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Berbatov Wants To Leave, Admits Levy

Daniel Levy broke Tottenham's silence over the future of Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane who are heavily linked with Manchester United and Liverpool, respectively.

The Spurs chairman issued an angry statement, condemning both clubs' behaviour and accusing United of hypocrisy in the light of our complaint to FIFA about Real Madrid's behaviour in their pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo.

'Today's public comments by Manchester United's manager, announcing that he has made an offer for Dimitar and is confident that the deal will go through with time working in their favour, is a blatant example of sheer arrogance and interference with one of our players. It is also probably one of the worst offences by any manager in the Premier League to date and is unbelievably hypocritical given his recent comments in respect of Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid.

'This comes after a series of events, dating back to last summer, which have shown Manchester United to be in breach of Premier League (PL) rules. As a result, we have today made an official complaint to the PL about the conduct of Manchester United. Benitez made similar comments in respect of Robbie recently and we made an official complaint to the PL about the conduct of Liverpool earlier this week.'

While I have no inside information about what United have done before, it was surely unwise from Sir Alex to speak about his confidence of a deal being done quickly and indeed, it resembled Real Madrid's usual sickening overconfidence. However, I'd like to point out a few differences to Mr. Levy.

This is the very first time that any member of Manchester United spoke about Berbatov in public while in Real Madrid's case there were comments from Calderon and Schuster in Marca practically every other day.

Even more important is that United made official bids for the player whereas Real made clear that they would not make offers until Ronaldo declares his wish to leave.

Levy says United have made contact with Berbatov and his agent without permission which, if true, is indeed illegal - but I'd like to hear some evidence about it. In Ronaldo's case, his agent, Pedro Mendes confirmed that he had held talks with Real Madrid so that's another difference. Emil Dantchev merely said that he knew of United's interest in signing Berbatov.

So, basically, while I agree that Fergie was quite tactless with his comments, which were surely designed with the aim of persuading Berbatov... but comparing it to Real's pursuit of Ronaldo is quite ridiculous - the two stories could not be more different.

The constant speculation - which was, may I remind you, only media talk, for nobody at United ever said we wanted to sign Berbatov - turned the players' head, according to Levy.

'However, when a player's head is turned and their commitment is absent, particularly when they occupy key positions such as that of striker, they become a negative influence in a team dressing room in which they were once a positive addition and influence. This is the situation we now have on our hands, with both Dimitar and Robbie having made it clear that they wish to leave for Manchester Utd and Liverpool respectively.'

If FIFA did not find Real Madrid guilty then Liverpool and United should both escape without punishment as Spurs do not seem to have more evidence against the two clubs than United had against Real Madrid. And I just can't see any other outcome than Berbatov and Keane being granted their wish.

The ever-increasing nature of player power is a sad thing, whatever Blatter says, as we can see now in Ronaldo's case. But it will surely secure the desired moves for Spurs' two top strikers.

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The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 18 2008

