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Egg On Levy's Face Now?

Daniel Levy has already submitted an official complaint to FA about United's behaviour in relation to Dimitar Berbatov. The Spurs chairman was particularly angered by a comment attributed to Sir Alex Ferguson in which the big man allegedly boasted we were close to reach an agreement.

Fergie later denied it and now it transpired that a Swedish fans' website was responsible for creating this confusion, for which they have apologised.

It might seem like we are to blame for what has happened,' admitted a Scandinavian supporter's branch's webmaster Steinar Madsen to Aftonposten.

'We are to the blame in the sense how the interview was presented. Ferguson didn't mention the name Berbatov when he was interviewed by us.

'I would call it a misunderstanding. It was tricky conditions for the interview.

'As journalists, you have probably experienced this yourself, how it is to listen to the tape afterwards.

'That can cause problems and Ferguson's accent is not too easy to understand to start with.

'Ferguson confirmed that United had tabled an offer.

'We assumed it was Berbatov he was talking about. We might have taken it too far.'

These comments were widely published and many self-righteous souls wasted no time in calling Fergie a hypocrite yet they, along with Levy, are left with egg on their faces now.

As Spurs did not reveal what other evidences they had against United I am very curious about what will happen to their complain now that it's cornerstone was proved to be nothing more but the product of an overenthusiastic imagination.

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The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 22 2008

