Manchester United - Ronaldo Set To Become A Disgrace
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Ronaldo Set To Become A Disgrace

The Times reports that Cristiano Ronaldo will do everything in his power to engineer a move away from United. That could include a formal transfer request and he might not report to pre-season training.

The newspaper quotes a source close to Ronaldo who says the winger has made up his mind and wants to leave Old Trafford, whatever it takes. He considers Real Madrid a bigger club (though nothing supports this, apart from their success in the '50s) and is lured by the Spanish lifestyle.

Real, who were given a warning by FIFA but were let off as the world's governing body said the documents submitted by United had not contained anything that would amount to evidence of wrongdoing, prepare an official Ł60m bid for Ronaldo which hopefully does not include any of their useless players who failed to make past the last 16 of the Champions League in five consecutive seasons.

Of course one does not know what to believe but one thing's certain: if Ronaldo does not report for pre-season training and practically blackmails the club that made him then I'll lose the little respect I still have for him and his abilities. That would be c***ness of the highest calibre.

It's not only me who does not understand why another couple of seasons at Old Trafford are such hardship for a 23-year-old player who's still got about 10 years of career ahead of him. Why is he so eager to ruin his career at Real Madrid - who, I repeat, were particularly unsuccessful in recent years and do not resemble a club which is going in the right direction - where so many once great but at least very useful footballers deteriorated pathetically?

If he does choose this way, if he refuses to accept that United wouldn't sell then he will probably booed whenever he next turns up at Old Trafford. In a few weeks' time, we've gone a long way from 'Viva Ronaldo'. This summer tastes very bitter so far, after all the sweetness of the spring.

The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday June 17 2008

Time: 9:49AM

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it could be paper talk but who cares.he has not stated he wants to stay at United and nobody is bigger than our's going to sound like sour grapes,but get shut as soon as possible and start planning for the season without him.he had the season of his life last time out,but its time to Łuck him off.
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17/06/2008 10:44:00

Ronaldo already is a disgrace, has been for a long while. He will be off and leave you lot crying into your jellied eels.
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17/06/2008 11:36:00

it is funny to see manyoo fans now derating ronaldo their god last year pathetic.
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17/06/2008 13:35:00

he did say after the champions league final that he does want to stay
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17/06/2008 14:37:00

That's the bit that will irk me the most if he goes. We all knew that one day he wanted to play in Spain, so why all this crap? He could have left a hero... Still, could all be media rubbish, never can tell with these things.
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17/06/2008 14:49:00

Can remember Dwight Yorke doing the same to us when he moved to Man Utd. In fairness I don't remember many Utd fans being too upset for us Villans at the time! The players hold the boss hand and have no respect, especially not for the fans. Think this is something that will happen more and more unless someone stands up to these little rich playboys. Can any club afford to though? We have similar with Barry at the moment, leaves a bad taste for sure!
The Fear
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17/06/2008 15:28:00

Let him go! I don't know why we (and I count myself among this) keep going on about him. I for one am past caring, and honestly, I am beginning to wonder whether perhaps Ronaldo doesn't deserve to be at the biggest club in the world. The only thing he could possibly want is money? Why would you leave a club that has just one one of the biggest leagues in the world for two seasons running (and, dare I say it, has a pretty good chance of making it three next season) and that has just been crowned Champions of Europe otherwise? If he wanted to go, why didn't he just say that, straight after the Champions League final, and he could have left, if not with our blessing, with our sympathy and good wishes. Now his marvellous season counts for nothing in my eyes. Go if you want, Ronaldo. Just don't come crying back to us if it doesn't turn out for you! (Sorry, that was a bit harsh, but I've lost all respect for Ronaldo - even if he does stay he'll have to score a fair few goals to get me back on his side again)
Man utd champions
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17/06/2008 16:26:00

Lets tell madrid that we will ony sell for cash+sneijder+robinho. if they say yes we get two qualirty players plus money, if they say no we keep ronaldo. CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!
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17/06/2008 17:22:00

I believe if he was staying he would have put all this to bed.I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired about it.Contracts don't matter anymore,if a player wants out he goes end of.He's the best player in the world,an absolute joy to watch and I'd prefer if he stayed but I'd gladly take robinho and sneijder plus a boatload of pecetas.Although part of me would love to see him sitting in the stands for a season although you don't want him losing value either.Don't rule out anything with the Glazers,they left Buccaners player keyshawn johnson in the stands for talking bull,they honoured his contract but he never played for them again.It's all getting a little boring!!!
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17/06/2008 18:54:00

I wouldn't read too much into the Times really. They are just looking for things to write. Infact every newspaper that claim they have info about Ronaldo's future have NO IDEA
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17/06/2008 19:37:00

united4 life lets throw ramos into that equation too. id do it even if ronaldo didn't wanna go.
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17/06/2008 20:22:00

hahah RIG , lets not get greedy :)
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17/06/2008 23:08:00

