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Owen To United? Worst Joke Of The Summer

I know some people are desperate that it's already, erm, July 2 and we haven't signed anyone yet, apart from Antonio Valencia. But really, folks, get a grip: Michael Owen to Old Trafford?

Bookmakers apparently slashed the odds as a number of punters backed him to make the switch from Newcastle but surely this is the worst joke of the summer. Those who actually believe it's possible should have their heads examined: they imply that Fergie will sign a player who's lost his pace and his link-up play, passing, workrate are all average, his only outstanding quality being his finishing.

Add to this his astronomical wages and that he's spending more time in treatment rooms than on the pitch and you have a clear picture of a player who must be kept away from Old Trafford. This rumour is a worse joke than Tevez's insistence that Fergie made a mistake by not starting him in Rome...

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The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 2 2009

Time: 5:41PM

Your Comments

Not sure this is as crazy as you might think. With Berba and Rooney as starters any new striker would have to accept a regular role on the bench or at least heavy rotation. You also don't want a player that is going to limit the development of to very good prospects in Welbeck and Macheda. With Owens injuries and professinalism he we would be accepting of this role. As far as being a hitman, the stats don't lie, he's one of the most efficient striker in the league in terms of shots to goals - and lets not forget that as well as being played out of position, newcasle were battling relegation. He knows he could never demand what he was earning at newcastle. If he was on a performance based contract with a £40K basic and £10K for appearances and goals he'd either be getting paid less than Djemba-Djemba was to do nothing or he'd be earning £100k a week to score hatricks. If it didn't work out some crazy turkish team would still be willing to pay £1M for him next season and we'd recover the wages. I'd rather see a proven englishman with a dodgy leg playing an effective bit part role than pay £30M+ for an aguero, fabiano or huntelaar who may well be just as useless in england as michael owen has the potential to be. We have nothing to lose but a bit of pride if it goes wrong, but everything to gain. Berba and Rooney are happy as starters and Macheda and Welbeck don't see their chances limited too much. Having said that, I still want us to take a punt on Marcus Berg!
Zae if this guy was fit then I wouldn't mind,if fergie was serious about welbeck and his world cup chances,then he will surely play many games in this season and hence a move for another big striker does not make any sense.Plus at newcastle even a great player will look average or worst as they just don't have any creator in that team.Yes Owen is not the same player he once was but with our creativity,he can atleast finish the chances that so often r missed by our players.His fitness and his wages r the biggest hurdles for me.If he is ready to slash his wages to 30000-40000 in that bracket and can prove his fitness,then this deal can surely be considered.
his wages would only be £40k, and signing him would mean more time on the pitch for rooney and berbatov as owen wouldnt expect to start everygame and he also gets injured :| i think this a gamble i wouldnt mind us taking
If anyone can take such risk then its fergie.Remember the 2006-07 season when he sold rudd and bought no one,instead he relied on saha who is as injury prone as owen if not better.So Zae don't rule out anything as in that season it was an even bigger risk with no back up if saha got injured atleast till the jan. transfer window.Here we atleast have berba and rooney as our prefered strike force.
I can see this one stunning a few but making thousands guffaw!
Without being funny, surely some of you should show a little more respect to Owen. There is no guarantee that he'll be injured again next season - and a fit Michael Owen is a far better goalscorer than Dimitar Berbatov will ever be...
TLOZ - a 'fit' Michael Owen? Is it possible to use those words in a sentence together!?? Berbatov might not score loads but he offers so much more in all other areas.
Surely a joke.
Owen is 1/3 to join United on sky bet. Have the bookies got some insider knowledge? With those odds they seem pretty certain! Worst case scenario is that he comes in gets injured and doesn't play. We still have four other strikers. As longs as the others stay fit, we have nothing to worry about.
This wont do much for fan confidence, we lose Benzema and Ronnie to Real and now we are linked to a player well out of his prime who has possibly just had his worst ever season, next we'll be linked with Shevchenko, surely theres a good striker hanging about in Italy or somewhere else with a half decent league.
personally i dont think its a bad signing. he will be a bit-part player at the start and then maybe get his fitness back up and playing reguarly. If we can get him on a pay as you play contract i think its a great signing.
I agree rooneyisgod, As long as he isn't on stupidly high wages his signing could be a master stroke. Anyone we sign is a risk as there are no great stikers outside the top 5 or clubs in the premier league and anyone from outside the league will be hit or miss. Look at Forlan, miss for us - HUGE hit for villareal and Athletico Madrid! Michael Owen will be HUNGRY - he will want to prove the doubters wrong on a big stage and win his england place back.
Nice, sell Ronaldo and buy and Valencia then allow Tevez to leave and get Owen on free. I like what Red Nose is thinking. I could see it now with 15mins left, the game is tied 0-0 against Hull city but United have a free kick outside the box, Valencia steps up OOooo and a miss. That’s ok Red nose has a super sub, a player that will give it his all, a player that will die for the fans, a player that wont give up till the final whistle HERE COMES TEV.... O SORRY OWENNNNN. Owen's first touch and his INJURED wow I did not see that coming. lol not the same is it.
