Manchester United - Ronaldo: Will We Miss Him?
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Ronaldo: Will We Miss Him?

The following article is cited from 'Republik of Mancunia' - and is published here with the acceptance from author, Scott. Enjoy!

Ronaldo`s Exit - How Much Would It Effect Us And Do You Care?

We couldn`t praise Ronaldo enough this year. He was been incredible. I struggle to think of the last time a player had such an obvious effect on our season. A goals total of 42 in 48 games is phenomenal, particularly from a player who has spent much of the season on the right wing.

I have strong memories of debates circling message boards of who was the greater player, Ronaldo or Reyes. More recently, just in December, people swore blind that Kaka was a much better player and was deservedly placed above him in European and World Player of the Year. Now though, there can`t be any doubt. Measure him against anyone and nobody comes close to Ronaldo 07-08.

However, I`m sure I`m not the only one entirely bored with the constant rumours linking him with Real Madrid and his failure to reassure the club and fans that he is staying. So are we bothered if he goes this summer?

No one player is bigger than this club. United lives by this saying and Sir Alex Ferguson has enforced this heavily. After his initial drive of shifting the booze culture, selling on the likes of Paul McGrath and Norman Whiteside, he got rid of important names like Mark Hughes, Andrei Kanchelskis, Paul Ince, Dwight Yorke, David Beckham and Ruud van Nistelrooy, to name a few. The decisions to bench certain players and sell them on certainly raised an eye-brow or two, but it has always been for the greater good of United. If Fergie needed to cut Ronaldo loose to, he would, and we wouldn`t look back.

There have been claims United are a "one-man team" which I find entirely ludicrous. No doubt, Ronaldo has been our best player this season, as well as the best player in the league, but does that make us solely reliant on him?

It is interesting to note that within the top 11 scorers in the league this season, United have three players, which is three more than Chelsea, and two more than Arsenal or Liverpool. It is important to mention that Wayne Rooney has been missing for close to a third of all Premiership games this season due to injury, yet still finds his place as the highest scoring Englishman in the league. United scored 15 more goals than Chelsea last season and this is with Rooney and Tevez, neither of whom can proclaim to be out and out strikers, as our only front men, following the season long injury for Saha. Imagine our attack when we do buy that coveted striker in the summer.

Let`s not overlook what can be easy to forget about either, our defence. Conceding just 22 goals this season, never more than 2 goals a game, United had the strongest defensive record in the league. This is with our first choice right back out of action all season and Nemanja Vidic suffering everything from stitches in the mouth to an infect stomach!

Yet still, United are a one man team?

At the close of last season, we could all laugh at the speculation of where the goals would come from after Ruud van Nistelrooy left. We scored 11 more goals in the 06-07 season than we did in Ruud`s last season at the club, with Ronaldo and Rooney finished 3rd and 4th highest scorers respectively. Nobody had accounted for the fact that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would return from injury and score 7 league goals in his 16 league appearances before the title was won (7 of them from the start), or that an "ageing" Paul Scholes and "bought for promotion in the East" Ji-Sung Park would contribute 11 league goals between them. We certainly didn`t have a "past it" Ryan Giggs and "versatile" John O`Shea bagging 4 league goals each.

Delving deeper, we couldn`t have been written off more clearly than at the start of the 95-96 season, on the back of selling Hughes, Kanchelskis and Ince. The team of "kids" that won the Double that season were told they wouldn`t win a thing, eh Alan YSB Hansen.

Ferguson was apparently off his rocker selling on superstar David Beckham and bringing some lightweight Portuguese teenager in to fill his boots. He was mad to let his relationship with our leader, Roy Keane, to disintegrate in to such a state that he walked out on us. It makes me wonder if people had seen the fire in Gary Neville`s belly as he proudly held our badge up to the travelling dippers just months before. Did people honestly think Roy Keane should have stayed beyond the summer, given his knackered hips and loss of pace? And did they honestly think that Neville`s love for this club couldn`t be the driving force Keane`s passion for winning had once provided us with?

I digress.

Ferguson will move on who he needs to move on. If Ronaldo is tempted too heavily by Real Madrid this summer, then it is without doubt time he went. I know I won`t be alone when no tears are shed. He is a great player, the best at the moment, and I am ever so pleased he had the season he did. For the sake of our success, and for being able to stick two fingers up at all those ABU, England loving mugs. How it must pain them, those fans who boo him every week and cheer when their player kicks him in to the stands, to have no option but to praise him. I love it. But not enough for me to feel the slightest inclination of wanting to cling on to a player who wants out. If he wants to leave, then good luck to him. But Beckham isn`t the only player who, after telling him not to leave this week, can inform him that usually the only way is down after leaving us.

