Manchester United - Does Arshavin Hold The Key?
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Does Arshavin Hold The Key?

Today`s M.E.N (Manchester Evening News) reports that the likely transfer of Arshavin to Spurs will pave the way for United to make a 28 million approach for long-term target Dimitar Berbatov.

Now, though it`s not for me to discuss the transfer dealings of another club, I can't quite understand this recent obsession with the rose-cheeked Russian playmaker. I have read the stories of his troubled past, which never allowed him to fully achieve his true potential; however it doesn`t quite rub with me. How can a player who 'supposedly` performed so well in Euro 2008 be a virtual unknown for the previous 8 years? Some of you may be asking why I used the word 'supposedly`; but let`s remember he only played 3 games at Euro 2008, the third of which he was a complete obsolete. I mean, do two good performances in the Euro`s and a decent UEFA Cup campaign really merit the ludicrous sum of money Zenit are demanding? Surely the distinct lack of interest in the player should act as warning to Spurs to stay well away. But alas, I am diverging...

Indeed, the real point of this article was to discuss the possibility of Berbatov finally being able to join United. It has been long known that Sir Alex is a keen admirer of the 27-year old; and with the odd exception the possible signing of Berbatov is seen as a good thing amongst United fans.

I mean, 28 million is alot of money, but when you look at today`s market, a market in which Gareth Barry is valued at 18 million and Bentley at 15 million; we must surely look on this as a good piece of business. The likelihood is that Berbatov is our only target and thus his signing would be out only piece of business this year. No doubt this article will attract many a Spurs fan who will spout the same old crap about Levy`s dossier (how is that going by the way, chaps?) and the fact they will sell him for 2.50 and a packet of Cheese and Onion crisps to Barcelona just to spite us, but the reality is Spurs are a club in need of money. They have spend upwards of 65 million since Ramos came and though prising an impressive 20 million from Liverpool for Robbie Keane, they need money. Especially if the rumours we hear about David Villa and the like are true.

So, despite the fact all still remains in limbo, I think we can safely say that this will be sorted out sooner rather than later, one way or the one really wants this dragging into the season.

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The Journalist

Writer: United4Life  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 31 2008

Time: 2:00PM

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All this transfer stuff is doing my noggin in! I want proper footy!
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31/07/2008 14:09:00

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31/07/2008 14:11:00

I dont get the bit where you say we need money? Why do we? I think Berbatov will end up with you guys, but I don't see why we should just accept UTD terms, I think we are just making a stand against you guys coming in for our better player every year or two!
Shropshire Yid
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31/07/2008 15:00:00

oh he he he so much traffic on this site
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31/07/2008 15:01:00

rememeber spurs haven't been taken over by some yank yet
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31/07/2008 15:06:00

How do you work out we are in need of money ?? Total transfer spend =43 mil Total transfer income =39 mil So we have spend 4 mil this summer
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31/07/2008 15:07:00

hahahaha we need the money... makes me laugh what about the 32 odd million u need of tevez.... tottenham have rejected your bids, how are they desperate for money. Spurs are not in debt unlike Man Ure. the price is 30m uk, 25m abroad... so if Fergie wants to buy meet the asking price or shut up & no makewaeghts with your cast brown or Saha who combined are woth 4m. If you wanna swap... We will have Ronaldo... I think thats a fair deal...
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31/07/2008 15:12:00

Dont believe everything you hear in the media thats all im saying....
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31/07/2008 15:17:00

Lack of money? Ha! We'll buy United and have it knocked down!
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31/07/2008 15:21:00

this is true spurs dont need the money and as for the tapping up, we will just have to agree to disagree. Its all very well saying spurs should stay away from arshavin but you seem to forget unlike the untouchable 'top4' other teams have to do what is known as taking a gamble. We cant buy the finished article like you can, we have to have a punt and hope it works out, then if it works, the top 4 come along and pick them up when they are ripe thus ensuring the top 4 monopoly continues. The whole thing wrong, its killing football but thats the way it is. the sooner fergie coughs up the better united, spurs and berbatov will be.
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31/07/2008 15:22:00

We don't need the money, that's just lazy for you to say that really... We aren't getting Villa, I think everyone knows he's too good for us at Spurs for the next few years... He's at Valencia anyway, so unless he is desperate for prem football and we are the only club in for him. I think you'll end up paying 25m-28m, he's not played in our last 2 friendlies now, which tells me there's something going on, unless he's just trying tio have a good look at Bent... I just want it sorted as I'm sure you all do... By the way - there's no one else in for Arshavin so that should tell us something.. is that not including Barca? also, does that mean, we should base all our transfers on the scouts of other clubs and if they want them... we were in for him last year as well, before the Euro's, so they aren't basing it on 2 good games there... anyway, good luck, rather you than Chelsea next year, and until we finally catch you (if ever) I hope it's you lot that keep doing it.
Dan Mac
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31/07/2008 15:28:00

Interesting point about arshavin being unheard of, but wasn't that exactly the same as berbatov before we signed him? I do agree that based on a couple of good performances it is hard to see why we want him, but I trust in ramos and cannot argue with the players he has signed so far so no need to worry IMO...
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31/07/2008 15:28:00