Yeah, we never got a single draw when Ronaldo took freekicks and Tevez came off the bench. Idiot.
LOL someone sounds a little frustrated. O and I’m sure Ronaldo and Tevez didn't turn a lot of draws into wins for you guys last season. Don't worry you will get my point in a few months. Idiot hahahah
Telegraph says: 'Michael Owen joins Manchester United'
I'll be interested to see what you'll be saying if Owen and Valencia (who I think would be two very good signings) are both pivotal to your season next year.
Not frustratedKlutch, I just think that it takes a special kind of idiot to share their mental masturbation over Man Utd dropping two points, in a scenario based entirely on their imagination,
LOL sure sound frustrated. Its ok, its ok everything is going to be alright buddy just chill. But like I said you will get my point in a few months when your team starts tying ***** teams and Owen is being stretched of the field.
SING HIM! Good player. Ole Gunnar Solskjær was injured at then got 15 goals for you when coming back!
Klutch, you seem pretty confident that time will prove you right, and in all honesty without a crystal ball I cannot say that you are wrong. But IF we do sign him, personally I can't see what we have to lose by giving him a chance. Yes we could give a chance to an aguero, a fabiano or a nilmar but if they got injured or just turned out to be ****, I can think of a few million things we would have lost. Veron, Forlan, Shevchenko, Morientes, Jo - Premier league history is littered with big names and big fees who didn't exactly set the world on fire, despite the amount of money that was spent. This is a no lose situation for us (assuming he has a pay as you play style contract) and though I may be overly optimistic, and he might turn out to be the worst signing ever (how he could be worse than djemba I don't know), if Sir Alex thinks he's good enough to help us win the premier league; then I'm gonna agree - Fergies recent record in that competition leads me to believe that he has a good idea what it takes to win it.
@tuscan3000 - Cheers to that, but I hope he will be a flop not cause I got anything against Owen just cause I hope all players that go to United will be big flops. Good luck in the new season, mmmh not really ;)
@ Zae, not you lot. EGG.ON.FACE.
Apparently it is going to happen Zae.
Then so be it........
Welcome Michael Owen to the theatre of dreams,hopefully u will be able to revive your fortunes and prove everyone wrong.
don't know what to think about this. owen is a world class striker but its been a long time since he has shown that class. fascinating stuff
Worst joke of the summer? Thats ur club :p
Look at Mystic Mug up there ... nice prediction! LOL
Congratulations. If you can accept a former Liverpool player, a player who was the hero of millions of Liverpool fans, he's a good signing. It says a lot about Michael Owen, though. To join Man Utd after spending so many years at Liverpool is disrespectful, to say the least.
To be fair Aamir, your club hasn't exactly tried to welcome him back with open arms. Hindsight has shown that the Madrid move was an error on his part, but whether it was benitez or someone else at the club - he's not been forgiven. At 29 its a bit harsh to tell the guy he should retire and he has the oppertunity of a lifetime in terms of getting back into the world cup squad. What would you do? Sign for a (very successful) rival or rot away at hull out of respect for a team that for the most part, has watched you flounder in the wilderness for years? As an englishman I'm pleased for Owen because he isn't a *****er and in football the *****ers seem to have all the luck. Its about time a nice guy got a break!
Not really interested in discussing the relative merits of signing Michael Owen. What is interesting about this whole saga is that United are not being seriously linked with any big money moves, but rather signing free's and sniffing around the Ligue1 bargain basement. I'm not saying that you might not surprise us all with a huge signing (Valencia was no surprise), but at the moment your lack of transfer spending must have more than a few of your fans worried, surely? The ronaldo cash was supposed to be arriving in one lump sum from RM and Fergie was alleged to be getting the bulk of it to spend on replacements for the winker and Tevez. Doesn't look like that's true at the moment though, so ask yourself the question - What have the Glazers done with the cash?
I'm an Englishman too and until today, I would curse Fabio Capello every time he lefft Owen out of the squad but moving to Man Utd is too much. He grew up at LFC so he knows exactly what this move means to Liverpool fans. He took the club on a ride for over a year and probably cost them over £30 million by moving to RM when he did. But most Liverpool fans forgived him for that. He rejected Liverpool and moved to Newcastle, probably because he was offered at more money at Newcastle. But most Liverpool fans forgived that. Now he's moving to Man Utd when he could probably move to a big team abroad or to a smaller Premier League team. Liverpool fans can't forgive that.