Time: 6:29PM

Your Comments

Wow... look at all the manchester united fans on here... oh no - there isn't any.... FUNNY OLD THING! COME ON YOU SPURS... Hurry up Man Yoo and sign the sulking Bulgarian.....YID ARMY.
swedes suck eggs; much did the devils board pay for that statement.or is it just a boiled egg,like sirs snout
alchy can bounce, ronaldo will leave and berbs will go to barca, and you'll have fat rooney and an excited argentine
oh and chris eagles
Hmmmm, a journalist from a non-uk country atributed as a source for the current bun? five days after the event, surely not? ;) If therre's anyone out there in Man U land (so pretty much anyone outside of the UK) who believes this latest load of toss then they are more gullible than the reporter who believes it when Mr Whinger says 'I did not see it' for the first time this season. Turn it in, no egg, no face, just the arrogant ***** getting away with it. The FA are a joke and won't follow through as it's not in their interest to do so. No, it happens, we move on. Enjoy the sulky one up at your gaff, he is quality despite his mood swings, certainly an improvement on Saha. Fergie will tap up who he likes until the day his pickled liver gives up. 'Wouldn't let me sons go to madrid' of course not when they've been creaming the coffers off manure for so long in the past. Does he think everyone is as thick as his players?
Tricky the spur
Levy may or may not have egg on his face but at least he does not have a much more worrying permanent problem. IE Broken capillaries (small blood vessels) on his face due to excessive alcohol consumption ! :) Thank you and goodnight !
lol at you STILL thinking that this article is anything to do with the dossier that was handed to the FA. Those quotes were to show the hypocracy of Fergie not the evidence to convict him with. All this shows is that your club dont have a clue what is against them and still think it's the paper talk. If i was you i would buy a clue before you get spanked at the tribunal. To give you an idea of the right way to go, the case against Liverpool hasn't got anything to do with Rafa's comments but from LFC representatives asking Keane without permission from the club if he would want to play from them and then asking him to sign a pre-agreement. Thats one episode and we have a whole year of them on you, so i suggest stop reading the daily mail, this is the equivalent of you lot thinking the example question at the start of your GCSE's is the whole test. You can put your pencils down now if you like lads, but i dont see you making mummy and daddy very happy when your results come in. LMAO
I'll have 3, scrampled please, with a bit of cheese and some brown sauce. Yummy.
I thought it was your fans with egg on their faces when you realize our complaint isn't solely based on a quote from a trash rag, it was just the straw that broke the camels back
Regardless of the outcome, Utd's reputation in clean transfer dealing is at an all time low. Nobody will care eitherway what is proven or not - we all know what goes on with Fergie and his sidekicks. I think Levy only did it to create a noise so Utd up their offer and get themselves out of the limelight anyway.
when will you thick ****s realise that levy has submitted a dossier of evidence, over the last year....this is not just one story in the sun....this is about the times you have gone behind spurs back, to talk to berba and his agent.....old whiskey nose has been doing this years, and its him who has the egg on his face now!
wow there's tumble weed blowing through this site...where are all the Man U fans?? It's a bit early to base your defence on a (surprise,surprise) Man u fans website saying that they- might, I'll repeat that word one more time in case you missed it MIGHT have led to the confusion...I would suggest that if that were the only evidence Spurs would have submitted a paragraph not a dosier...I think Zae it may be you that ends with Egg on your face.
hope you lose ronaldo to real
gazza 90
god us spurs fans have just run riot on this site o i forgot asia struggle to read english
gazza 90
What a load of old tosh!! Levy is the good guy here, SAF is a drunk and a bore who is feeling his backside twitch a fair bit I should think!
Here! I have just noticed something, there are no Man yoooo fans about! odd ;-)
They are gonna say that arent they duh
spurs Babe
Probably all embarrased at the publishing of this post, Sidyid. lol
gazza, where are your manners? it just happens to be the middle of the night for most united fans. Give is a few hours and this place will be packed. Hmmm, wonder how much we'll get for the sulky one when all this has blown over?
Tricky the spur
Wow, we really touched a nerve there did we spuds? They're jumping on here like they heard some kind of alarm! Nothing will make you tools believe that Fergie never actually said those words so this , in actuality, is all pointless!
lets look at the recent articles , seems to be plenty of United fans on them pages , y not this 1 ? COZ THEY CANT DENY IT NOW !
FU are u seriously still denying it ?????
In fact i hope terrorists just bomb the whole of Manchester, kill the ******** lot of you, but then again, it would only be the City fans who suffer, the true Manc fans
haha and the only united fan on here, defending his "great club"! what time is it in china?
FU are you still thinking that the comments have anything to do with the case about you? well do you?
How many times do you need to be told that they have nothing to do with the case. You club are going down a blind alley and im starting to feel a bit sorry for them because people really shouldn't be this stupid and being put in charge of anything more powerful than a spoon but they are running the Champions of England.