Time: 8:07PM

Your Comments

'Sir' Alex???? Read our chairman's statement on our website. The closest thing to class for your chairman will be drinking beer from a glass instead of a bottle. Berbatov will no doubt come to you but your manager stinks! Mouville
Any way you try and justify the apparent "difference" between Real's pursuit of Ronaldo and your pursuit of Berbatov just shows a large amount of desperation. The only difference between the two is that La Marca quotes the Real hierarchy whereas papers over here just quote "sources", however shadowy they make it. You know full well that the sources come from your club but Man Yoo are cleverer than Real in how their sources are quoted in the media here. It is a clear tap-up and it is disgusting that your club tries to take the moral high ground when the exact same thing is done to them. Nothing but a bunch of infernal hypocrites.
Levy also says that he has evidence that your club had contact with the player and agent without Spur's consent. Blatent disregard for Pl rules.
Fair Article. Berba always wanted to leave us and most Spurs fans have accepted that, but the Keane bid is gutting. It could be tactics on Levy's part to get a bigger payday - Frank Aresen's move to Chelsea springs to mind. Coys
how can u say that mr whiskey nose is not guilty of the same offence as real madrid????? he is blatantly guilty of the same offence as madrid with the comments he made about a contracted player....fergie must be smoking some h-a-r-d ***** if he thinks its cool to say what he did, but report madrid to fifa.....berba is a class act who i will hate to see leave, but from the tone of levys statement on our club website, you are going to be paying top, top dollar for him....any notions of 20 or 21 mil should be forgotton. remember that spurs are financially very strong, with the best assests to debt ratio in the premiership...we have absolutely no need to sell regardless of what the players might want
Well its must be because all of these players are treated like "Slaves" I mean would you put up with the money & the fame just to have to hold a contract? The truth is the top of football is as corrupt as it ever was, if not more!! Sad but true, yet I'm still suckered in to my tickets!
united and liverpool fan hang your head in shame.
Levy, unlike fergie has obviously got hard evidence to come out with this statement! Otherwise he could have just reported fergie in January when he unsettles Berba in the first place!! If anyone should be reported, it's Berba's agent!
First Hargreaves, now Berbatov ..... Fergie is a hypocrite ... end of.
Latest posts have Levy now saying that Berba and Keane want to and will probably leave. Here's my response to Sky Sports and some other posts! If this is true I am really disappointed, digusted and pi**ed off at Levy and Spurs. I have supported the team for 40 odd years and am sick and tired of our team becoming a joke with great promises from Management and then the best players sold off to the Top 4 - Maybe I'll support the Spammers now and blow some bubbles - at least I know they are going nowhere and therefore there are no more big suprises and disappointments! "Perhaps Mr. Levy should grow a pair of ba**s like Martin O'Neill and tell Breba and Keane that they signed contracts and will be held to honour them and they will leave when Spurs feel that they have honoured their committment to the team, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY FANS,by getting them in the Top 4 and CL, which is what they are paid to do - PERIOD. If he let's these two clowns get out of their contracts, what happens when Mod and Gio have a great year next year and Manure and Liverpuddle or the Gooners come a callin"? Otherwise Levy's words are pure "weasel words" and he is more concerned with the cash to drive up share values to sell the team and club! No wonder Spurs fans are angry and frustrated - we are becoming a "feeder club" for the Top 4 with comments like Levy's!"
spurs was always a stepping stone for berbatov. why dont levy shut up and let him step up.
So 'rooneyisgod' ,when Real come knocking for rooney without the consent of your club you'll be happy? like you were with ronaldo. This time it would appear that your club officials have actually had direct contact with berbatov and his agent without consent. Not just press interference. Rules are rules.
lets do what alex done with heinze an refuse to sell him to another prem club that will teach him a lesson
shrek, id berba wants to leave a;; he has to do is hand in a transfer request, he is doin exact same as ronaldo plus i hope ye do get we get a nnice bit of cash emjoy hes slukes an attitide which ever berba turns up on day!
utd ar emore successfyll cause they always have the man in black to help them out in 50/50 decisions
fifa cant punish real because ronaldo is still at united if these transfers go through with spurs by the balls then i expect united and liverpool to be punished. i am disgusted by keane. he has actually said that he wants to go. how is this not agents it cant just be one press conference by each benitez and ferguson. berbatov was goin to man u all last season you could be blind and see that. the whole thing just stinks of p i s s. but i am really proud of levy GO ON SON!
rooney scores f-u-c-k all goals! where was he last season in the top prem scorers table? 11th!.....he weighed in with a massive 12 goals....thats some top rate striking LOL! wonder old whiskey nose is resorting to desperate measures to get berba!
haha. these yids do get shirty dont they. calm down everyone, it will all be over soon.
your right will the ronaldo transfer!
exactly lillywhites, thats why theres no need for all this bile you lot are comign on here and spreading. we havent tapped anyone up, zae explains why above. true, fergies comments were ill-advised, but to put it int hte same category as the constant real madrid bating of ronaldo is both immature and innacurate.
rooney is an amazing player who works for the team, he get back, sets up goals, and hey if hes so bad, how did we win prem n CL with him in the team every week!!
Does bidding for a player now constitute "tapping-up"? Well, get ready for a call from Blackburn regarding Bentley then you yidiots!
Fenton, dont sink to their level. They get all steamed up and lose sense of what they are saying.
thats absolute b-o-l-l-o-x........ferguson is guilty of exactly the same type of disgraceful behaviour..."time will work in our favour" !!! to make comments like that about a contracted player whos club have refused bids on at least 2 occasions from manyooo, is sheer hypocrisy....the old fool, needs to live by his word. it isnt 1 rule for madrid and a seperate rule for utd