I don't think the Glazers have done anything with the cash fifthcolumnblue. United have spent alot of money on anderson, nani, ljajic and tosic, berbatov and hargreaves and (as we have always done) we are going to give them their chance to make the grade. Liverpool might be happy to get rid of dossena, degen, riera, robbie keane within a season and chelsea might be happy to go a similar way with bosingwa, boulahrouz, sidwell etc but we don't have to try and buy the title - we invest in players and don't immediately go for the quick fix. Fergie has no reason to blow £100M on big names just because nobody outside of old trafford has faith in the players we already have. I have no idea who you expect us to sign but as far as I can see there aren't many players out there who are guaranteed to bring success along with their hefty price tags. If we're honest, the reason United are so successful is that they don't have cavalier attitude with money. Whilst chelsea can throw £30M at shevchenko, watch him bomb, give him away for free and buy another - United usually suffer with their mistakes - djemba, kleberson, bellion, Veron and maybe in the future Berba. But United have never bought star power (it usually fails when we try) - we buy potential at bargain basement prices and make our own stars. (yes I'm aware that we paid £30M for Rooney and Rio but their success in the last three years makes them bargains for me!)
Tuscan, why would we want to get rid of Riera? He as fantastic in the early part of the season and although he petered out a bit, he will be a big part of any title challenge.
Tuscan, why would we want to get rid of Riera? He as fantastic in the early part of the season and although he petered out a bit, he will be a big part of any title challenge.
Do you lot want Voronin aswell? Owen was never a LFC legend, always England first and club second. This is all about next seasons World Cup.
aamir i agree, i cant believe that after the whole moving to madrid on the last day of the transfer season and leaving us no time to sign anyone wasn't enough then going to newcastle instead of coming back home and then i was starting to get over all that he goes and does this NO FECKING CHANCE now....... i agree about not expecting him to rot at a team like hull but he also had offers from villa and even everton i could liver with him moving to everton but manure the bloke is dead to me and now will NEVER EVERRRR be a liverpool legend his just a player that once played for a club that was too good for him..... when im at anfield next season it wont be a cheer i give him you have more chance of me spitting at him just to show the amount of respect he has shown us liverpool fans....
I thought I heard a rumour that Riera was heading back to spain, I'm probably mistaken. My point was really to say that everyone wants us to spend for the sake of spending despite the fact that other clubs have done that in the past without success. I just hate the idea that any expensive foreign name is instantly seen as an improvement on an english player who has already proved himself in our league. Also, wasn't Owen an everton fan growing up? Surely, the signs were there that rivalries mean little to him in the face of his own career prospects? Are you sure that Benitez tried to sign Owen? I thought it was reported that he didn't bid because of the stupid price.
tuscan - you know as well as anyone else that if a player wants to go to a team he will get his way..... we did make a bid for him but newcastle topped it up by 4-6mill extra but if he wanted to come back he could of...... i have no problem with man u going after any player they want but owen should know how disrespectful this move is to us..... just remember a certain paul ince the only difference is that owen WAS a hero,icon and legend too many fans but he just virtually spat in our faces with this one as i said we forgave him for so much but this.......NEVER NOT IN MILLION YEARS.........
I don't care who he played for, his nationality or who he supports he's just not good enough you all talk about him as an impact sub but lets be honest our no. 2 striker Berbatov has made very little impact as is and Macheda has made a pretty decent impact off the bench already lets be honest to be linked with, Aguero, Benzema, Villa and then to turn on sky sports news and hear we're signing Owen is incredibly disheartening, he's been linked with Hull and Stoke for ***** sake.
why not owen? I think this is going through... after all, he's on a free so we can't really lose. I do think this will happen and i'm not too sure it isn't a masterstroke - certainly for nothing!
Man utd champions
Yep, Tuscan, you were mistaken just like the author of this article. ;) And Carragher grew up a bluenose but he's as loyal to Liverpool as anyone could ever be.
Zae wait till things are official before you spout your mouth off, try dealing with facts!!!!!!!!!!
Mercenary Owen only cares about 'brand Owen' and his chances of playing for England. Hope he rots in the Utd stiffs.
What does this say to the likes of Rooney and Berbatov that their only experienced competition for a place is Michael Owen, Berbatov wasn't the most motivated player with Tevez challenging for a place, players need realistic competition to keep them on their toes, why did we let Saha go if we're going to bring in the bloke who kept him company in the hospital.
Whats the point in a player who relied on his pace for years who now cant run, its like buying a 3 ft dwarf as a target man.
If owen is fit he provides much more competition than tevez because -HE SCORE GOALS!!!!
Congratulations for beating Hull to his signing. Q positive spin on his signing. And to the arrogant imbecile that is Zae. HAHAHA
Now you will have two Owens in the treatment room! Heard you are keen to take Robben also? :p
West DerbyRed couldnt agree more mate. He said he woudl never do a Bosman on us and then did. Still, him leaving means we won the CL and got Torres....Could be a lot worse
5 times
Very good, Tuscan. You classify as a moron. Owen will spend more time in your treatment table than that Bayern player you lot bought. Out-Ronaldo Tevez. In- Valencia, Owen. WOW!
Worst Joke of the summer is.. wait for it... Alex fergusson... " I won't sell that Mob my virus"....
Pipe down JT, your lot have some work to do in the transfer market before you go criticising our signings.
lol. surely he wont sign. then what does he go and do? sign

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