa to do allow Xabi to have ok games and not try to look for alternatives? Now to Keane, first of all he was Parry buy not Rafa's as Rafa wanted Barry, everyone knows that. Now Keane sucks that’s plain to see, even Spurs are trying to sell him now after paying us back 17Mill of the 20Mill we paid them. Bought if it’s a good laugh you want why not look at what red noses has purchased over the last couple of season. 1. Nani – 17Mill = A joke 2. Anderson – 17Mill = Lucas who we bought for 6Mill 3. Berbatove – 30Mill = 39 games in the Epl and only 12 goals says it all. Valencia – 17Mill = another Nani. HAHAHAHAH I’m laughing my ass off.
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06/10/2009 17:39:00

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06/10/2009 17:40:00

If you think Berbatov is a joke you don't know football granted he hasn't scored all that many goals but he's more than that he creates chances, chances where he puts in on a plate for his team mates so stop reading the tabloids. You are very harsh on Valencia considering he's played less than 10 games this season when United have only played 13 in total. Anderson and Nani may be a joke but the season we bought them we won the PL and the Champions League, what the hell has Torres won in 3 years? He's scored goals but it hasn't won you nothing which the last time I checked is what football is about especially in your deluded land. Also Nani and Anderson are so bad that at such a young age they bossed your midfield and made your defence look like mugs (in reference to games in 07/08) You dippers have changed your tune about Alonso and moan about how Torres has nobody up front to play with and then agree with sale of Crouch. As for Keane stop reading the gossip column, he'll stay at Spurs and if Benitez is the gaffer he should have final say on players blaming that on Parry is a kop out. Especially when he's signed class players who have then come to your club and done sweet FA a la Morientes & Keane.
Report Abuse
06/10/2009 17:55:00

@NotoriousRedDevil - Are you joking me? No really are you kidding me? Where do I begin? Lets start from your first point about Berbatov. 1. As I pointed out he has only scored 12 goals and has 10 assists in 39 games, so what chance’s has he created? But ok let’s say he does a lot for the team that aren’t counted on the stat sheets. The real question is does he do enough to warrant a 30 Million pound transfer fee? HELL NO. Even to his own admission he has been poor, so please explain to me what is it that you know about football that I don’t that would make you say 30 million dollars for him was a good deal. 2. I’m being harsh on Valencia am I? His only played 10 games has he? So I’m guessing he used to play in a different league and I don’t know much about him. No I’m not being harsh just a realist. I have watched Valencia play for a few seasons now and know enough about him to tell you he wasn’t worth 17 Million pounds, at most he was worth 10 maybe 11 Million. 3. Torres has not won anything so Nani and Anderson are better? Is that what you trying to say? That’s the stupidest thing I have ever read. I bet 100bucks that you and Red nose would give up Nani and Anderson in a heart beat in exchange for Torres. Also according to your logic players that sit on the bench at a club that wins everything are better players then players that play and carry their team to second place. And if Anderson and Nani are so good why are most Scum fans so unhappy with them and why can’t they even start matches for your team? 4. Keane was Parry’s buy and any half intelligent person knows that and that’s why Rafa fought so hard to get full control of transfers this summer when he signed another contract and Parry was fired. So next time you try to write a replay sit down and think about what your going to say that way your arguments wont have so many holes. To deny that Berb, Nani, Anderson and Valencia have not lived up to their price tags is an understatement, and I sated in my first post if you want to laugh at your enemy first make sure your own house is in order.
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07/10/2009 04:41:00

Being a United fan I don't look at transfer fees, I can't remember the last time we didn't pay over the odds for an attacking player. We always pay through the nose to get players that we are after because of how succesful we are. Same applies to Chelski funnily enough it doesn't apply to you until you stumped up £17 million for Johnson. Who isn't worth it but you needed a full back and got a decent one who you paid to much for. £17 million for up and coming talent is the going rate for youngsters have a look around all the clubs in Europe. We actually paid £12 million for Anderson depending on what source you look at. Also both of them have played a fair amount of games. Nani didn't last season but he scored some fairly important goals in 07/08. He's 22 I believe so its not as if we've signed someone at their peak! I don't believe you about Keane so thats the end of that one. I'll compare Valencia to Pennant except I expect Valencia to push on and do something unlike Pennant who was supposed to solve your wing problems and will only judge him at the end of the season since I didn't watch that many Wigan games over the years. The difference between us two teams is our squad. We have one. You don't. Thats why we've lost one game and you've lost 4. Then you moan about the owners, the chief executive everyone but the gaffer when the harsh reality is Benitez has spent truckloads of dosh on useless players and not utilised talent at his disposal because his man-management skills are poor. Last season was a one-off dippers enjoy battling for 4th with cit-eh. Even if we don't win the league this year we'll most certainly make it 19 before you do. Now off to your bin for tomorrow supper. I'm done with you fool.
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07/10/2009 05:09:00

