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'Different` Levy Left Red-Faced

Ferguson has today laughed off Daniel Levy`s moronic little rant; totally discrediting any morsel of proof the club thought they had by revealing the quotes found in 'The Sun` regarding a bid for Berbatov, were simply fiction.

On the face of it, any right-minded individual could see that Levy`s quotes were born from pure desperation, desperation to please the fans that flock to White Hart Lane each season with the promise of false glory.

Perhaps we should not have been surprised by Levy`s outburst, as for a man with an honorary degree from Cambridge University, his words were somewhat intelligent; with the aim to turn the Spurs faithful against the players in question, as to lessen the blow when the pair inevitably jump ship. Though the media chose to use his words as gospel, those of us which share at least half a brain cell between us could see the man was backed into a corner and fearful of his job. Over the years, Spurs have instilled a confidence into their fans, cunningly building up morale with the occasional transfer coup and the guarantee of success - only for it to all blow up in their faces in a pathetically inevitable fashion. Last season saw this pattern alter....slightly; with the acquisition of the Carling Cup - their first major trophy in over nine years.

Though the season entailed after that, morale at the club was at an all time high, and the familiar 'Liverpool syndrome` had spread around North year was THEIR year! And then suddenly gravity hit and they came crashing down to earth, with the news their two best players were seeking pastures new. Inevitably, the fans were peeved, and not for the first time they were questioning their clubs ambition. The club needed to act, but like a 14-year old alone in their room they caught with their trousers down, and they panicked. Hardly surprising, is it?

Perhaps not, but that doesn`t take away from the sheer lunacy of it; and without taking a second look to verify whether or not the quotes attributed to Ferguson which apparently prove unlawful activity were actually true or not, Levy burst into an inane rant head on. As mentioned above, the media clung on to it like a new-born baby on their mother`s teet; labelling Ferguson both "arrogant" and "hypocritical". Indeed, along with this media came the even more fickle Spurs fans which flocked onto this site spouting their 'holier-tan-thou` crap about how we lacked class and dignity.

Well, today it seems Levy, the media and fans have hit something of a brick wall in the form of Sir Alex Ferguson, who has stopped them all in their path with the "news" that the quotes are untrue. I write "news" because to us in the know, we always knew these quotes were untrue, and were taken from some obscure Norwegian website, a revelation first picked up on by members of - days before the quotes found themselves on the front cover of the Sun`s "Exclusive Interview" - unsurprisingly written by the slimy leech Neil Custis.

Well, Mr. Custis I hope you have egg on your face after Ferguson revealed your "Exclusive" was nothing more than bullshit? Speaking after the rather dull 1-1 draw with South African side Kaiser Chiefs, Ferguson laughed off Levy`s little hissifit.

"It`s going to be very embarrassing for them (Spurs) because it appears to be on the basis of a story in The Sun."

"I don`t know where the hell they got those quotes from, but it certainly wasn`t from me. It`s embarrassing for them, but you know what Daniel Levy is like. He`s different."

"It`s something to ask (United chief executive) David Gill about because I haven`t really spoken to him about it today because I`ve been preparing for the match. I haven`t read it, but I`m sure our legal people will be looking at it before I do."

Yes, Levy sure is "different". Poor bald-headed little twat is probably scoffing on humble pie as we speak. Oh, how I long to be a fly on the wall in Mr. Levy`s house the moment he opens the Sunday paper`s. Classic.

Oh, and feel free to have your say on Levy`s little rant below, but please BEWARE - this news is sure to attract your typical Spurs fan, so grab your spectacles and get braced...there be fools a coming.

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The Journalist

Writer: United4Life  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday July 20 2008