...and if tevez is worth 32m, surely berba is worth 40m...?
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31/07/2008 15:29:00

here here skins.... dont forget saha was worth 15m.... does he actually have a squad number. if Rio is worth 29m then berba is a striker and worth at least double Rio fee
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31/07/2008 15:33:00

arshavin couldn't ever hold the key to berbatovs transfer... If a replacement is being lined up for him it would more likely be pavluchenko or some other bigger player who's able to hold up the ball along with decent heading... arshavin might hold on to the ball quite well, but what would bentley be aiming for??? Arshavin is an att. mid. anyway or striker in the hole... No... sorry Utd. Arshavin is NOT the key...
Allan Nielsen
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31/07/2008 15:35:00

i hope berbatov comes 2 united as he will be a great signing
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31/07/2008 15:35:00

I think Arshavin could be a gem for you guys, hope you get him. We haven't paid 32m for Tevez, though to compare him and Berba age has to be taken into account, as well as different play styles.
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31/07/2008 15:37:00

I honestly think that Berbatov will be staying... Hutton..........woodgate...........King............Bale Huddlestone Modric Bentley Dos Santos Arshavin Berbatov Nice eh
Allan Nielsen
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31/07/2008 15:39:00

Arshhavin (attackin midfielder) is not a replacement for Berba. So I dont think the two transfers are related. Only when we have his replacement I think he will be off remember we just sold Keane and that just leaves us with Bent and dos santos.
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31/07/2008 15:45:00

I think the two can only be linked if Red Nose wants to have a look at Arshavin in the Premiership for a season before buying him from us as well...or not if he's rubbish. It's more likely that Levy is just going to hold out for whatever his asking price really is while he tries to give Ramos all the players he needs to succeed without Berbatov. If he succeeds then Berbatov will only go if the full price is met and if he doesn't, there may be some room for negotiation, but not much. I don't expect Berbatov to go until around Aug 31.
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31/07/2008 15:50:00

So what about the other Russian, pavlova? You still in for him?
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31/07/2008 15:51:00

Arshavin unheard of? Proves how little you actually know about football. Spurs were interested in him back in january, this isn't about the euro performances at all.
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31/07/2008 15:53:00

I believe Spurs are in the money and ManUSA are the debt ridden ones!!
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31/07/2008 15:54:00

Tosswink - According to the media there's not a player alive that spurs aren't interested in. Apparently we have deals lined up for Arshavin and Pavlyuchenko but whether Ramos would let us enter season with 5-6 first teamers with no PL experience is questionable. I'm actually starting to think Berbatov will stay, we've showed that we won't roll over and accept Uniteds terms so Fergie will probably turn to a more economic alternative
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31/07/2008 16:16:00

Come now, thats a stupid statement! I'm sure your not in for Dong... :)
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31/07/2008 16:20:00

Well from the off I suspected this tapping up storm was an ingenious ploy to lure Dong away from Old Trafford. And lets be fair, with regular first team football he could easily become a 5 goal a season striker, 7 or 8 with penalties ;)
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31/07/2008 17:53:00

It's all very simple. Arshavin isn't overrated because Ramos has been following him for years and Ramos doesn't sign average players. Using the same logic, Pavlyuchenko (sp) won't be signing. (unless berba goes)
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31/07/2008 19:11:00

even if Arshavin goes to Spurs, it doesn't mean Berba will come your way.
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31/07/2008 21:07:00

Can i just make a few points. Ive always had a thing for man utd it started when you used to beat arsenal everyyear sinse 99 and continued up to your excellent championsleague victory. But this anti spurs vile you have been coming out with by not only memebers of this site but the editor with his insulting polls mocking our club is really classless. Levy may be right and may be wrong and sure you have the right to criticise but what have we really done that offends you? Honestly some of the members on here make certain Chelsea fans look classy. Fergie has been playing dirty tricks for years and its part and parcel of the modern game and i for one accept it. So whats wrong with Levy demanding a massive transfer fee or playing ball with you guys? Im sure Berba will go for a fee around 30million whos terrible workrate will really show up to be terrible playing along side rooney and tevez. So honestly calm down lads. They way you guys feel about Ronaldo is the same we now feel over berba, if he doesnt want to play for us, ***** him. Good luck next season lads
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01/08/2008 01:40:00

I can't see Spurs selling until they have a replacement ready. Not sure if the ruski will succeed in the prem but who really cares what the spuds do.
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01/08/2008 10:14:00

Good constructive comment there Storagematt. You must seem to care or surely you wouldn't have posted.
North Upper
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01/08/2008 16:04:00

or if ronaldo goes to madrid will you sign berbatov and arshavin
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01/08/2008 16:14:00

Arshavin loves Barca - Spurs would be a major dispapointment don't you think!
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01/08/2008 21:41:00

Arshavin will be a HUUUUUUUUGE flop. He's just a player that had a couple of decent games, and this whole arshavin-thing will burst like a bubble. Him also making comments like "you havent seen nothing yet!" are plain stupid. He's 28, he's played 1 good much out of 3 in the Euro and thats its. I think hes shown what he can. I hope Spurs buy him though, so that we can get Berbatov! Rio n Vida will squash arshavin like a buuuuuuuuuuug!
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02/08/2008 13:39:00

Not Berba! please!
Report Abuse
07/08/2008 00:43:00

I don't think Arshavin would be that bad, but more to the point, why didn't we bid for that Pavvlychenko (didn't spell that right) guy? He looked pretty good for Russia, and I'd like to see him with Rooney or Tevez...
Man utd champions
Report Abuse
20/08/2008 09:59:00


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