Manchester United - Tevez To Join For Whopping Fee - Is He Worth It?
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Tevez To Join For Whopping Fee - Is He Worth It?

United will sign Carlos Tevez on a permanent deal worth Ł32million which is, quite frankly, an enormous amount.

What is certain that United and MSI have reached an agreement: David Gill has confirmed it on the official website.

'We have spoken to Carlos and see him as part of our long-term squad,' revealed Gill.

'We have been pleased with his first season. He is a good age - a great player and well liked within the team.

'We know what we have to do and what we have to pay. The only issue is that we would have to sort out a long-term contract for him.

'But it's not a problem - we can do it in September, October, November or December. Sir Alex has explained it to him and he is very comfortable with it.'

It's all good and I agree with it. However, Ł32m for any player is massive - it would be a British transfer record and if reports are true, we had to pay last year for taking him on loan as well.

Of course the Glazers are free to decide how much money to spend but I was under the impression that we would like to sign another striker, presumably Berbatov who would cost around Ł25million. Now, the combined cost would be Ł57m and I find it difficult to believe that without major sales we can finance such spending. So those vows of keeping Ronaldo sound a bit hollow now...

But we'll see, of course. Tevez, with his 19 goals and a lot of them very important ones, is an important player - and it is imagineable that we would spend Ł57m without selling anyone - or at least anyone apart from Pique who's already gone and Saha who is bound to depart.

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Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday July 26 2008

Time: 7:38PM

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These sensationalist headlines do not tell the truth - the deal is more likely to be 15-16 million up front, and the rest depending on appearances, etc. Which is a fair amount for a 24 year old international top class striker who is already proven in our team.
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26/07/2008 19:59:00

Wow - talk about trying to buy the title... Kidding, of course. Tevez had a pretty good season last time around - didn't get much press because of CR but it's probably worthwhile spending. Although I think it's crazy how inflated prices are these days!
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26/07/2008 20:07:00

It is alot of money but when i see Barry priced at 18 million, i can grin and bear it.
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26/07/2008 20:11:00

lol, bare it*
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26/07/2008 20:14:00

I think the 32mil is paper trash. As u4l said, the actual fees will be something like 15-16mil pounds which is a bargain!
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26/07/2008 20:16:00

Yeah but u4l - English players are apparently worth so much more than foreign ones... If Cristiano Ronaldo was English, Real would have to sell the Bernabau to be able to even think about making a bid!
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26/07/2008 20:29:00

it will be interesting to see how high it really is. 32m is a crazy sum when you consider it would be the highest ever in the EPL, and as good as Tevez is, he isn't really worthy of such prestige. then again, just look at Sheva.
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26/07/2008 20:57:00

that's it - you just go out and buy the title!
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26/07/2008 21:11:00

i agree united4life, if barry is worth 18 million then we are getting a bargain.
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26/07/2008 21:16:00

According the that rag the "NOTW" Manure have pulled out of the Berbatov bid - no wonder if this midget is worth $32 Mil, then Berba, who scores more goals, is better in the air, and can lay off the ball as good as Tevez would be worth much more. On the other hand Lord Fergie knows Spurs will sell him to any Euro club cheaper than they would to Manure and even Fergie knows he's beaten. Of course, maybe he has also chickened out as he knows he's toast for "Tapping up" Berba and is still sore from Mr. Levy shoving the "Jumped-Up Hairdresser's" infamous hairdryer up his boozy butt at full heat! Of, course I'm sure Manure supporters on here will pan Berba now after lusting after him a few days ago - too bad bumpkins - gee, before the season starts it's Spurs 1 Manure 0 - come on you Spurs!
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27/07/2008 04:29:00

Are you Spurs fans still bleating on about Levy's "evidence". Face it, if it was that concrete, we would have heared something and Fergie would be looking alot more nervous. Chnage the tune, please.
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27/07/2008 11:05:00

he is NOT worth 32m.....HE is worth 24m MAX but 20m would be fair
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27/07/2008 13:12:00

if he is worth 32m then berba is worth double.
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27/07/2008 13:30:00

NEWSFLASH - with the news that he can't get Berbatov, Fergie's nose veins have exploded and he has been taken to hospital to get the hairdryer that Levy shoved far up his butt extracted!
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27/07/2008 13:42:00

Berba isnt the only good striker out there, jeez. Spurs should be worried that they will lose him (some foreign team will buy him) rather then being happy he didnt go to Man Utd....because we can live without Berba (we just did a double) but Spurs without Berba is a very average team ;)
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27/07/2008 14:06:00

I don't know where the press is getting this 32mill from, even the United site doesn't state a fee, only Gill said they know what they have to pay and they will pay it. I bet it's more like 24mill with add-ons, and we will pay it gladly. Tevez has excelled on every team he has played for, Boca, Corinthians, the Argentina Olympic squad which he single-handedly let to the Gold medal, West Ham who he single-handedly saved from relegation, and with us last year where he scored an impressive 19 goals while not being a regular starter. Are you guys kidding me? He's also the epitome of a Red Devil,, he leaves his heart on the pitch every single game, 32mill is a fair price for this guy, the only reason he isn't chased by other top clubs is he has already stated his interest to stay in England with United. I mean my god we paid about 20mill for Carrick and Hargreaves, how is Tevez not worth 32?
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27/07/2008 14:58:00