i think the problem is, manchester doesnt have electricity yet, their 8 year old fans are in bed, the chinese are asleep and africa has 6 computers on the continent and only one has internet!
LMAO "some kind of alarm" no we just like having a laugh at others deluded expence. Like if we wrote an article stating we were buying your whole team for a microwave oven and we honestly believed it, you would want to come have a laugh at us.
silent but ledly but if berbatov goes who will that leave you with? fat ******** tom huddlestone thats who.
Rooney you should actually look at what the Hudd looks like now before saying that coz it makes you look a bit silly.
Does this site turn into a gay dating site after the water shed? explains your love of the pink font.... Tell Fergie to say Hi to Barton for me.
Dimitar Edertov
Wow, flying the pink flag on this site? :-|
The author of this article must have at least a few brain cells. Typing *****e only takes a few. Jesus, you think Levy would base his accusations on a sweedish web site? The hard evidence he has, will be presented at the tribunal. not before. thats how it works. Legal matters are rarely decided by what the sun or mail says. 3 points docked. S what you will get.
jol ie good
LMAO. Okay,now I understand the comments on our site!
just admit it - he goofed big time!
well said Merlin, for once i agree with you!
Ever heard of 'keeping your powder dry', it means not running off at the mouth with all you have, something Fergie and these 2 guys at Vital Me & U have yet to learn. Looking forward to coming back when the fan gets smelly!!
Scott Spur
I think you will sind there was a United match on tonight, thus why most United fans are scrambling over their keyboared like repressed anti-social spuds. oh and exil, do you really think wishing a terrorist attack onto a city is really going to make the few that did, take your comments seriously? wow, spurs fans are real strange.
how embaressing for vital united....your site has been run over! but i realise that cant be very hard seeing that u have 2 members????.......the biggest club in the world? LOL....pathetic.
Oh yes lillywhites i forgot, the popularity of a football club is based on its number of members on Vital Football - have you ever considered that YOUR the sad ones? Perhaps us United fans just have this little thing called a "life". You can look it up later on tonight while your all home alone on your computers getting wound-up by the lack of activity on SOMEONE ELSES site. Oh yes, you are the cool ones indeed!
What a load of Pussies Manure and its fans are - i wonder how many cases of wine the "Jumped up Hairdresser" had to send to the Sun and the Swedes to try to lie his way out of the fix he's in? Ther'es much more evidence that this pathetic attempt at bribery is about. Wow the Big Girls Blouses at Manure are panicking and running for cover! I can't wait until Ronaldo bu**ers off for Real - the whole of the soccer world outside of Manure will clap and cheer!
Manure Scum.. Yidsssssssss
Yiddo Benj
This reaction would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.
Man U fans, do you really think levy, an experienced business man, would put in the complaint based on a newspaper story in the sun?? Then you round up some scandinavian fans to try and take the blame for you??? ha ha ha. pathetic, just hurry up and pay up, your are more than welcome to the sulk.
You really think your **** doesn't stink, the look on your faces when you find out will be priceless.
Alright then Spurs fans, as you are acting as if you know what the ***** is in this dossier please enlighten us....what exactly else has Levy got?
Class. Something even you lot can't buy.
North Upper
okay U4L, here it is: Ferguson wanted Berbatov when we signed him,but was beaten to it as we got in much earlier. So after Berbatov joined, United contacted his agent and told him that if DB was a success in the PL then United would sign him. For some reason the fact that DB had a long term contract with us was deemed as unimportant. That's part one,illegal tapping up.Since then there are several recorded incidents of United talking to both Berbatov and his agent,after having been told that Berbatov was not for sale. Danchev,the agent,has consistently been agitating for a move to OT since then,as has Berbatov. Again,illegal activities on the part of Man U,talking to agent and player without permission. The key part of Levy's stament,which none of you seem to have bothered reading,is the part which says " we have evidence that the clubs have been systematically trying to prise our players away,in a manner outside PL rules" . You all got so excited by the Fergie/press/norwegian website thing that none of you bothered to get to the bottom of the story,despite it being plain to see right from the start of the saga. The evidence has been submitted to the authorities,and due to their actions on the Cole/Chelsea thing a couple of years ago the Pl and Fa have no choice but to punish United for this flagrant breach of rules. Knowing Levy (and I laughed at your writer saying he had an honorary degree...what he has is a first class honours degree in economics from Cambridge,which makes him considerably brighter than anyone at your,or most other clubs for that matter,and which is massively different),anyway,knowing Levy as we do, there will be proper authenticated documentation which will stand as proof. You really ,really,really need to stop shouting your mouths off,because it's all going to come back and bite you in the bum. I know you all have this stupendous loyalty to ferguson,but you need to understand what he is. A bully,a liar and a hypocrite. Being a big club does not give you the right to break the rules,and trying to show Levy as stupid is the most ridiculous thing he could do. One of them has a huge