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Carrick Refuses To Give Up

Well, of course it is. The thing is guys that with the April we have you should not blow it before that. We'll have enough difficult games without losing the supposedly easier ones.

Carrick, who grabbed a consolation, can't be singled out for criticism as he did what he could during his cameo appearance. And let's hope he means it that the lads still believe that the title is a possibility.

"There are still games to play," he said.

"I don`t think Arsenal will go the rest of the season without dropping points. If they did, fair play to them. There are still going to be ups and downs in the title race, and hopefully there will be more ups for us and we can overtake them."

No, they won't, that's obvious. The question is whether we can step out from our own shadow. I say that for a start it would be great to have the Hargreaves-Anderson central midfield back - that produced our best performances of the season.

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The Journalist

Writer: Zae Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 11 2008

Time: 6:39PM

Your Comments

Your chances are pretty much gone I'd say, but we still have a good chance here.
Blue is the colour
i hope that was a joke as we r still above you on points and goal difference
I'd be worried about our chances if it was Chelsea above us, but it's only Arsenal, so we should be ok. :)
Yeah, only lil arsenal. dont worry, utd will come good
arsenal have been a lot more points in front of us before but look what happened then.
at the moment, all we are seeing from utd is talk. its all very well talking a good game but Arsenal seem to be playing it . If ferguson doesnt start picking the right midfield (anderson/hargreaves - who incidently cost more than the whole Arsenal first XI) then you have no chance this season. As for chelsea, zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Far from over Arsenal still have to come here, and they also have to play Chelsea and Liverpool in the two weeks prior
Also we seem to be forgetting how rubbish Arsenal really are... :)
I can't see a one man team winning anything. When that man is missing through injury, suspension, whatever, your tosswink team are crap. I do believe though that you can possibly hold onto 3rd spot.
You're talking completely rubbish bseymour, as your team is totally inexpert, I think you can't stay at the top for a long time.
Star 3000
It will go the wire as usual. Once the Champions league kicks in the league form can go for a burton.
Well May isn't too far away, star, in fact it's quite a short time, but you're only hoping for success, whereas we hold all the aces. Just you hope Rooney stays injury free, stops his cheating and keeps his gob shut. I'll pray that ferguson continues to play Brown, O'Shea, VDS, Scholes and Giggs. If he does your best bet would be to settle for 3rd.
Settle for 3rd? and who will stay at the 2nd? Chelsea by any chance? that's impossible... the thing is, it's not over yet, we still have the chance to take the title, and if you only tie two of your games, the tables will turn.
Star 3000
if arsenal are rubbish, what do u call a team 5 points below them?
i call them brilliant
and i call yu a tool. looneyisgod, take this saturday very seriously, as the fa cup is ur best chance for a trophy this season. and keep talking all of you, you lot are very good at it, while we will keep doing ours on the pitch..
How ironic, being that all you arsenal lot have been doing these last few days is talk nonsense on our site, way before any trophies have been handed out...
Tosswink - you're right, we must be turning into Man U!!!!!
i love it! i love seeing gooner fans so confident and jubilent with delight. i hope they get happier and happier and keep trash talking......because it will make it all the sweeter to see their faces come may when they have managed to feck it up (again!)
personally i dont think its over yet but i feel chelsea still have a lot of ground to make up if they are going to catch us
At least we can all agree it is going to be fun! :)
star, what is a TIE in football ???????????????????? That word suggests you're a soccer fan therefore not worth communicating with, but to put you right we will have to LOSE two, not draw two. If you're going to post get your facts right you uneducated idiot.
Hmm, shoddy grammer.
it so often happens: arsenal fans just talking, talking, displaying their trademark arrogance then falling spectacularly... 2004/05, 2002/03... sweet indeed. they haven't won anything but believe themselves superior. we'll see but few of their fans deserve success at all
1997-98.... theres a certain irony to man utd fans calling us arrogant.
hey you bseymour,do you know who are you a s s h o l e talking to? you fooool Arses can't carry the position you got at the table, want more puppy? :-) all you sweetheart Arses ARE the same just like a piece of dried ***** broken in to small ones. NOW feck off to your ho's arms , b u l l s h i t .
Star 3000
to be fair, it s not their fault. they are just carbon copies of their french faggot manger, who is so far up his own arse (get the pun?) that he cannot see that they are NOT the greatest thing since sliced bread. and by the way bseymour you *****ty arrogant fudge packing little (unt i, if this statement is true...." can't see a one man team winning anything" then why are you so confdent of sucess. god knows that if you that togolese beanpole of a striker out of your team, you would be feck all. i do hope fabregas realises that diving, feining injury and acing like a spoiled brat whever anyone challenges him does NOT make you a grat player...not even a good one- perhaps the reason he has again trned *****. is that 1 goal in 14 matches? WHAT A PLAYER! and by the way, if we are such a "crap" team as you suggest; why did you all cream yourselfs when you managed a draw at home gain us. fickle little gooners and their farcilcle team. enjoy your breif forray at the op of the league, god knows you tubborn little gooners deserves a bit of success. oh no scratch that, you arrogant (unts deserve nothing!
