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Ł38M For Berbatov - Levy's Having A Laugh

Tottenham reportedly demand Ł38m for Dimitar Berbatov - and United will not pay it.

The English press report that we have pulled out of our pursuit of Berbatov after learning that Spurs will not lower the aforementioned price which is quite frankly ridiculous.

Berbatov is a class act. His first touch is unrivalled in the Premier League, he's a good finisher and a threat in the air as well. His intelligence on and off the ball is obvious and he would be a huge asset for United.

But come off it, Ł38m? He's 27, his last season was mediocre at best - I know it wasn't because of his skills but because of lack of motivation but still -, and he's never played in the Champions League yet.

United are reportedly ready to pay Ł20m which is much closer to a realistic price. Maybe too low but Ł25m, for example, is really a reasonable amount for Berbatov - and I don't think Spurs will be able to extract any more money from any club for the Bulgarian who, according to Levy himself, expressed his desire to leave the club.

UPDATE: I of course overlooked the fact that Berbatov had played for Bayer Leverkusen before Tottenham and as such, he's got Champions League experience - he even played in the final in 2002!

Thanks for everyone pointing it out, now I'm going to put my head in a bucket of water. I still say that he's not worth Ł38m, though.

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The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 28 2008

Time: 4:40PM

Your Comments

If you have laid out 32m for Tevez and you will pay up to 18m for Carrick and 25m for Hargreaves then you should expect to pay 30m for Berbatov, you just think you can unsettle a player and have it your own way at a price you like, bollox to that pay up or ***** off
38m??? A "bit" too much?
Fan of Blues
As spurs just said, if you are paying that for monkey boy then pay the asking price for Berbatov, he has played Champs league for Leverkusen. You can bully clubs with money but like Carrick, if you want the player pay the price...
Well you know what you can do if you don't want to pay it.....**** off and find another player. He has two years left on his contract and another two years option on our side so pay up or forget it. You don't have a divine right for these players, maybe if you had any foresight then you would have got him two years ago.
I like you little poll, apparently vital Rael madrid have one up about Manure...
Yeah, I do think the great Spurs are having a laugh, and us spurs fans are laughing, how come Spam Utd fans ain't laughing. Oh no, because the joke is on them. I'd be happy to see Berba leave for 20 (to Barcalona!!) LOL
i miss vinny samways
End of the day Spurs are trying to price him out of the market and Berbatov has actually played in a Champions League final - Real Madrid vs Bayer Leverkusen in 2002!!!! Hope he stays COYS
If you dont think Berbas worth 30M then you obviously dont watch enough of him to judge! If Tevez is 32M Berba is a hell of alot better then Tevez! do you expect us to give you our best player, just because he has expressed a desire to leave? even the most hard up ManUre fan must admit that Ronaldo has to a certain degree expressed a desire to leave! i dont see man u cutting his price so why the F**k should we! And for the record Mr journal of the year, Berba has played CL football with Bayer Lev.
I think the point is Spurs dont really want to sell him, AND if we are they want to sell him abroad for 25-30m but if another Prem club want him the price goes up, Im sure you united boys wouldnt want to play against Ronaldo next season in a Chelsea team for example. 20M may well be a resonable price but if a club doesnt want to sell, then you have to make it worth there while.
funny... i think the price is having the desired effect...! you might want to learn about the player before you start talking the odds though... he was the driving force behind Leverkusen going all the way to the final and scored against (your mates) Real Madrid. Typical, likes to shout and look foolish dont you!!! As for Spurs being your new 'Feeder Club'... get bent you ####ing reprobates, youve had Carrick and we pulled your pants down there and if you want Berbs, we'll do it again... you might like taking our players, but we'll take all your cash, or loan repayments...!
We'll let you have him for 15m when he's 30 hows that??
38m is too much, but that's the market for you. Premiership clubs always pay more then continental ones.. so take it or leave it. If Tevez is 32m, then Berbi is surly worth the same! I'd say 30m would be fair for all parties and defo no less then 25m...
