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The Horror Continues - Anderson Injured

Anderson is waiting for news on his knee injury which might be serious...

The Brazilian, one of the brightest stars of United's last season, played in his country's World Cup qualifier against Argentina yesterday night.

The challenge that caused the injury came from Liverpool's clumsy oaf, Javier Mascherano - I have not seen the incident so I reserve judgment as to whether he's been just clumsy again or maybe he's still bitter about his dismissal at Old Trafford (and Anderson's brilliant performance even when he was on the pitch).

Fears are that he may have injured his cruciate ligaments which would be a severe blow to United, as we are about to lose Cristiano Ronaldo to an arrogant Real Madrid and we could even lose Carlos Queiroz who is earmarked as Scolari's successor for the Portugal job. Difficult times indeed...

To think that not even a months has passed since winning the Double! But let's not forget it, whatever happens.

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The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 19 2008

Time: 2:24PM

Your Comments

class player i hope he'll be back in time for the start of the new season
not that class
^^^ you must be blind then.
I must be blind also because Anderson wasn't brilliant in the Old Trafford game, he was average. He missed several easy passes to team mates in better positions and his shooting was terrible. Where was the brilliance?
Brazil's doctor is hopeful it wont be too serious: "Anderson felt an injury to his knee, a twist. "However, it doesn't seem so serious. We will be sure only after the MRI scans." "Only after the scans will we be able to make a decision about Anderson's participation in Sunday's match."
As for him not being class? Grow up mate, Anderson will be a superstar and you know that. His first season saw him bully both gerrard and fabregas off the park......VIVA ANDERSON!!!!!!
Definitely didn't bully Fabregas, Onto a serious matter. You've resigned yourself to losing Ronaldo then? i must say, he truly is a class act, both on and off the pitch. The way he's repaid all of that faith Ferguson paid him after WC 2006...what a cringeworthy berkely hunt. Hope the purple nose one lets him rot in the reserves.
Shewore, what would you call total domination over 180 minutes then?
im sorry that was Gerrard i was thinking about, Anderson only played half of the game at OT against arsenal. buts still, for his first ever season in the premier leageu to come out on top over two of the alleged best midfielders in the league is pretty damn impressive. so i will repeat..........VIVA ANDERSON!!!!!
I was impressed with Andersen at the Grove, he was your best player on the day, but he definitely didn't dominate Cesc. I was at the OT game as well, and to be honest, i can't remember.... so he wasn't that good. And ofcourse he was better than Gerrard, it was a big game ffs.
lol, k shewore, like i said Anderson was only a sub for the OT match. as for gerrard, 100% agree. as for the quotes above from the brazilian doctors, if they are even considering he may be fit to play on SUNDAY, then i would be very suprised if it is an injury that will affect him in terms of United. fingers crissed anyhoo!
Anderson dominated Gerrard!!!!! Who's the blind now? Hargreaves was your star midfielder when you played at Anfield, not Anderson. And he was average at Old Trafford, was even subbed when the score was still 1-0. Had zero goals and only two assists in 37 appearances, 24 starts this past season. I ask again, where is the brilliance?
shewore how kept fabregas quiet. what else do you call it?
kept fabregas quiet my arse!cesc even scored in that game at the grove so ur point is not really coming too strong dont yu think?as for the ot game,he played one half so get ur facts right mate
the arsenal
theres no gettin past the fact that hes a gr8 player, u say he missed easy passes, he also did passes that most premiership midfielders cant do, and dont forget, he was 19 for most of last season, and it was his 1st season in a new country, this season coming he will run teams raggid! you just watch
fenton_01, he only had two assists the entire season, where were these passes you're talking about? As for his age, he might develop to be a great player, but he's not one now, not yet. By the way, Fabregas was 20 all of last season, and he scored 13 goals and assisted on 22 others. There is no comparison between the two.
i cant believe that all this conversation is happening to find out IF anderson is a great player or not....he is a world class player. only such players come into play in Man U's midfield with an injured scholes, and handle the situation the way Ando did...stop talking nonsense you bitter rivals!
Let us not forget that Fabregas starts pretty much every game for Arsenal. The fact that there IS a debate comparing the quality of the two does the kid justice. Personally I think Anderson can become a better player than Fabregas, though he isn't there yet...
now, as far as goals etc, fabregas is only 20, and i consider him a great world class player aswell... but there is no point in comparing A to B to C....they are very different players... but fabregas has been playing for 3-4 years now in the premier league, and believe you me when I say that ando will get his goals sooner rather than later...he had a terrible year before he came to Man U ( and it looks like this summer wont be better either), with a broken leg, so he's handled himself superbly. In conclusion, id like to say that Anderson has certain advantages that fabregas doesnt have, like raw power and body strength, and somewhat better dribbling technique. His pass looks to be very good already, with superb long balls and smart and difficult through balls and he will only get better with more action time on the pitch. So stop saying stupid things like "he is nowhere near a class player" or "Do you remember THAT match when he didnt play well?". See the whole picture... You bitter rivals you!
i agree Tosswink. Spot on!....i should have written that instead of a whole paragraph...
If the debate keeps raging I suggest we resort to drawing pictures... :)
Again with the delusion that Anderson is a great player, he isn't, not yet anyway. And this isn't bitter rivalry talking, it's a plain fact for anybody who isn't as deluded as you. The debate is only in the minds of Manu fans, nobody else would dare to even consider that Anderson is as good as Fabregas, or even close to him. He isn't a world class player, not by a long way.