fenton.......the stats dont lie.....rooney scored 12 league goals last season....thats mediocre at best....he might work hard, but so does zokora with what
I love the way even YOU know your arguemnt doesnt carrry legs so you resort to the only thing you know....or at least think you know; Wayne Rooney. Mate, it is nothing new, we've heard opposition fans sayng this all the time, your view is not orginal. Its wrong....but not original.
The fact that Man Yoo fans try to justify this, and to an extent say "bend over for the bigger club" throughout show they have the same level of class as the club they support. I hope the FA actually have the balls to do something about your club and your good friends down the M62 as you two clearly live by your own set of rules. If Berbatov has to go, I hope Barcelona keep their interest in the player.
Has it gone un-noticed that Spurs in pursuit of their manager Mr Ramos - went behind Martin Jol and Sevilla's backs to meet him to persuade him to join Spurs - United and Liverpool may not be perfect but Mr Levy's remarks are extremely hypocritcial.
Alex Lee
the only time anybody finds out anything about one of our transfers s from the offcial site once the transfer is finished or through the other team. today was the first time anything slightly official came out about bentley and that was from balckburn so you cannot class that as the same. also ronney is useless and it does affect us as england fans! and that isnt what this is about your the ones with no legs to stand on!
canadianraptor what do you as a club when you have players who do not want to play for you? Levy clearly states that he wants to sign players that "want" to play in a spurs shirt!
Daniel Levy is personable and articulate, and now that he has gone public (see front page news on for his full statement), he is likely to speak about it on Sky and on BBC Radio and TV programmes. This saga is far from over, and while it lasts football clubs and fans are not going to be cheering on Manchester United or Liverpool. It will end with rather more being paid out by the offenders than they ever intended. The term used is 'very expensive acquisition'.
do you think he's coming to you because he love's the club and what's to play in the champion's league ? no, he's coming for a bigger salary and a big signing on fee you man u mug's
spot on AIRWAVE.....whatever manyoo thought they were gonna pay is sure to be well short of what they will have to pay
Just read your comments, Alex Lee. What is so hard to understand about "bringing the situation into the public domain to force the hand of the club" and "pursuing a player who we said was not for sale"? If we did anything wrong in the acquiring of Ramos it was that our every move was followed by the papparazi which was eventually leaked. At no time did we even try and make our move for Ramos public to force Sevilla's hand.
all this ahows is that the only people that care about football and our club is us the fans. whatever liverpool or united fans say they have broken the prem rules to get what they want. end of story.
is it only fans of london teams who use this website. probably because northeners cant afford computers
lol patspurs . We persuid Ramos leagly , the only thing we dont wrong was to get caught whilst we still had MJ . Hoping berbatov goes 2 barcelona
Ramos was in his final year of his contract and was allowed to negotiate with anybody he wanted to - Spurs did nothing wrong at all in speaking to Ramos. Levy has documented evidence that both United and Liverpool are guilty of illegal acts and Levy will pursue it to the end. If they get what Chelsea got then it will be a 3 point deduction (suspended) and a fine for both the clubs and the individuals. Levy will also make sure that both clubs pay the full price up front (as he did with Carrick).
I will laugh my ass off if we sell Berba to Barcalona...........even if its for a huge sum less than the stinking Mancs offer!!! The only bright side is that Levy will drive a damn hard bargain...........we fleeced em for 18M for Carrick, so Berba wont go for less than 28M, maybe more. 'Time is on our side'.........LMAO
Scott Spur
lol scott spurs , but we need replacements
id hardly sau you "fleeced" us with carrick. gotta say 18 million for a player who has helped us to two premier league titles, a champiosn league, and a place in an fa cup final....all in just TWO YEARS. yeah i think 18 million wasa steal actually, god knows you have spent alot tryign to replace him. haha, hows that going by the way? Zokora and Jenas....need i say more?
better than your attempts will be to replace your 'slave', when he gets his dream move to the sun.
Scott Spur
**** zakora , jenas modric ! when is VDS hanging up his boots?
tbh, I couldn't care less if us and the mancs have been reported, nothing will happen and all that dim retarded Levy has done is now encourage Rafa and Fergie to make a bid (or in Fergies case, up the bid) and they wont get the price they want now, as they have stated the Berbatov and Keane both want to leave, so Rafa and Fergie can leave it till the last minute to make a bid as spurs surely wouldn't want two of their best players at the club not wanting to be there.
Lets just leave the spurs fans to leave pathetic comments cause they know they aint on our level.
True, we're not on your level. There is a little more class down south apparently....
Does PatSpurs123 have any intention of actually contributing anything to this discussion? My view is that I don't think Rafa did anything wrong at all. Fergie didn't do a lot wrong but he was a bit arrogant/rude.
To patspurs latest comment, northerners can afford your best players though!!
rafa or fergie havent denied the comments so , think they no they have done wrong ! have berba n have keane , we move on and bring in mayb huntelaar ?
Jess, Fergie HAS denied the comments and in doing do labelled your chairman "an embarrasment".
Re-read Fat Fergie's quotes again, United4life. Fergie didn't label Levy an "embarrasment"... or are you just interpreting statements for your own ends again?
Could FACE embarrasment ! Fergie is red already
Lord Fergie is only ticked off at Spurs since Mr. Levy just shoved his infamous hairdrier so far up his butt, at full heat , so that everytime he f**ts he burns off his nose hairs - no wonder he's ticked off! I can't wait until Ronaldo signs for Real Madrid soon. He who tapps up also gets tapped up!!! The "Sodden Scot" will need a major enema after that happens!
The signing of Berbatov would just about seal the Premiership before it starts. A three way fight would become a one horse race.
Heard that Berbatov cried last time his United deal fell through... I think it's safe to say he wants United.
Man utd champions

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