So just like when Eric Cantona told us au revoir, Roy Keane told us to shove it up our bollocks (or so I imagine), RvN gave his sob story of the ordeal at being put on the bench one or twice, United will come back fighting next season. We won the Treble just two years after the magical Cantona left us and the European Cup less than three years after Keane walked out of the door. Two years after Ruud left, we have the highest scoring player in the Premiership and the Champions League. Do people honestly believe that Ronaldo leaving would leave us in a worse state than any other great player who left?

Despite missing almost a third of the season, there are only two more players in the league who have assisted more goals than him. If Ronaldo is to leave, next season, he will just be providing the goals for someone else.

People use the weak "if you took Ronaldo`s goals away from United, where would they be?" argument as proof that he is vital to our success. Equally then, where would Liverpool be without Torres` goals? Arsenal without Adebayor`s? The fact of the matter is, those players are taking up places and being presented with opportunities to score that other players could take if they were on the field.

Teddy Sheringham was our highest scorer at the end of the 2001 season, bagging 15 goals and finishing the 6th highest scorer in the league. He left at the end of that season and what happened? The following season we had two strikers in the top six, Ruud scoring 22 and Solskjaer scoring 15. Ruud scored 21 goals for us at the end of the 2006 season before leaving for Real and what happened? Ronaldo scored 17, Rooney scored 14, and we won the league.

I am not alone in being disgruntled with Ronaldo`s poor attitude, cockteasing Real Madrid and leaving his own fans having to nervously wait over news. Either you want to be a United player or you don`t, it is not difficult. If there`s any grey area then it`s time to back your bags.

We`ve always known Ronaldo was going to leave for Spain one day, it just wasn`t expected to come quite so soon in his career. If he is to stay here for another season, then that is fine. He`ll want more medals, more glory and more praise before he leaves the Premiership, and performing well for United will earn him all of those things. But we shouldn`t have to endure a whole summer of this, and if that is his plan, he should leave now.

So, Ronaldo, what`s it going to be?

The Journalist

Writer: United4Life  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 5 2008

Time: 4:21PM

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Amazing how you can all go from singing his praises to bad mouthing him...............he will go and you lot will be crying over your jellied eels.
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05/06/2008 16:33:00

Hope he does go then who'll score you goals?
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05/06/2008 16:36:00

Did you even read the story? fools.
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05/06/2008 17:01:00

50 mill + ramos + robiniho, do we want someone hu doesnt wanna play for us?
Report Abuse
05/06/2008 17:36:00

You very nearly won the prem on goal difference alone. His 30odd goals would certainly have come in usefull if that had been the case. . .he wont go anyway (yet), so I wouldn't worry.
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05/06/2008 17:46:00

Although you could also turn your article round by saying you 'only' scored 15 more goals than Chelsea this season who had Ballack, Lampard and Drogba missing for large parts of the season and failed to replace Robben. . .
Report Abuse
05/06/2008 17:48:00

Leaving Man Utd at this moment in time is lunacy. The whole thing smacks of greed. I think it's basically the same thing that happened to Henry at Arsenal. If you are constantly being told you are the 'greatest player in the world' then you start to think your **** doesn't stink. Why go from being the star in an unbelievably good team to playing second fiddle to a jaded Raul? It seems that Giggs and Scholes are the last of a dying breed of players who are willing to show gratitude to a team that played such a massive part in their personal success.
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05/06/2008 18:40:00

True VP - Though I have high hopes for Rooney who i just cant see playing for anyone else but us....he has even said it himself, but you are right, they are a dying breed.
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05/06/2008 19:37:00

i think rooney will benefit from it especially if hes playing of a player like santa cruz.
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05/06/2008 20:45:00

we will miss him,but NO ONE is bigger than United.
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05/06/2008 21:13:00

I think this whole story is bull!!! Yes he has said he wants to play for Real, but that is old news, he has always publicly said that one day he will play for them. I reckon these are old quotes that are being thrown around at just the right or wrong time. Bet he is still at OT next season!!
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06/06/2008 00:21:00

He's the best player in the world right now. He's had an awesome season. He's got no peers in the Premiership, he's head and shoulders everyone else. Yet if he wants to go then Scott's right: ***** off, there's no grey area, either you want to be a United player or not. He doesn't want to: therefore, goodbye, buy players who want to be here.
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06/06/2008 01:41:00

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06/06/2008 04:45:00

Best player in the world hands down.Thanks for everything,hope it all works out.Now lets move on!!!
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06/06/2008 05:39:00