"and he has never played in the champs league"......i think you will find he has played in the champs league for bayern to do you homework first, before you look really silly!....if ronaldo is worth 70 to 90 mil as is being reported then berba is definately worth 38mil....its neither here nor there anyway, as im sure levy would rather loan him to s****horpe than sell him to whiskey nose at any price.
Real Madrid feeder club!
No CL football? I'm having a laugh. He played the final for Leverkusen in 2002. And he's much better than Tevez so the price is right.
Have to agree with Woddywoo and Spurs. If you're forking out 32 million for Tevez then Berbatov is surely worth more, especially considering you're stealing him from a club he's under contract to. You argue he's 27 - how's that old then? He hasn't even reached his peak at that age. He scored 23 goals and had 11 assists last season - hardly mediocre. Tevez scored 19. He's also scored 39 goals for Bulgaria in 69 games to Tevez's 7 in 35 (surely harder to score for Bulgaria than a free flowing Argentine side wouldn't you agree?), need I go on? You tapped him, you unsettled him, now you pay what we ask for him. Most clubs might bend over and let your arrogant manager **** them up the @rse but not us. We don't have to sell as we don't need the money so if we do end up selling it will be under our rules and our say so, otherwise he can rot in the reserves. Personally I'd rather us sell him to Barcelona for less money just to p!ss Fergy off. ANyway, good luck for next season, i'd much rather you won than Arsenal Chelsea or Liverpool, even though you're fast becoming all as bad as each other!
Fat Dan
haha, i've missed you guys! Good weekends?
Errmm regarding the poll- We brought Carrick for 3.8M sold him to you for 18.5m, Brought Berbatov for 10.9M and if we sell him to you will be for 30M, so whos feeding who exactly...?
Where are all the Man U fans and replies on this thread by the way? Oh, I forgot, none of them are English (and those that are can't read or write) and most probably don't have a computer out in those obscure African countries. Genuinely though, good luck for next season.
Fat Dan
wait for the 'touched a nerve' comment from the one european supporter, until the rest of the manure 'fans' wake up in asia. For the record, paying 32mil for tevez (a reasonable player, with a game built on energy rather than class) and fergie demands 70mil for ronaldo then yes 38 is 'reasonable' by the current standard. Pleased that berbs is publicly staying silent on the matter, so if someone 'loses interst' then good for us. And when they can't renegotiate a new finance on their debt, then it all spirals out of control! and the rest of the UK will simply laugh and say 'yep, thought that might happen'.
Tricky the spur
Let's not forget the media's role in all this, frankly they are the worst offenders and shouldn't be able to stir like they do. Saying that, summer would be boring without transfer rumours...
Isn't this what Man U did to Liverpool by refusing to sell them Heinze? If you Northern Monkeys want him, why not just dig deep. Spurs fas were laughing enough when you forked out 18M for Carrick, I'd be laughing twice as hard if you stumped up 38M for the Incredible Sulk!! You can give us Rooney in Part Ex if your yanks can't afford it though...
Chris Hart
Chris Hart!! im sure with 38M we can find a better replacement then that fat p***k!!! We have at least got to replace Berba with someone as good as him!! lol
No United Fans online lol, its 00:40 in Hong Kong everyones fast asleep, bless!
Why don't Man U just keep the 38m and use it to pay for Ronaldo's sex change? Did you see him in those tight little shorts? The poor boy is clearly confused. He's not so much coming out of the closet as whacking it repeatedly with a large diamond encrusted pink dildo.
Fat Dan
Fat Dan, Prahaps thats why they want Berba, nice pretty boy to get Ronaldo to stay!
This is embarrassing now. There has to be ONE Man U fan living in England able to reply to this thread surely? Is that a tumbleweed I see floating past?
Fat Dan
Agree with whats been said.. You're a club that pays 30 million for Tevez, 18 million for Carrick and 25 mill for Hargreaves. At 38 million Berbatov is a bargain for you lot ! ha.
Sorry Zae, but that was complete nonsense, check again whether he has played in the CL or not.. as for the last season distinctly average, really!! if you had of said he was lacking motivation I could have agreed, but average, nothing about this man is average, he even warches squirrels better than anyone else (there is a link, honestly) this boy is world class and IF he yoins you you will find out exactly how good he is. the reality is pay up or shut up....
to spurs we didnt pay 25mil for hargreaves it was 20mil and zae berba has played in the champions league, he played for leverkusen vs Utd wen we lost against them
Lil Carlitos
no way we are going to pay 38m, spurs fans are morons if they think we do that.