U4L, thats a bit much you slaggin off cesc when one of ronaldo greatest skill is the highboard dive. what a joke! And you saying arsenal creamed themselves when they got a last minute draw against the current champions, WHAT ABOUT YOUR CHUMPS AGAINST SPURS? SPURS!!!!!!!! Idiot, think before you post.
not the same mate.....there is one thing being jubilent after gaining a valuable draw away from home, but the pure sensationalist reractions of your players (most notably fabregas who practically mobbed rio ferdinand - a'la martin keown agaist ruud v nistelrooy) at getting a draw AT HOME was rediculous. i sugest it is YOU who need to think before you post.....faggot!
u4l seems to me that you are feeling the pressure,why else would you go on the offensive so much,if we are so bad,and your wonderful team is definately going to win everything why are you so determined to tell us again and again,just sit back and quietly wait for it to happen...
fran merida
we dnt have a best chance for a trophy cuz we gonna pik up all 3 and rip u apart on saturday
why don't you Arses just shut your mouths and wait till the end, huh? enough of your stupid stuff, you fool Arses come over here talking *****, trying to attract us then you p1ss off to your dark little corner all excited when you see somebody attempting to make a reasoned debate with you.pathetic.
Star 3000
star 3000 - is this your idea of reasoned debate? Judging by all reactions, I'd say you lot are scared of us. We believe we can win the title but judging by the poll on the left 76% of you lot dont think you can. Perhaps if you spend another $100m you might win it next year. As for ripping us apart on saturday, we'll see. maybe you'll rip us apart like you did man city.
star, I suggest you go and watch your SOCCER, learn the rules of the game, try to understand the very intricate points scoring system, get your homework done, consume your peanut butter sandwiches, kiss your maaaaammy goodnight and phuk off to bed. Kindergarten in the morning, child.
is life so boring in the *****elands of arsenal that you must keep coming here? if your so confident, why waste time on us, trembling in fear of your amazing squad, brimming with talent and flair. i am genuinly sooo jeleous. lfe must be so good for you, you must literally cream yours3elfs every morning with the sheer excietement of a chance of silverware. i wish i was you.
to be honest,its quite sad really that you are getting so excited by a 5-point lead. fair enough it is a large one, but has it been so long without silverare that you frgt about the twists and turns of league football. alot can happen in 12 games...
yo yo we gonna score a triple pointer in the end zone, outta sight soccertainment we gonna get stateside on your assess hoo haa
a lot can happen in 26 games too - you can lose to man city twice, lose to bolton, draw with reading & spurs (& celebrate it like you won the league). I hope as much happens in the next 12 games - you might be battling with liverpool for 3rd place!!!
whos getting excited,we are just responding to all the negative vibes that are coming out of your camp,its obvious that you are concerned with the latest going ons,thats why your so very desperate to get a moral victory against us on saturday,and thats why your all becoming closet milan fans for wednesday,you want us to do badly because it will make you look good.just admit it you are worried,it doesnt matter how much you lay the abuse onto us,and make snide comments...its just a smoke screen against your insecurities
fran merida
haha fran merida, could you be any more hypocritical?! laying abuse and snide comments to make the opposing team look bad and make your own team look like the dogs bollox, i think arsenal fans invented tha didnt they?
Could someone spray some deodorant about the place, that should scare of the Arsenal fools.
all of a sudden calm breaks loose as arsenal scummers realise they just might not be the best thing to ever grace the world...
show me where i have been abusive to you then?you cant because i havnt,all i can see is that you cannot have a mature, intelligent debate without being offensive,it just shows how immature you are,and that your comments are worthless,because when you dont have any valid points of interest,or a sensible argument,you just resort to personal attacks,which is a sign of frustration,brought on by a lack of intelligence,and a realisation that your team could end up without the so called treble that is being banded about from all corners of your club
fran merida
Seriously, learn how to structure a sentence, people will start to take you seriously.
I seriously like the word seriously, in case you were wondering.
Listen up all you Arses, we all know your position is better than ours at the table, it seems you are wasting your time to remind us again and again, you've got this stupid idea that you're the champions already, to put it simply for you: there are still some tough games to come, so you better slow down and watch out your steps, the season is not over yet and still we've got the chance to take the title.
Star 3000
I reckon you blew it last Sunday, just like we did!
its no doubt it is in their hands now, but they have fecked it up before, so there is always hope.

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