ALL THIS Ronaldo is taking away from the fact that we need someone other than Brown to take over the RB spot!
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18/06/2008 03:00:00

without ronaldo what would you have won this year? nothing!....and now he is ******** off to madrid ( as madrids feeder team are u really surprised! ) always take your top players, ur a joke.....the biggest team in the world my arse!!!!......madrids feeder team. simple as
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18/06/2008 20:37:00

17 league titles,11 fa cups,3 European cups,cup winners cup,2 league cups......the true sign of a small club.Van nistelrooy and beckham were sold to madrid because fergie wanted rid.heinze was sold to madrid so as not to sell him to the bindippers.Thanks for Carrick by the least he'll know what success is after leaving you lot.
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18/06/2008 23:19:00

I would kick the ******** out of the club or, if I could afford it, let him rot in the reserves until his contract expires. How on earth any Man Utd supporters could like him anymore is beyond me!
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19/06/2008 09:32:00

"thanks for carrick".......we bought him for 1mil and sold him to you mugs for 19mil !!!!! THANK YOU!........modric would ***** all over him!
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19/06/2008 18:30:00

I'm so pleased that the cheating, diving disgrace to humanity and football will not con another accolade or trophy this season. Congrats and thanks to Germany. Goodbye Mr Scum. It's a shame you're not left with two broken legs, never to dive again
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19/06/2008 22:34:00

Deserves to rot in the reserves, how he has manufactured this move is simply a disgrace. However it doesn't surprise me as Ronaldo has and always will be a diving cheating **** with little or no morals. He is the prime example of looking after number 1 and sh i tting on anyone to get where he wants, he should be careful what he wishes for because ManUre helped make him what he is today, he certainly hasn't looked the best player in the world at the Euro's if anything he's looked disctinctly average. Stick him in the ressies or simply get what you can from Real. It's so much like our own situation with Berba, except we're not in a position to stick him in the reserves unfortunately and that is exactly why you're gonna have to pay over the odds for his services, much the same as you'll be bending Real over a barrel! Ronaldo, be careful who you s h it on on the way up as you'll have to meet them again on the way down!
Dr Yid
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20/06/2008 11:13:00

Hero to Zero does't take long does it ???????
Tiny T
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20/06/2008 11:20:00

Too true TinyT
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20/06/2008 12:06:00

Im a Chelsea fan and I must say I agree with most of you! He is a spoiled brat. He was good, United made him great! He has no Honor and I hope he either rot in the bench/reserves or go to Madrid and Break his legs. I feel your pain and frustration but here comes the part you tell me to f off; He is the main reason why u have been successfull the last 2 years and without him you will witness my beloved Chelsea to take back the throne for good! But at least we want the same.. too see Ronaldo cry like a girl! Good luck! You'll need it!
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20/06/2008 17:06:00

amazing, arsenal fans get this every season from spain, now its your turn, but what interests me most is fergie claiming that if ronaldo is sold he will quit ! that would really be throwing the dollies out the pram, i wonder if he would or is that hot air ? interesting if the owners decide that fergie is harder to replace than ronaldo.
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21/06/2008 07:10:00

Ok firstly, you should ask for Ramos, Robinho, Snejider plus cash! that would be enough to cripple madrid, they will not be able to replace them, Secondly if ronaldo wants the move so bad Fergie should insist that some stocks are placed outside old trafford and he is placed in them for a day! He is the most two faced little C@~T I have ever seen! then you can buy Bents his ego almost matches Ronaldo's it'll be like he never left!!!!
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21/06/2008 11:11:00

Player power works both ways. When Fergie wanted players out, they went very quickly so if a player wants out he goes very quickly. Dragging out causes too much pain for everybody & no one wins. Time to move on for all concerned.
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21/06/2008 13:46:00

go on ronaldo follow your dream upset all these****s when they dont win the league next year ( although if he does stay i will keep lots of points on my dreamteam)
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23/06/2008 17:25:00

No honour in football, its all about the money the agent makes. Ronaldo is no different, he's just a greedy b*****d. But you've been doing the same as R M for years, so Fergie can't mona one minute and do the same later if it suits.
Tiny T
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24/06/2008 15:23:00

I'd be surprised if you don't see the funny side of this You Tube clip. (Rude content, over 18!) Ronaldo to leave Man Utd
The Fear
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24/06/2008 17:41:00

Hahaha no I have to admit Fear that was very funny; even if it was so evidentally made by an Arsenal fan. I like the bit about Wes Brown. :)
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24/06/2008 22:20:00

By the same token The Fear - you seen this? (
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24/06/2008 22:25:00

lol touche!!!!
The Fear
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25/06/2008 14:24:00

Worst youtube clip ever!
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25/06/2008 15:26:00

The newspaper quotes a source close to Ronaldo who says the winger has made up his mind and wants to leave Old Trafford, whatever it takes. He considers Real Madrid a bigger club (though nothing supports this, apart from their success in the '50s) and is lured by the Spanish lifestyle. HAHA MANCHESTER! Without him you are fecked!
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26/07/2008 16:52:00


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