^^ we payed 17m for Carrick (great buy) and Hargreaves (great when he plays but injury prone), lets put it this way, IMO he is not worth more then Torres, Rooney or Drogba. He gives his all but thats not enough to justify 32m (a record fee)....Alan Smith gave 100% and look at him :| 24m is his worth IMO anything more is over the top but thats life
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27/07/2008 15:48:00

agree to disagree then, imo he's only going to get better. Better than Torres? Not as productive anyway, but he ticks way more boxes as an all around player...We paid about 30 for Wayne 4 years ago....and Drogba is 30 years old, Tevez is 24 and I would much rather have el Apache over Drogs on my team, with Tevez you know what you're getting each and every game, with Drogba you never know if you're going to get the monster or the mouse. And let's face it, we've always paid a little above the market value for a player we know we want. Cheers
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27/07/2008 16:20:00

^ agree devylred, tevez is like an argentine version of wayne rooney...perhaps not the most prolific, but is a big game player who is always consistent and reliable and comes up with crucial goals. also, for a player of his ilk he has a great temperement. just look at the champiosn league final, whilst "spitter" jt and drogba were gettign their knickers in a twist, tevez calmly tried to walk away. i am delighted he will beomce ours permenantly.
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27/07/2008 17:27:00

No one is saying Tevez isnt good or we shouldnt sign him. IMO he is just not worht 32m we have Rooney who is similar so he is replaceable, a 32m should be for a special player.....much rather see us get a proper alone striker for that much, like Benzema. But I would also love to see Tevez sign for 24m.....more then that and it will be too much but i dont decide do i?
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27/07/2008 17:41:00

^I just read in another article from today that the fee is more like 20mil after considering what his owners have received in loan fees for the last year. So there goes the whole argument I guess, even though I still think he's worth it. I know what you're saying devils4ever, I too would like to see a big man up front for Rooney and Tevez to play around, and I think we'll still see that addition, it's looking less likely it will be Berbatov though.
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27/07/2008 18:46:00

how high was the sum for the aguero link? in modern football transfer fees are getting higher and higher. once someone breaks the sheva sum in the epl--and it'll happen soon--the record will be broken time and again.
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27/07/2008 19:57:00

40GBP is what I read Radio, Argentina are producing some amazing players right now, Messi, Aguero, Tevez, and several playing in South America and Spain. The Sheva fee was an anomaly and terrible business on Chelsea's part, you'll never see a 30 yr old striker go for that price in the next 10 years if ever, even Drogba is only being tagged with a value of around 12mil right now from what I've read. Having said that the British transfer record will be broken this summer, that is pretty much guaranteed.
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27/07/2008 20:11:00

The entire industry should learn from the Sheva mistake. Even if he turns Around and scored thirty goals next season he'll still widely be considered a poor value. It does make some sense to pay loads more for younger players but then again, some players who are older show they're still very much up for it. While we're talking about Sheva and Chelsea, consider Maka or Ballack. Tevez's appeal is that he's young but experienced too. 32m seems awfully high though, especially when you consider he's not the best in the league--and could he ever be? He's just not that sort of player. What do you all make of his retiring at 28 goal?
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27/07/2008 21:51:00

I saw your boy Cristiano Ronaldo at a club here the other night - cameras and people everywhere. What a *****er! (I wish I was him).
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27/07/2008 22:27:00

Did he say he would retire at 28? I thought I read something like retiring back to Argentina then...maybe I'm wrong, memory isn't so great. Ballack came on a free, obviously great value for one of the best clutch players in the world right now. Maka is just maka, incredible player. Madrid's terrible mistake by letting him go was a huge part in Chelsea's 2 PL trophies not too many players have had a position named after them, a testament to his effectiveness. 32mil does sound a little high, but as posted earlier I don't know if that's even true, I've read stories stating it's 20GBP, so I'll believe it when I see it. I see the value he brings to the team, and if we're willing to pay it then I'm sure the gaffer knows what he's about. People said the same thing of Rio, Hargo and Carrick, and look at the results of the last 2 years.
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28/07/2008 00:59:00

I wish I could retire at 28, largely because im 28 now...
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28/07/2008 11:52:00

As a Chelsea fan I'll fully agree that the results of the past two years for you have been brilliant. No one will deny that Fergie knows what he's doing--a manager for the ages. Devylred, you do bring up an interesting point about Rio, Hargreaves and Carrick. I'm still shocked by how much Utd paid for Rio but of course he's worked out so well. I'm less convinced by Hargreaves and Carrick. Both have quality (I was a fan of Owen at Bayern) but neither have peaked--or have they? They're good players but I'm not convinced they're huge reasons why you won over the past two years. I'd give that prestige to primarily your back line and the famous "want-away", Ronaldo. Yeah it's a team effort but some shine brighter than others.
Report Abuse
28/07/2008 13:37:00

RadioactiveD, perhpas not Hargreaves but I do think Carrick was pivotal. Hes been with us two years, and when fit has been in the First XI all the time. A you say, in those two years we have achieved alot. Sadly, you wont find much admiration for Carrick on here (dont ask me why) but he is an awesome player.
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29/07/2008 13:43:00

Maybe slightly overpriced, but it was that price, or losing Tevez. United had to do what they could to keep him, 32 million or not. Can't wait to see him and Rooney playing together again.
Man utd champions
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07/08/2008 14:56:00

By the way, is it just a coincidence he's worth the number he wears on his shirt????
Man utd champions
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07/08/2008 14:56:00

Wish it applied to every player lol. Rooney'd be a bargain at 10 mill and as for Ronaldo...
Man utd champions
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20/08/2008 10:00:00


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