You know why doubt sits in Ronaldo's mind? When was the last time a FIFA World PLayer of the year came from an English team??? Exactly. Believe it ONLY when it happens, stop adding fuel to the fire Madrid are trying to make.
Report Abuse
06/06/2008 05:50:00

If United fans are gonna slam Ronaldo over RUMOURS, then people clearly do not care about Ronaldo as long as hes in form and winning for you.
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06/06/2008 05:54:00

Article says that a few years after losing influential players ManUtd won stuff, but for example after losing Beckham and Keane it took at least a year or two to come back...
Report Abuse
06/06/2008 10:41:00

This looks good on Lord Fergie who is forever poaching other teams players "behind the scenes!" Can you say Santa-Cruz? Having said that Ronaldo's arrogance is astounding too! I guess he won't, as he professed, become a Utd legend. Not to worry though Utd has lots of great legends to be thankful for, Edwards, Charlton, Law, Best, etc. As for Ronaldo ! Na! The best (pardon the pin) way to define him is that if George Best were 23, and still playing football today for Utd, then Ronaldo would be his boot boy!
Report Abuse
06/06/2008 13:25:00

I really "love" all the arguments by a mass of jealous fans. "who will score for you next year???" "who will do this and that for you now"? Wake up losers! You're talking about Man U! A club that represents all good things that the other clubs arent. Winning attitude, not like liverpool's losing spirit and then a pat on the back saying "Jolly-good effort!", or the chelsea bad loser attitude with terry in everybody's face bulling them around, or even arsenals narcissistic gameplay, that is too beautiful for their own good! Man U is the greatest footballing legend ever, and you'd all love to emulate them. only if you could...Ronaldo is a great playerprobably will stay in the history books for some of his magic.. I always thought he was arrogant....Bur arrogant is one thing and traitor is another. for me CR is a traitor now.I'm sure a lot of you are saying the same thing about flamini, and hleb. They've been given a chance at arsenal and they shone and then they left you just like that. If you compare it to what ronaldo earned at United, thats even worse, what he is doing. so YES a lot will badmouth him and he deserves it for his attitude towards Man U, so dont pretend to be saints cause you're not! If ronaldois gets 10/10, man u will buy 3 players that get 8 or 9/10 with the money they will get.instead of celebrating maybe you should be even more scared, cause, liverpool and arsenal with your useless benchplayers, and chelsea with your mediocre and booooring play, you;ll find a stronger an certainly more unified Man U next year, and if you couldnt beat a bunch of kids and some elderly players (sorry giggsy, scholesy, VDS), you definately wont beat a renewed and stronger Man U in 08-09..wake up people!! theres only one champion in the uk and that is MAN UNITED! btw...great article United4Life! well analysed and even better said!
Report Abuse
06/06/2008 14:21:00

bye ronaldo go to a country where you will rot ur crap anyway
dunne deal
Report Abuse
06/06/2008 16:44:00

dunne deal,are we talking about the same ronaldo that has the same amount of titles as your club has in its whole history and one more european cup? and before you start spouting ****e about doing the double over us.You beat us twice and won **** all.CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND....CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE....NUFF SAID BITTER BLUE???
Report Abuse
06/06/2008 18:22:00

I agree, Alexpant, your team are the best, the champions, the most fabulous etc., etc. Shame about their crappy fans then. Fans who behave so badly the team were denied the Victory Parade they so richly deserved. Crow about your team as much as you like - and hang your head in shame for yourselves. You don't deserve them!
Report Abuse
06/06/2008 23:14:00

vital rangers gandor with the parade comments maybe???
Report Abuse
07/06/2008 00:12:00

gandor its nothing to do with our fans you pathetic idiot.
Report Abuse
07/06/2008 21:17:00

If Rangers fought amongst themselves and you got some of the blame for it, and if the authorities were worried that Rangers were going to come all the way down to Manchester to bugger up your Victory Parade, then please accept my apologies.
Report Abuse
08/06/2008 00:09:00

Thanks SWL Leeds fans will appreciate that as we are United!!!!!!!!
Tiny T
Report Abuse
09/06/2008 08:56:00

No, I don't think I'll really miss him. The only thing I think we might be worse off with is goals. But Tevez is great at scoring, and Rooney was progressing fine, until Ronaldo found his game. Rooney's temperament has improved loads, and he's a better team player, but since Ronaldo started scoring reguarly, he's gone backwards about scoring. If we signed a decent striker, they'd be less pressure on Wazza and I'm sure he'll pick up well where he left off (if he can keep those metatarsals intact!). There's no reason why we need Ronaldo. Let him go!
Man utd champions
Report Abuse
10/06/2008 16:10:00


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