JohnDoe no one on here has said he is as good as fabregas, only that they think he WILL become better...the two perfomrances head to head lsat year testament to this theory. Im sure you were onme of theose peropel last year who said Kaka was better than Ronaldo because of the games we played against Milan....well, same applies here. I dont think he is as good as fabregas at the moment, i hate to say it but fabregas is an awesome player, with a very clever brain. Anderson also has a great footballign brain and contrary to your blinded views has a great array of passing (may i suggest you watch the man uts wigan game at OT for proof mate. i think we can al agreee that BOTH fabregas and ando will go on to lead great careers and instead of continusoly putting one down lets just agree noth are good, k! oh and JohnDoe, forgive me if im wrong but dont you supportt liverpool? Who is your bright spark for the future? Pennant? Lucas? hahahah, maybe we can have a proper converstaion when your team has a player with half the skill of anderson or fabregas. i did hear you are in for barry aswell, another QUALITY signing!!! hahahaha :)
united4life, " Who is your bright spark for the future?" Lets see, Torres is only 24 years old, Agger is also 24 years old, as is Skrtel, Mascherano is 23 years old, and Babel is 21. How about that for a bright spark. "maybe we can have a proper converstaion when your team has a player with half the skill of anderson or fabregas" You seem to forget a better midfielder than either of them, he goes by the name of Steven Gerrard., He had almost as many assists as Fabregas did last season while scoring eight more goals, and for those who say that he disappears in big games, I give you the 2005 CL final and the 2006 FA Cup final as examples.
I wonder what did Steven Gerrard do last season?
Still harping back to the Champions League Final are we? Change the tune mate, we are European Champioins now, not you!
Read what I wrote again united4life, I gave the 2005 CL final as an example for a big game that Gerrard played well in, not harping back to when we were European champions.
Exactly and if you can only think of two examples that Gerrard has stepped up to the plate at a big time in the past 4 SEASONS then there is somethig very wrong, isnt there. How come gerrard never does well in the premier league against us, Arsenal and Chelsea? Ronaldo gets crucified for not doing the same (though the stats prove otherwise...goal against Liverpool, 2 against Arsenal and a goal agaisnt Chelsea in th Champs Final all last season). Enlighten me JohnDoe....
united4life, Those games, along with the 2007 CL final, were the biggest games Liverpool were involved in the past four years, and Gerrard played well in two out of those three games, not a bad ratio don't you think? There were other games I could've mentioned, many of them in the league and a few in Europe. If scoring in big games is the main measure of playing well then Gerrard scored against Arsenal twice, and assisted on another, Inter once, Marseille once, Porto once etc... Basically he scored against every opponent we faced in the CL other than Chelsea in the semi-final.
Calm the feck down..There are still 2 months to go until you're first league game..
JohnDoe, if Man U players knew they lost the Prem and the FA Cup by december, then they would be rested for the ch league games and perform even better than last year, (as if it is even possible - unbeaten!!! remember that!)...Steven Gerrard is a good player in the premier league...nowhere near as exceptional as others in other teams as well, not just Man U. Look at essien for example! Brilliant! or Ballack. Adebayor, fabregas, flamini. Gerrard has been overshadowed by so many in the last few years, yet the only thing we hear is "REMEMBER THE CH LEAGUE FINAL!?!?!?"....get over it...a great player is first of all a CONSISTENT guys dont know the meeaning of the word
lets not mention how Anderson silenced the whole of the liverpool midfield with his raw power and technique a couple of times... where were your star midfielders
"lets not mention how Anderson silenced the whole of the liverpool midfield with his raw power and technique a couple of times." A bit of wishful thinking from Alexpant. "Steven Gerrard is a good player in the premier league...nowhere near as exceptional as others in other teams as well, not just Man U. Look at essien for example! Brilliant! or Ballack. Adebayor, fabregas, flamini." Most of that quote is absolute tripe. But you know what the worst thing is? A debate about midfielders - Gerrard, Fabragas, Anderson etc is going on and you decide to bring a striker into the debate!!!
I say again, Anderson wasn't your star midfielder when you played at Anfield, Hargreaves was, and he was average at Old Trafford, was even subbed when the score was only 1-0. If he dominated our midfield like you say alexpant, why was he subbed? You're right about one thing though, Anderson is a consistent player, with only two assists and no goals last season, and that's from a player who's supposed to be the long term replacement for Scholes, he's consistently average. When he starts scoring, and assisting, into double figures every year, like Gerrard did the last four years, then you can call him a great player, and not before.
Lets be honest though, Gerrard is a bit crap.
"He has become the most influential player in England, bar none. Not that Vieira lacks anything, but Gerrard does more," "To me, Gerrard is Keane. He is where Keane was when Roy came to us in 1993. Everywhere the ball is, he is there." "He's got that unbelievable engine, desire, determination. Anyone would take Gerrard," Guess who made the above quotes?
Did you know Gerrard has a small, bushy brown tail like that of a rabbit or hare? Doesn't affect his playing ability but I thought you'd like to know.
^^^ so this is what passes for humour in Manchester, explains a lot.
tosswink you are an absolute joke.... and as for Anderson since he came to UTD he hasnt been anything special... i wish mach killed him instead of just injuring him (wishful thinking)
You are a humourless bunch aren't you! Still, cheered me up! Let us not forget that you can't take a moral high ground before wishing murder on someone. Although it does show you have a great fear of Anderson...
Hehe exactly what I was thinking tosswink. Anders ****ed em' last season and he will do it again next season. VIVA ANDERSON!!!
united4life what a dick.......
Stourbridge Villan
We would miss Anderson a lot... I was sorry to see him in tears. But he seems to have recovered, and should be back form the olympics soon :)
Man utd champions

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