intellect,the other a huge red nose. IT's like Rudolph calling Einstein stupid and expecting people to believe it. Oh,and as this is knowledge in the public domain,I'd also imagine Levy has something else that isn't common knowledge. Not just one of the cleverest men in football but one of the cleverest men in the country; you would be advised to do your research before you go shouting your mouths off. Rememember that Chelsea tried the same tactic when they pinched Arnesen from us,and they ended up paying 6 mill for the privelege- you think your lot can afford better lawyers than Abramovich? But we've been trying to tell you this since the saga began, and you just keep calling us stupid. If I was you I'd be battening down the hatches and preparing for a s*it storm. Just remember,when the facts are out and the punishment is in,it's not our fault,it's united's. But I expect you'll be hurling abuse at us anyway.Seems to be what you lot do.
Again JonnoRock i ask, how are we to belive that YOU have the truth? If tabloids and news corporatiosn around the world have not been able to find any of this "evidence" how are we to expect that some illiterate little yiddo has? You may think writing reams and reams constities a good argument, bt im afraid all of that is simply crap taken from spurs fansites and regurgitated by you. you or your club dont have any evidence, if they did - why not throw their toys out of the pram earlier? if as you are saying you have sch a strong case, why wait till now? also, all these people who say that we are fickle for believing levy has based his little outburst on the quotes from the sun...may i suggest you take a look at the first few lines of the moronic rant in question, which mentions the paper and the quotes several times. face it, your club is just trying to turn YOU (the fans) against berbatov and keane so that when they do leave you wont plan (another) protest against the tw*ts in charge of your club. so, if you dont mind yids, leave your conspiracy thorys to yourself and your own site, and let us deal with the facts, k?
oh, and another question. why is all this blinded hate directed at united? you are still to provide actual PROOF we did anythign wrong...liverpool have had quotes from the manager on their official website and even today dirk kuyt is talkign about having keane at anfield. haha, all theser things add up and make your weiredly aggresive little comments all the more laughable. grow up you silly little yiddos!
Also, may i point you all to our new poll>>>>>>>>>>
Wow! These posts exemplify the signs of panic and soiled underwear of Manure fans and their sodden manager Lord Fergie, a.k.a. "The Jumped -up Hairdresser!" When Ronaldo flees to Madrid it will be enemas all round for you "Big Girl's Blouses!"
LMAO at united4life, you say that it cant be true because the papers haven't found anything then carry onto say that the papers are wrong in the case of Manchester united quotes. Do you see how that is very funny. Also i dont quiet understand how many times you need to be told but Levy never mentioned the sun, and his reference to newspapers was to credit him calling your boss a hypocrite and arrogant. Now i know you wont listen and say the same thing again so try to you goldfish.
I have to say though, in all honesty, this mindless tirade from spurs fans has taken my mind of the lack of anything else happening! I eagerly look forward to the next story based on Levy's face!
Tosswink - the next story is Ronny-The-Runner off to Real Madrid - enjoy the enema!
It will be such a shame to lose Ronaldo only to buy another 2 or 3 world class players... How many world class players do you have?
united 4 life....touch a nerve did I? Go ahead and call me illiterate...anyone who understands the meaning of the word can see that I'm far from. And everything I've said is available for you to find if you know how to look,although you have already proved that you're prepared to ignore the basic tenets of factual writing and make things up rather than do your research. Your bile and vitriol in no way make up for your inability to understand simple facts. How many times do you have to be outgunned before you realise you're not even in the battle? And if you want to be left with the "facts" I suggest you realise what constitutes a fact. It certainly isn't some uninformed rant from the diseased little mind of someone who cannot be bothered to do their research. The angrier you get,the more frustrated you get, the more you attempt to belittle our club and our fans, the more people are laughing at you. Oh,and when you try to patronise someone,it's probably best to make sure you're in the best position to do so...and you're not. k?
oh.And another thing. You may think repeating yourself over and over then resorting to personal abuse constitutes a good argument,but I'm afraid all of that is just crap.
"I suggest you realise what constitutes a fact. It certainly isn't some uninformed rant from the diseased little mind of someone who cannot be bothered to do their research" - sounds familiar doesnt it? I think you should have given Levy that great bit of advice jonnorock before he went off on one. People in glass houses shoudlnt throw stones...remember that mate.
United4life where did you go, we were having a nice little convo and your darted. It's ok mate you dont have to tell me what a nonsensical argument is. Do you know the difference between secondary and primary sources? By saying that Levy has no evidence is a bit lame at this point dont you recon? The dossier is already been handed in so really is there any point in still denying that there is no information that you dont know about because the daily mail doesn't? You didn't even know where the quotes that have caused your manager and club alot of effort to hide, even though it doesn't matter, came from. Was that because it hadn't been written in some rag. It was spurs fans telling you, what does that tell ya, you dont know whats going on. im sorry mate but you have been caught with your pants down. I'm going to help you now because your arguments are making me a little upset for you. You should now be argueing that when found guilty you wont have anything done to you. There we go, just like taking the stabilisers off.