The spurs fans do have a point Tevez will cost 30 million and Carrick who's not even an England regular cost almost 20 million plus you cant forget that Berbatov didn't do too badly last season considering where spurs finished and lets be honest the useless clowns spurs have providing service to the front men so if Fergie really wants him just pay up and laugh at spurs when they visit us with Darren bent up front. Since when is Berbatov good in the air is he a pilot or maybe he has a magic cape. I'd rather Huntelaar or Benzema to be honest, we could probably get both for 38 million. If spurs don't want to sell its their right just move on to the next target we didn't want to sell Ronaldo and he's still here, although for 70 million I'd sell him and throw in those stupid fag shorts he was wearing as well. Woddywoo, Freddya we sold Heinze, Beckham and Van Nistelrooy to Real at Fergies discretion and then brought in or already had better players, Evra, Tevez, Ronaldo that's a bit different than selling Carrick(who being honest is average) and playing Jenas, Huddlestone, or Malbranque(who are crap). Whats the problem with a club having fans from abroad, are clubs not touring the world right now to entice new fans or as the money men see it customers, its called a global brand and as much as I hate business being a big part of football nowadays it is how you stay on top the biggest clubs have a strong global support, are you lot trying to say that you would turn down new revenue streams that would for example increase your wage and transfer budgets or is being the 3rd sorry 4th club (didnt you finish behind west ham last season) in London good enough for you. So what do you reckon maybe a top half finish for spurs next season.
Spurs fans are a fickle bunch arent they - they dont believe storys of Levy's idiocy but belibe we have paid 32 million for Tevez. Sorry chaps, where you read that? The Sun I presume.
also can people st with this anti-carrick slant. he was spurs best player and he is one of ours. he is worth more than 18 million.
Ah come on he's not even our best centre midfielder, Anderson, Scholes, Hargreaves in my opinion are all much better and no he's not worth 18 million and before you bring up Gareth Barry he's not worth that either, as the best club in the prem we have to compare him with our rivals players, Chelsea have Essien and Ballack, both better than Carrick, Liverpool have Gerrard and Mascherano both better, Arsenal have Fabregas cleary better.
Carrick is class; the reason you have to go through this debate is he's not being properly utilized by Fergie. When he was with us he played 10 yards further forward where he could and did dominated many a game with his superb passing and vision. IMO to play him as a Defensive midfielder is a complete waste especially as his tackling's average at best. I always thought him and Hargreaves would make a good pairing, but it looks like 's h i t s on fabregas' has jumped ahead of him in the queue to replace Scoles
^^^ pathetic
will people stop saying we got Tevez for 32m!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS ******** BULL*****!!!!!!" we are not paying 32m, no one knows how much he will cost so stop comparing tevez FFS YOU ******** RETARDED PEOPLE
RIG - ???
Let him sulk at Spurs & get him for less in January.
spurs fans, why did you get so *****ed at united when we didnt even officially mention berbatov and then your going to sell keane to liverpool who did officially say they wanted to sign him? "Don't hate me Spurs fans! It's those nasty big clubs forcing me against my will to take that big check for a 28 year old player that I will use to buy several mediocre players and solid gold hubcaps for my company car". Can't stop laughing at the whole apology and donation thing. Not to mention the transfer that "wasn't a transfer" ******** hell, Levy really is a tool. What's really funny, though, is the Spurs fans lapping up his bull*****, after he flogged their top-scorer and club captain.
I cant belive there are Unied fans on here who rate Carrick as our fourth choice midfielder. I love all our players, but if you want consstency then Carrick is above everyone else....and I include Scholes in that. Also, to say Mascherano is better than Carrick is in my opinion a joke. I find it hard to say i agree with the spurs fans but i do.
i don't think Spurs will sell Berba anyway now that Keane is gone. if the player demands to go, then their hands will be tied and you may get the player for a fair sum.
Agreed RadioactiveD. Also, on their official website they have replaced the picture of Keane in their kit picture to that of Berbatov - not even a team as stupid as Spurs could change a player with someone who even had a chance of leaving, would they?
don't underestimate them! the only thing keeping that club afloat is Ramos, whom they're very lucky to have.
Pfff, NEXT!
forgot to add... Benzema was quoted at that price, I'd have him any day of the week over Berb.

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