Time: 2:00AM

Your Comments

Indeed. Expect lots of CAPS LOCK and the most embarassing insults wriiten in terrible grammar.
Apparently foreigners who support an English club think their opinions matter.....
Mr Chaz
Another tosser of a Man U fan acting like the biggun. As a Tottenham fan im not to bothered about Berbatov, have the nob arse, sulks and does feck all for most games anyway. He was always off, so no skin off my and many other yids.
Real Deal
lol if you think Levy will only be presenting the sun article as evidence. The comments made by your manager were those of someone who is scared and in reagrds to sun remarks he is testing the water to see if Levy will come out and actually tell SIR alex what he has on him. That wont happen until the inquest starts. Have fun. Oh and if you think this is all an angry outburst which will lead to nothing, why not ask a chelsea fan what happened when they tapped up are DOF and played it off as nothing : D
naa, thats ok zzsz, because our case is totally different...we havent "tapped" anyone up.
Smacks of desperation when you actually believe that our chairman would actually make a complaint based on an article from a 3rd rate newspaper (who, incidently, have always helped your cause when it comes to transfer dealings in the past and, I'm sure, will help you again in the future) and not from other evidence. If this was the case, our chairman would have sued your lot back in January. We'll see what comes out in the inquest.
how have u not tapped Berbatov up then?
OK, so if Fergie denies the fact that he made those comments, why the hell did your very own Jame Tuck of the official Man U website run the story from the Sun, entitled 'Berba's Mine', BEFORE the complaint was released??? Oh and there is no indication that these 'quotes' weren't fact.
Scott Spur
Oh and by the way, the above is STILL on your website. For all you northerners that can't find your own website, follow the link below!! DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scott Spur
Guess the boys at Man U HQ seemed to think Mr Custis wasn't telling porkies after all huh?? U turn ya think? I reckon it would of been more fun to see Fergie's face get redder when he realised he had to go out in front of the cameras and deny everything he'd said........LMAO
Scott Spur
well said scott spurs , think its gone a bit quite up north ! & looks like u culd end up paying slightly more 4 berbs !! Also ask any chelsea fan of their encounter with court and with spurs went ! that was for a member of staff
Those articles were TAKEN from the SUN! Our website has a special section for Rumors and speculations regarding transfers, so of course THAT was going to be there. When they put things there, it doesnt mean they think it's 100% correct, they put it because its part of the RUMORS section! I'd love to see this "evidence" that Levy has, I'd love to, I'd just LOVE TO!
Quiet up north?? nah, were still buzzin afta winnin CL and Prem, then again, its no comparisent to winning the carling cup.
Exactly ForeverUnited, the webiste prints extractrs from newspapers. Overm the past weeks theres been all the rumours; Huntelaar, Falcao, Sanchez, Luis Fabiano, Berbatov etc. Does that mean we have tapped up all those players? grow up you ignorent little yiddos.
united4life - *****in man u supporters. ignorent little southerners!
im sure Levy has not placed this whole thing on just 1 newspaper article , he said he had eveidence since last year ! And You can say that berbs wont b going VERY CHEAPLY now ! Spurs r in spain ATM so hes close to barcelona
Handbags, girls, watch the handbags in public!
For the record, Benitez is far more culpable in all of this than Fergie, he made comments about Robbie on camera! Not only that, but it doesnt look like those scouse pikeys have two shillings to rub together, just ask Villa. The fact remains tho, that Mr Levy is far too savvy to stick his neck out like this without something concrete to base it on...............or is that point beyond your intellect up there?
Scott Spur
Seems like your 'slave' seems uncertain of where his future is again huh? Bet he wasnt tapped up tho................
Scott Spur
Mind you, as Real Madrid feeder club, you must be used to it like us now huh?
Scott Spur
Lord Fergie is only ticked off at Spurs since Mr. Levy just shoved his infamous hairdrier so far up his butt, at full heat , so that everytime he f**ts he burns off his nose hairs - no wonder he's ticked off! I can't wait until Ronaldo signs for Real Madrid soon. He who tapps up also gets tapped up!!! The "Sodden Scot" will need a major enema after that happens!
"He who tapps up also gets tapped up" - very wise words canadianraptor, thats why berbatov and keane must be leavbing then, because of the whole shenanigan you has with that Bostock kid.
that was palace wanting to get more out of spurs . Bostock was out of contract and could speak 2 anyone, so until u no ure stuff u4l shutup
My god, Spurs fans annoy me!! YOUR NOT A BIG CLUB! so stop acting like you think you are, as for Rafa, please tell me what he has done wrong? He declared an interest in a player, IN THE TRANSFER WINDOW. Just face it, your players don't want to be in a team that wins the league cup once every 9 years.
united4life - what a load of twaddle. Bostock was OUT OF CONTRACT with CP and therefore a free agent who Spurs legally signed! What is so hard for you Manure thickos to understand about this - this is a vastly different situation from Berbatov's 'tapping up" by Manure! However, in typical Ferguson fashion, why tell the truth when a good lie and manipulated media rags like the Mail, Sun and Mirror, and a scumbag agent (Dantchev) will do the dirty work for you!