What does that tell me zzz? Well, all it tells me is that it is YOU that doenst knwo what is going on and is therefore lyying to save face. All im saying is that if you have info that no-one else outside *****ty little spurs froums has, then perhaps, just perhaps have you ever considered that it may be make-belive made up by a similar little bile-gushing creatue such as yourself?
All I have left to say to you U4L is this: you're never going to see it our way and we're never going to see it your way. That's obvious. So how about we settle this like gentlemen? Pistols at dawn suit you? Or maybe we can wait til the saga is played out and whoever is shown to be wrong can apologise. Either way,I'm not prepared to sink to your level of abuse. And according to you I'm a "silly illiterate little yiddo" and therefore certainly not your mate,so kindly don't address me as such.
mate, you come in the total wrong direction and say that what is written in the papers in untrue and then say that those same papers haven't reported on a case that NO one has access to so there cant be anything (When people take legal cases they dont announce the information they have, its basics mate). Which one is it mate, do they lie to their back teeth or are they they gospel? That's non-sensical. My posts dont tell you anything because you have the reasoning of a Lemming. I dont know the full extent of the Dossier but it has a year's worth of evidence against you. You state the only thing that spurs have on you is these quotes that were made up. These quotes came out in the last few weeks. Thus there is more as a year does not constitute a couple of weeks. So your point about there being nothing more has been proven to be wrong. Now unlike you i used a primary source to get this information being the announcement by Levy to our official page. You have got yours from the daily mail (a secondary source) who first broke the story about Alex fergusons responce after selectively quoting Levy. Another fact that leads me to believe that i know ALOT more on this than you as it was me among others that told you where these quotes came from when you still thought they were from the Sun. I suggest you use your own research and common sence apposed to newspapers that on multiple occassions you have been chastising on other issues because they have been saying things unfavourable to your club.
zzz,I gotta hand it to you,you have the most incredible patience. I finally realised that nothing is getting through to these people; they're not going to see because they don't want to see. The only thing that will open their eyes is when they're hit with the suspended points sentence that has to come. And even then they're going to claim that Spurs have manufactured the evidence. United fans seem to have caught the Arsenal disease. Odd,because the Liverpool fans have shown much more class and acceptance of the facts in the Keane situation. Yes,that's right Man Utd fans,I just said that Liverpool fans were classier than you. That's going to sting isn't it?
what exactly have united done?
No one knows exactly as it is a closed issue but it has nothing to do with quotes that the sun came out with. The evidence that Levy stated in his announcement is of Manchester United contacting Berbatov and his agent without the permission of Tottenham Hotspur. If you really wanted someone to blame you could blame RVN as it was him stalling his move to Real that prevented Fergie buying berbatov in the first place as understandably with RVN you really didnt need anyone else and Fergie didnt want to buy until he sold, so while the waiting was going on spurs bought berba. So if RVN had gone earlier you would of got berba and none of this mess would of happened. just something different as i think this whole thing is getting to the point of exaustion as the press for one reason or another are writing about the "Fergie quotes" thinking it is the case where in fact it was just to support a comment Levy opened with in his announcement to spurs fans about the taking the whole affair to the FA and PL.
Can I just point out that we have Dong and therefore are gaurenteed success next season. Off topic I know, but im bored of the moaning!
This keeps getting better and better on Lord Fergie! Firstly, Ronny-the-Runner is off to Madrid (no matter what Fergie says) and now Tevez has suggested that he should go - talk about dissention in the ranks - The "Jumped-Up Hairdresser" must be going nuts and popping nose veins after that one! No doubt that his Lordship will tear Tevez "a new one" after his remarks but it looks like Fergie's great design is coming apart at the seams. The cherry on the cake though is that Spurs will sell Berba to Barca or Milan "cheap", so now Fergie will have no Berba, No Ronny and a benched Tevez (at best) going into the new season - a repeat of the EPL and CL titles just isn't as assured at it was a few days ago your Lordshi* Nice one Mr. Levy - you have just rammed Fergie's hairdresser, with full heat right up his rear end! This is one of those very rare moments when even Spurs and Gooners fans can rejoice together!
thanks 4 eplaing that 2 me zzz :D
Canadianraptor, your keeping up with the lastest UNited news nicely. You sure your not a closet United fan?

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