You are correct in giving us grief about Keane, after all it is not like you lot spent £17 million on a player who has less than 5 first team games. Anyone even remember Tosic?
Report Abuse
07/10/2009 12:14:00

@ NotoriousRedDevil - WOW your arguments makes less sense every time you write, so according to you because you’re MANYOO you pay over the odds for half decent players? And it’s not a problem for your club, that’s what you’re saying right? And as you pointed out we hadn’t until Johnson. Will great see that already proves my point that your owners are willing to spend but our owners make Rafa sell before he could buy. Now I’m not sure what source your talking about but Anderson fee has been quoted as £18 million every where I have read. Sure he plays a lot but as I pointed out before he is no better then our Lucas whom Rafa paid £6 Million for and he also plays a lot of games for us. Nani is 22? No ****? Guess what so is Babel, and guess what else they are both not living up to their potential so explain to me how it is that Nani could still reach his potential but Babel has been a failure due to Rafa’s “man-management skills” Buddy as I said before sit down think about your argument then start writing things down. As far you calling me a “dipper” and saying “I'm done with you fool” it is clear that you are losing the argument and are trying to get out of it by being childish with your name calling, how sad you are
Report Abuse
07/10/2009 15:03:00

KB1 - Correction......we spent 16.5mil on Ljalic AND Tosic!
Report Abuse
07/10/2009 17:42:00

Klutch - I find it funny that you have the guts to laugh at the players we've bought when these are the same players we used in sweeping trophies the past years. Where have the players you've bought gotten you in the past 5 years? FA Cup trophy in '06? Well good for you! Well....we'll take our flops with our 5 trophies in 3 years and you take yours with your.....ummm......
Report Abuse
07/10/2009 17:47:00

Thats it still defend Rafa despite him being a terrible manager, incapable of bringing the best out of players and so sells them, incapable of putting in a consistent challenge for the title, incapable of winning even the smallest of silverware and has even lost the backing of the owners. He has got you liverpool fans strung up nicely
One United 92
Report Abuse
07/10/2009 17:52:00

Remember lads trophies don't matter only results against United ;-)
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07/10/2009 18:42:00

Wow - lot of tripe to trawl through - but do we really care about Rafa the Dapper Gaffer?
Report Abuse
07/10/2009 20:21:00

I suppose not it seems if United fans have any opinion about any other clubs they are outcasted and deemed not relevant. On a side note anyone see Owen on Sky Sports saying he's at the Biggest Club in the World. I must say I did enjoy that.
Report Abuse
07/10/2009 20:42:00

Didn't he say the same at Madrid?
Report Abuse
08/10/2009 13:24:00

It's not the fact that you have opinions NeRD (or is it FU?). It's the patronizing and arrogant manner in which they're put that gets peoples goat. But then again, the rags have been doing this for years and are obviously immune to how offensive they aappear to other fans.
Report Abuse
08/10/2009 22:23:00

fifth - I find it hard to believe that YOU of all are talking about offending other fans!? What have you been doing on here the past 5 weeks? Another thing.....we have the right to be arrogant as we have the trophies and history to back it up! You dippers are just arrogant and think you'll own the world in two weeks! You put posters around the city and shopping centers to brag about what I don't know. THAT is arrogance of the highest order. That is arrogance that goes through all the way to the owner! That is the arrogance of a childish club going nowhere fast!
Report Abuse
09/10/2009 00:08:00

As opposed to the arrogance of having a clock denoting how many years it is since City won a trophy at Castle Greyskull? Give it but can't take it. And didn't your manager call city a 'small club' after previously deeming that sort of behaviour arrogant. Hypocritical as ever. You will be worshipping a scouser next, oh hang on...
Report Abuse
09/10/2009 15:20:00

KB1 - Again....our arrogance can be backed! We've earned the right to be arrogant. They haven't earned anything but they act like they own the world! Just like the way you never let us forget 18-5 and how you're the most successful blah blah blah! That's why we strive to be successful so we can show off! And aren't they just a small club with a wealthy owner? Spurs, Villa and Everton are all bigger!
Report Abuse
10/10/2009 02:58:00

Hmm, I wonder whether all these City fans will pipe down when their owner actually realises what he has wasted money, i mean 'invested' in, and decides to move on?
One United 92
Report Abuse
11/10/2009 14:02:00

"KB1 - Again....our arrogance can be backed! We've earned the right to be arrogant." FU, I must say that is one of the greatest things I've ever read. I'm going to quote that to every football fan I know. Thank you so much, I really do take my hat off to you for that one.
Report Abuse
13/10/2009 21:06:00

Oh, and one U****d 92 (the year the world began) I would expect your owners to be departing long before ours do. Of course, they might stay a bit longer if the fans will accept a 50% hike in season ticket prices in order to pay off the interest on your loans...
Report Abuse
13/10/2009 21:09:00


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