United 4Life PS: I can't wait to see all your Maure Mugs when Ronaldo blows you off for Real Madrid - the jumped up Hairdresser will be really pi**ed when that happens. Enemas all round!
Levy would not, i repeat, would not say what he did unless he was 100% confident that a) he could follow it though b) get more money out you deluded bunch for the sulk that is berbatov and drop it. Hard edged buisniss brain vs drunkan gambler heh, place your bets,
jol ie good
To all the spuds on here.....I cant wait for you to lose Berba and Keane and I CAN ALSO BET MY HOUSE ON RONALDO STAYING! So there......we win, you lose
Spurs fans are like a disease arent they, you think they are gone but they jsut come back even more slimy and pathetic as before. ps - go ***** yourself canadianraptor you ill-informed little runt.
the reason have been successful is they always have the 12th man in blak to back them up, yer time will come when ye get punished for the bullying refs week in week out ie shrek, time to check ur watch fergie, pay up or shut up
united for life..............bostock was out out contract, palace offered him a contract but refused an spurs offered him a contract an accepte so get ur face right b4 u speak also, bale hutton an berba turned ye down.
FU - Even if Ronaldo stays this season, then he will more than likely sulk all the way to next summer and be off. Furthermore, are you telling me you want him to stay, after this circus? I thought you lot had more pride? Tell me i'm wrong.
Scott Spur
FU, I think most of us cant wait to get rid of berba and keane atm tbh. So yeah, i agree. Your house. heh. brave man. And you have stated a subjective wish and subjective hope. How that makes you win i have no idea. But im glad you got closure on your self delusion.
jol ie good
he was asked did he want to stay an he ronaldo the so called god could not give an answer to the man u fans that he was stayin.......
teams like msn u in debt an still bye all round them tappin up players, yer time will come an yer time is now, at leas hae to say it arsenal are doing things the right way, when fergie chewing gum goes that will be start of yer decline
On a different note Condolences to Wes Brown, truly a tragic event.
well after hearin what hapened to wes brown, sad tragady, puts in to context about the whole berba affiiar so who cares now
United 4Life - I loved the response which just shows how ill-tempered, illiterate, crass, and moronic you are since your response to my Bostock comments clearly showed that you could not argue against the clear fact that Bostock was a free agent and therefore any club was free to sign him, and therefore since you had nothing constructive to say you had to resort to telling me to go ***** myself - a typical respone for someone who has a lack of breeding, logic and comprehension! But just the right credentials for a Manure supporter! Y ou were so easy to bait it was almost a shame to do so!
Do you all drink the Kool Aid of sir Arrogance? Yah, sure, he's a guru alright, as in mind control over the cult. I notice you all like pink.
Not everything is black and white is it?
why are spurs compaining 2 the premier league about united what have united done?
Scott Spur- What makes you think Ronaldo will sulk at United?? You're reading too much into these newspapers! What exactly would make him sulk at a club that made him, under Fergie a great manager, a club where he plays every game, winning trophies and his friends Nani and Anderson?? And do you think turning on him would be the best idea?? Think about how that could affect his performances AND the team, that would be stupid! So if he stays, I am happy! jol ie god - it's not wish or hope, it is going to happen. Ronaldo WILL stay and you WILL lose those two players. Levy knows thats why he's extra angry. yidrocky - you're a MAJOR IDIOT for dragging this into such territory ! I don't want to generalize all Tottenham fans based on one person but you just took it too far! what a f***** prat!
FU. Take of those rose tinted glasses. really. Ronaldo wants out, to play for his childhood team. And stop projecting your own views onto levy. I think he is a touch more endowed in the smarts dept than your good self. ; )
jol ie good
I'm loving this,I'm really really loving this. What else can we do? We've told them,over and over and over that it has nothing to do with anything in the media but they just won't have it. And they're getting angrier and angrier because we're too stupid to see that they're right. You just can't buy entertainment like this. Makes up for not having any footie to watch!
United4Life, what a pile of vitriolic *********. Just to put you straight on one thing: Levy has a first class honours degree in economics from Cambridge,not an honorary degree. Huge difference,absolutely huge. But then you obviously either don't do your research properly or discard the truth if it doesn't suit your malevolent purposes.
Listen to all the moronic little Yids. Tottenham, are forever in the shadow of Arsenal, they celebrated winning the Carling Cup last year as if it was the Champions League. Did they have a parade for winning that cup? They are so pathetic they probably did.
no they didnt R.k so shut up . 'Egg on Levy's face now' no i dont fink so
Yeah but you clowns still celebrated it like it was a Champions League victory. Morons! It's a sad day for any club when they have to boast about winning the carling cup. Typical English conversation with a couple of football fans! Fan 1: "hey did you hear Berbatov could be making the step up to a proper club"? Fan2: What club is that then, Arsenal? Yid: "But surley we must now be one of the best teams in Europe, we won the Carling cup" The other fans: "who wants to win that?"

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